Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 234.2 - Shuiling’s Scheme, Discovers the Red Light, Finds Out About the Empress and the Shaman’s Affair Part 2/3

Chapter 234.2 Shuiling’s Scheme, Discovers the Red Light, Finds Out About the Empress and the Shaman’s Affair Part 2/3

But the Emperor never would have expected to see what he saw when he opened the last door. The Empress was completely naked on a cold day. Even though there were heaters, the Emperor saw how she didn’t even have a quilt over her naked body and shuddered for her.

The thing that was even more unbearable for him was that his good Empress, his wife, had closed her eyes and spread her legs to reveal her private parts. She looked lewd and intoxicated as her chubby hand stroked back and forth in midair, as if there was someone there. She moved her body up and down and made sounds like a wild cat in heat. “Mm…… Darong Ka, good. Harder…… Don’t stop…… Harder…… Almost there. Bengong is almost there……”

There was a ring on her pillow. That ring glimmered and constantly emitted a strange red light.

“Slut!” Xuanwu Emperor shouted angrily. He went over and kicked the Empress.

How could he not be angry? This shameless old woman was so dirty and cheap in her dreams. Let’s forget it if she was just dreaming about copulating with a man. The key was that this man wasn’t her husband, the Emperor. Instead, it was that lowly and vulgar Nanjiang shaman Darong Ka.

How could he accept this? He, a respected Emperor and a man among dragons, couldn’t compare to a lowly and vulgar Nanjiang man?

Once he thought of Darong Ka’s face and that the man who looked like a toad actually slept with his Empress and made him a cuckold, Xuanwu Emperor immediately wanted to kill someone.

But he didn’t have a sword on him tonight. So, he rushed over like a market shrew, grabbed the Empress’ hair, and punched and kicked her.

After being beaten, the Empress woke up from her dirty dream. Once she saw that it was the Emperor hitting her, she broke out into a cold sweat from fear. She said incoherently, “Emperor…… Emperor, listen to your consort’s explanation. It’s not –  It’s not what it looks like…….”

She hadn’t finished speaking when the Emperor grabbed her neck. Her words were stuck in her throat and she couldn’t speak anymore.

Xuanwu Emperor had a martial arts background and he was furious right now. So, it could be imagined how much strength he used.

Soon, the Empress stuck her tongue out, rolled her eyes, and wildly kicked her legs. She had just had a dirty dream, so she was sweaty all over. Then she broke out into a cold sweat because she was scared by Xuanwu Emperor’s appearance. Afterwards, Xuanwu Emperor had beaten her up. At this moment, where was her usual noble and dignified self? She was extremely ugly!

Yes, she could only be described with the word “ugly.” It made Xuanwu Emperor really hate her. Were his eyes growing on his crotch? How could he have thought that she was beautiful, dignified, and elegant? Bah!

Shuiling quickly went over to remind him. “Emperor, you can’t kill her. Even if she’s guilty, she should be punished by the law. If you do this, you’ll be criticized by the officials.”

This reminded Xuanwu Emperor. He let go and trembled out of anger. He pointed to the Empress and scolded, “Yes, you’re not worthy of Zhen killing you, you slut. Zhen will abolish you and send you to be a slave in the laundry department!”

Cough, cough……” The Empress almost died from the choking. She first choked and coughed now that she could breathe. Then she was like a dead fish as she gasped deeply through her open mouth without paying any attention to her image. She heard what Xuanwu Emperor said and panicked. She didn’t worry about breathing anymore. She wrapped a quilt around her body and didn’t forget to quickly hide the Devil Ring under a pillow.

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