Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 29 - Purchasing People [1]

Chapter 29 Purchasing People [1]

Zi You walked in to stand in front of him and softly said, “Fang Shiwei [(Imperial) Bodyguard, Soldier], if you want to see me punished by grandfather or grandfather to get angry, then you can tell him about what happened today. Otherwise, keep quiet.”

Without waiting for Fang Dasheng to reply, she walked into the biggest geisha building, Chuyao Guan.

The women at Chuyao Guan sold their talents and not their bodies. The women all had beautiful delicate waists, like willows, lovely and moving. Of course, whether it came to singing, dancing, playing instrumental music, zither and chess, or painting; the women here would not lost to daughters of noble families.

It was currently broad daylight and although there weren’t as many guests as the nighttime, there were still sounds of music and feasts; very lively and entertaining.

Dressed in flirtatious and moving clothing, those vying for beauty and attention sang, danced and played music. Narrow willow waists swaying made those guests unable to stop clapping and shouting.

This was the city of Jingdu. There were plenty of wealthy idlers who ran here for entertainment in the middle of the day. Zi You unconsciously twisted her lip, feeling indignant for grandfather, uncle, and those stationed at the border all year-long.

“Ye, you’ve came. Welcome inside!” Zi You hadn’t arrived for a minute yet, when the female brothel keeper warmly came forward.

She was amazed seeing Zi You’s appearance. This little gongzi was very handsome! Even the most beautiful woman in Chuyao Guan was not comparable.

How did those eyes grow? Even gems and crystals were not as sparkling and translucent or bright and deep.

The proprietress stared at Zi You’s eyes, seemingly mesmerized, and did not speak for a time.

Zi You finally asked, “Madam, do you have someone here who had not received a guest yet [Qingguan]?”

The old proprietress came to and answered, “Yes, we have, we have. Gongzi, please come inside. What kind of woman do you want? One who can sing, dance, play zither, or paint? Even if you want one who can perform eighteen kinds of martial arts, we have here too. But the price will be more expensive.”

Zi You was too lazy to speak in circles with her. She directly said, “One who can dance is fine. Fetch me all the Qingguan who can dance. This Ye wants to personally select.”

“Okay. Gongzi, please wait. I will go find all the Qingguan who can dance here. Xiao Taohong, quickly serve gongzi some tea.”

Zi you deliberately lowered her voice. She successfully tricked the old proprietress into thinking she was some wealthy family’s son looking for a dancer to entertain guests at home.

In a few moments, the proprietress led twenty-one or twenty-two girls over, aged twelve or thirteen to fifteen or sixteen.

She smiled at Zi You, “Gongzi has good eyesight! It’s not that I’m boasting, but our Qingguan here at Chuyao Guan are all top-notch.”

She pulled out a fifteen-year-old girl with charming and enchanting looks. She boasted, “Luxiu is a Qingguan and dances the best here. She is just about to receive a guest. Gongzi, do you want her to dance for you to see? Luxiu’s long-sleeved dance is very good.”

If it was very good, then the price must be “good” too. For Mu Ying Rui, that scumbag, was he worth her spending a few thousand silvers?

Zi You coldly smiled in her heart. Leaning back on the chair, she lazily said, “Don’t need to dance one-by-one. Let the girls all dance together.”

“Yes.” The proprietress wisely stayed quiet, immediately going to find a musician. Whatever the guest needed, they would provide. That was the rule of this business.

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