Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 232.3 - The Promiscuous Adulterers Are Dishonored and Punished Part 3/3

Chapter 232 The Promiscuous Adulterers Are Dishonored and Punished Part 3/3

Zi You could see the Dali Court Justice’s panic, so she slowly reminded, “Ye daren, you can’t hide this matter.”

This matter really couldn’t be hidden. She could make these three people confess everything in their hearts like beans spilling out of a bamboo tube without him using any torture. So, would she be afraid that he wouldn’t tell the truth? This National Guardian wasn’t an ordinary person. She was a goddess. A goddess!

Ye daren didn’t dare to hide this and quickly sent the three people’s confessions to Xuanwu Emperor. Xuanwu Emperor was furious! There was actually someone even more obscene than him? If the news that a dignified prominent family was actually a den of iniquity was spread out, his reputation, his father’s reputation, and his father’s father’s reputation would be lost!

Xuanwu Emperor gnashed his teeth in anger and scolded, “Do they have any shame? Do they have any shame? Listen to Zhen’s decree: Wang Youli, his Bai Yiniang, second daughter, fifth daughter and eighth daughter are immoral and deceived government officials. Wang Youli and his son Wang Shengmin are punished with peeling. Nee Bai and her daughters are punished with riding a wooden donkey.”

These two punishments were extremely cruel. A peeling was when flesh was first cut from the spine. The skin would be sliced from the muscles on the back and slowly separated on either side like a butterfly.

There was another peeling method with doubtful credibility. The method was to first bury the person in the ground and leave only a head sticking out. A cross would be cut on top of the head. After the scalp was pulled open, silver would be poured in. Because silver was heavier than blood, it would pull the muscles and skin open. The person would writhe in pain, but he wouldn’t be able to break free. Finally, he would jump out and leave his skin behind in the soil.

The skin would be made into a two-sided drum and hung in front of a yamen to deter criminals. Peeling used to be done after death. Now, there was live peeling. Wang Youli and Wang Shengmin were going to be peeled alive.

Riding a wooden donkey: It was a torture specifically used to punish women who conspired with adulterers to murder their husbands. First, a column would be carved out of wood. The woman would be hung on top of the wooden column. The wooden column would enter her ***. The woman would be dropped and the wooden column would continue poking upwards until it pierced through her mouth and nose.

They were also paraded through the streets. The citizens’ rotten vegetables and eggs and dirty sewage landed all over them.

Zi You and Shui YouLian went to look. Shui YouLian took a ruler and slapped Wang Yiping dozens of times with it. She cried out, “Hui’er, I avenged you……”

Before the execution, Zi You leaned over to whisper in Wang Yiping’s ear, “Do you know why I hate you? It’s because I knew all along that you’re a hypocritical and vicious slut! No matter how you pretend and how you scheme, I won’t believe you. I also want to tell you a secret. I sent someone to shave your hair.”

Wang Yiping looked at Zi You like she was looking at a ghost.

In Wang Yiping and Wang Shengmin’s case, the angriest one was Yu Lanxuan’s father: internal cabinet minister Yu daren. He was fined with his salary for a year. Now, his concubine was revealed to have lost her virginity before their marriage and had deceived him. His reputation was completely lost.

He was so angry that he directly fainted away.

The most unlucky person was Yu Lanxuan. She was already beaten bloody. Her injuries hadn’t healed yet when her biological mother was arrested and executed in public.

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