Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“Good.” Zi You didn’t voice an objection and dragged Liu Shi towards her grandfather’s study.

She knew that it wasn’t that Liu Shi didn’t trust her and feared that she would ruin it; she would take responsibility. Instead, it was because Liu Shi didn’t know whether or not Old General Mu would let her look after the arrangements.

Liu Shi noticed that her schedule was full with no free time. You don’t need to learn knowledge like your life depends on it. Her heart ached.

Even the people taking the palace examinations didn’t work as hard as Zi You nor had her mentality of studying as if her life depended on it. The Lord worried about her and constantly found ways for her to nourish her body.

When Old General Mu heard that Zi You wanted to organize the Mid-Autumn banquet, he blankly stared at her.

Immediately, he asked in a concerned tone, “Do you have time? Every day you study so much late into the night. You want to learn how to manage the household this soon. You’er, you can’t be anxious to get married? “

Marriage! In my previous reincarnation, I married a scum. He made me suffer all kinds of pain and tribulations. In this reincarnation, I will never trust any men except for Grandfather and Second Uncle.

As Zi You secretly swore an oath in her heart, her smiling expression didn’t change, like still water that was free of any ripples. “Granddaughter doesn’t want to marry. I want to stay by Grandfather’s side for a lifetime.”

This was the second time Zi You told Old General Mu that she didn’t want to get married. The last time, Old General Mu thought she said it out of hate. However, this time, he felt that his granddaughter was proclaiming her decision.

Old General Mu felt a bit of uneasiness. In his heart he surmised, could his granddaughter not trust men because his son drugged her?

This isn’t good. This year Zi You is 10 years old. In October, she’ll turn 11. Next year they’ll discuss marriage, and after another two or three years they’ll marry. If she doesn’t want to marry, how can this be good?

It looks like he needs to think of methods to let her have more interactions with good men. But who among the noble sons can wholeheartedly treat You’er well?

The old general considered each of the noble sons in the capital. He furrowed his eyebrows and was in deep thought for a long time. Even then, he couldn’t find a perfect man who could be an appropriate partner for his granddaughter.

At last, he slapped his thigh and decided that during this years Mid-Autumn Festival, he’ll request some more noble sons to come and accompany his granddaughter.

Of course he concealed this matter from You’er and secretly had Second Uncle prepare this.

Zi You wasn’t aware of her grandfather’s idea. The reason why she requested to organize the Mid-Autumn banquet was only to welcome a women who stood out from the masses, to destroy Wang Yiping’s love towards Mu Yingrui, to not let Wang Yiping impregnate her, and to not let her give birth to a son.

If you want to find a woman that stands out from the masses, you cannot stay in the general’s mansion. You have to take a trip outside yourself.

When Zi You told Old General Mu that she wanted to leave, he instinctively blocked her, “How is it possible? You’re a young girl. If you went out and became a target of some bad people, how is that good? “

Zi You knew her grandfather wouldn’t happily agree for her to leave. Thus, without any anxiety, she smiled and asked, “Then what is the use of studying martial arts with you? If I can’t even deal with some bad people, how will I fight alongside you on a battlefield? “

Old General Mu only just understood what his granddaughter’s purpose in learning martial arts was. Astonished, he glared at his eldest son, “Nonsense! How can a girl go to the battlefield and kill people? “

“Why not?” Zi You replied, “Is Mother not a woman? The things Mother can do, why can’t You’er do? “

Speaking to here, a layer of mist emerged on her eyes that shone like crystals. “Grandfather, mother isn’t here anymore, so I’ll shoulder Mother’s responsibility. I’ll guard Grandfather and Second Uncle, saving you from death and healing your injuries. “

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