Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 233.3 - Yu Lanxuan and Nee Chen’s Miserable Days Part 3/3

Chapter 233.3 Yu Lanxuan and Nee Chen’s Miserable Days Part 3/3

First, she would deal with the Empress and Taizi. Then she would finally deal with the Emperor.

Zi You immediately whispered to Shuiling.

Shuiling nodded and revealed a slight flirtatious smile.

So, that night, Shuiling didn’t wear a bright red muslin dress. Instead, she wore a large-sleeved silk dress. It looked purple at first glance, but it was actually a thin layer of purple muslin lightly shrouded around the dress, which highlighted a beautiful figure.

She was like a delicate purple rose with dew drops on it. She was an enchanting beauty in the cold moonlight.

She stretched out her jade-like arm and wrapped it around Xuanwu Emperor’s neck. She smiled coyly and asked, “Do you want Shuiling to take you flying in the sky, Emperor?”

Flying! Who didn’t want to? If a fairy would take you flying, just thinking about it was as beautiful as a dream.

Xuanwu Emperor laughed like a child and clapped his hands. He grinned happily as he said, “Good, good, good. Zhen is happy anywhere with Shuiling around.”

Shuiling wrapped an arm around Xuanwu Emperor’s thick waist and jumped up. Her posture was like a volley of flying birds in the vast sky. She was beautiful to the extreme in the blowing breeze.

Xuanwu Emperor squinted his eyes. His rarely emotional heart instantly turned soft.

Shuiling was a flower fairy and really different from his previous women. She was gentle, but she exuded seductiveness from her bones. Her affectionate eyes could hook any man’s heart. She was gorgeous, but she was aloof and could exude no charm whatsoever. She was just like her name.*** She was flexible, clever, and coquettish. She was particularly lovable.

[Shuiling: Shui = water; Ling = lustrous / full of life]

Such a lovable person not only cared about him, but she also helped him solve some of his political problems.

For example, he had been troubled over Taizi’s increasing growing forces a few days ago. Shuiling had immediately come up with a plan for him. “Since you’re worried that Third Wangzi’s forces will grow too big, why don’t you use Second Wangzi? Don’t forget. Even if you give Second Wangzi even more power, he won’t be disloyal to you. He can’t be the Emperor.”

That had instantly woken him up. It was really true. His second son was a waste. Even if he had more power, he couldn’t ascend to the throne as the Emperor. In order to protect himself and his Mufei, he must wish that Xuanwu Emperor would live for thousands of years.

Thus, this old man immediately added a deputy commander position in the capital’s imperial vanguard. He gave the position to someone Second Wangzi recommended to compete with the commander of the vanguard, who was from Taizi’s camp.

Mu YingYi was supposed to take over as the vanguards’ commander. But Mu YingYi had gone to Nanjiang to suppress the rebellion and Xuanwu Emperor had listened to Wu Jieyu and given this position to someone on Taizi’s side.

He really regretted it now that he thought about it! However, he didn’t need to worry too much. Since the deputy commander was from Second Wangzi’s side, Xuanwu Emperor would find a reason sooner or later to get rid of the commander.

Xuanwu Emperor flew in the air, but he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the beautiful night view. He was thinking nonstop.

At this time, he heard Shuiling’s charming voice in his ear. “Eh? Emperor, there’s a red light over there.”

Xuanwu Emperor looked down and in the direction where Shuiling was pointing to. There was indeed a faint red light there. Wait. Wasn’t that where the Empress’ Fengming Palace was?

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