Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 28 - Next Time, He Would Definitely Find Her Unforgettable in His Lifetime

Chapter 28 Next Time, He Would Definitely Find Her Unforgettable in His Lifetime

What a waste! Zi You thought with a black-belly [outwardly kind, inwardly evil], “Look at his actions befitting a dog. He is so overbearing he must be some family’s dandy.”

Zi You stared at the person with the duck’s voice who snatched her dough figure away, annoyed.

Zi You’s four servant girls looked at this gongzi [Sir, Mister] with straight eyes. Oh, Mother! That day all the servant girls of the General’s Manor gathered to whisper about how Yongnan Marquis’ Shizi [Heir to Marquis title] was handsome. Now it seemed as if he wasn’t even worthy of carrying shoes for this gongzi!

This dandy-ish gongzi’s face was handsome beyond compare. His facial features were carved in distinct angles. His appearance seemed licentious and casual, but his eyes were clear and filled with energy. It made people afraid to underestimate him.

A lush head of crow-black hair was bunched with a white jade crown. He had a pair of sword-like eyebrows over slender Phoenix eyes, with ebony pupils full of evil charm. If not careful, one would fall into those eyes.

He had a high nose and thick red lips. Wearing a smile that’s not a smile on his tall, straight, graceful figure, he was dressed in a long white robe embroidered with silver thread pattern. This fifteen- or sixteen-year-old teenager had subtle sensual charm.

Listening to Zi You speak about the dough figure she asked the old man to make, the teenager sneered with ridicule in his eyes. He glanced at the dough figure in his hand and then at Zi You. Then he threw it to her and coldly said, “Heng! What broken toy? Just like you, ugly to death!”

After he finished, he turned and left.

Zi You was angered. She took the dough figure and threw it hard at the back of the head of the teenager.

Dare to call this xiaojie ugly? I’ll smash to you death!

Zi You used half of her internal force. The speed and strength of the dough figure weren’t too different from those who knew martial arts.

Only, it was as if the teenager had eyes on the back of his head. The dough figure didn’t even hit the back of his head yet, but he already turned around and caught it. He jokingly said, “This is what you give Ye. Although it’s a bit ugly, but on account you took the initiative to throw it into my arms, Ye will reluctantly accept it.”

He finished speaking and howling with laughter, sloppily and crookedly walked away.

He left behind Zi You who was angered to death. She bit her lip and swore to herself, “This bastard! Next time, don’t let me meet you. Or, if I can’t openly win against you, I will still make myself unforgettable to you in this lifetime!”

Zi You’s pair of angry beautiful pupils glared hard at the teenager’s back, as if she wanted to stare a hole into his back.

After she bought what she needed at the market, she changed into male clothing and went to a brothel.

Her four first-ranked servant girls were so scared they couldn’t speak for a long time.

Finally, Shi Yun gathered enough courage to whisper, “Xiaojie, you can’t come here. If Lao Tai Ye [Literally: Elderly Gentleman, how servants refer to Old General Mu] finds out, you can never come out again.”

Zi You slightly smiled. Dressed in a light gray silver robe and wearing a silver crown, Zi You was as beautiful as the moon. “He” was a peerless beauty with a quiet and elegant temperament. “Silly girl, you guys don’t tell, I don’t tell. How would Grandfather know I came here?”

Shi Yun glanced at the carriage driver and worriedly whispered, “But Fang Dasheng is Laoye’s trusted confidante and soldier. Would he not tell?”

Fang Dasheng followed Old General Mu for six or seven years. His martial arts were unpredictable, like Gods appearing and devils vanishing. He never said too many words.

It seemed that before the departure today, Old General Mu ordered him, “No matter what Xiaojie wants to do, don’t stop her. If not at a crucial time, you do not need to help.” Indeed, after hearing Shi Yun’s words, his head was down as if he didn’t see anything. He didn’t speak either.

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