Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The delicate, kindhearted, and easily trustable Mu Ziyou had already been murdered by those vicious bastards with no morals.

At this moment, the person in his arms was a vengeful angel.

A full moon was slowly rose. The silver moonlight shone on the silky and soft clouds, creating a beautiful sight.

Ziyou gazed at the green scenery outside through her frosted window. She imagined that during this year’s Mid-autumn festival on the 15th, Wang Yiping would, from a beautiful, young, and blissful slut, turn into a woman abandoned by her husband. Once she left the scene, she couldn’t stifle her laughter anymore and let out a loud laugh.

The matter is as such. Every year the Mid-autumn festival arrives once. Since time immemorial, the Mid-autumn festival and the Spring festival have been a time to reunite with your family. Mu Yingrui doesn’t qualify as a person but he also doesn’t dare to not return to the manor on these two holidays.

As the proverb goes, when newlywed couples are separated, their love only grows sweeter. Mu Yingrui and Wang Yiping, who have been separated for close to half a year, are not exceptions.

Unexpectedly, Wang Yiping’s face featured two dull scars. It was unknown whether her fox-like charms were high enough or if Mu Yingrui would agree with the sentence, “Regardless of whether a person is beautiful or ugly, they are flawless in the eyes of their lover. In summary, once he returns, it will seem like he and his second wife are glued at the knees, creating an irresolvable situation.

Looking at Wang Yiping’s lust-filled eyes which were like a wilted flower that was revitalised after a heavy rainfall, Ziyou couldn’t help but to feel nauseous.

Recalling her previous life, this woman seemed to have become pregnant during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 10 months later, she gave birth to Mu Yingrui’s eldest son. Soon after, she gave birth to another two sons and a young girl which enabled her to sit in the position of the First Lady that she had chased after for so long.

During Wang Yiping’s pregnancy, Mu Yingrui also requested for four titles to be bestowed on her.

Once Ziyou pondered to this point, all the blood in her body froze! In this life, I won’t let you give birth to children!

Without children to depend on and after losing Mu Yingrui’s love, if you want to live comfortably, it will certainly be difficult.

On the night of the Mid-autumn festival, the whole manor gathered together to eat mooncakes and admire the moon. Speaking of this, she should also send Mu Yingrui a big gift.

The only thing is, this present must make Wang Yiping so angry she pukes blood. Only then will it let her relieve some of her grievances.

Ziyou found Madam Liu Shi supervising the kitchen. She threw herself into her embrace like a spoiled child, “Second Madam, for the banquet during this year’s Mid-autumn festival, do you have any new arrangements?”

Liu Shi looked at her niece who was growing more and more beautiful and tenderly smiled before speaking: “Eating mooncakes, admiring the moon, setting off fireworks. Other than these, what else can there be? What, does our You’er have a good idea?”

Ziyou’s eyes were extremely alluring as she stared at Liu Shi. Her voice was soft and sweet, and her breath smelled like orchids. “If Second Madam trusts You’er, then let You’er arrange the Mid-autumn banquet? Do we still want guests this year?”

Liu Shi nodded her head. “Yes? Dad has those close friends and subordinates, and there’s also your father. Although Uncle’s close friends from school can’t come on the 15th because their own familes have arranged a gathering, on the 16th and 17th each family will host a feast for guests. Your grandfather might want to invite them? You’er, how do you want to arrange it?”

Ziyou slightly smiled. This smile was like a lotus blooming, both refined and elegant. “Second Madam, You’er won’t tell you right now. Wait until the 15th and 16th and you’ll see. Niece won’t let you down.”

Liu Shi stroked Ziyou’s white, sleek, and tender little face. An indulging smile appeared on her face, “Good. With You’er helping Second Madam with her business, Second Madam is freed from trouble now. Go, let’s go tell your grandfather and let him cheer up.”

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