Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 34 - Cherish the Chance to Begin a New Life

Chapter 34 Cherish the Chance to Begin a New Life, Part 1

It wasn’t because Zi You was stingy and wouldn’t let them eat well. But their stomachs were empty for so many days, if they ate heartily, it would harm them instead and they would die from overeating.

That girl knew how to take care of people and gave her mantou to her brother.

Zi You’s saw this and her eyes finally became less cold and more warm. With a little more warmth in her voice, she clearly said, “First take a bath, you can eat more later. If you eat too much now, you’ll be dizzy in the bath.”

The little girl who begged Zi You was Rong QiYan and her thirteen-year-old brother was Rong YunHe. He quietly looked at Zi You and wondered which house’s xiaojie this was and why she bought them.

Actually, this teenager knew martial arts. He was a Shaanxi general’s gongzi. He once had maidservants and wore fine clothes. If his father didn’t break the law, why would he be in his current miserable situation?

If it wasn’t due to his sister from the same mother, with his martial arts, he would have long escaped.

But besides his martial arts, he had only a few years of schooling and no living skills. It would be difficult to feed himself, but with his nine-year-old sister, wouldn’t they be waiting to starve to death?

Rong YunHe gritted his teeth in hatred. He would never have imagined submitting for five grains of rice.

Zi You didn’t know what the slaves were thinking. She only saw them devouring food ravenously. MoYun and ShuiYun took the female slaves and Fang Dasheng took the male slaves to bathe. She, ShiYun and HaiYun waited in the restaurant. They asked the owner for a hot pot of noodle soup and requested more meat and eggs in it. After a bath and new clothing, the new slaves were more pleasing to the eye. There was no strange odor and their hair weren’t messy. Everyone was cleaner.

Chapter 34 Cherish the Chance to Begin a New Life, Part 2

Zi You looked at these people and loudly said, with a smile, “After eating the noodle soup, we will go to the Manor. From now on, regardless of what happened before and what misfortune you’ve encountered, I hope you can forget them all. Cherish the opportunity I gave you to start a new life. Alright, let’s eat.”

Everyone looked at the meat and eggs in the hot noodle soup and was as happy as if they were seeing bird’s nest or shark’s fin.

Many years later, these people could still remember the delicious taste of that pot of noodle soup.

It was already sunset. The ground was covered in a fuzzy rose color.

The people in the market hurriedly went home already. The busy streets in the daytime became silent.

When the stars could be seen in the sky, Zi You took the forty-nine slaves and returned to the General’s Manor.

Zi You’s grandfather, uncle and aunt already had servants keeping watch at the door. The servants rushed inside to notify Old General Mu and Mu YingYi when they saw the carriage. The two hurriedly rushed out.

One day without seeing their loved one and Zi You seemed as if a prodigal son returning home. She did not use a stool to step down from the carriage, but anxiously jumped down into the arms of Old General Mu. “Grandfather, You’er [‘er: suffix used to denote closeness/intimacy] really missed you.”

One sentence had Old General Mu feeling endless tenderness. Petting her cloud-like black hair, he laughingly said, “You’re missing grandfather after only being away for one day? What would happen in the future when you get married?” Zi You listened and frowned in disgust. The sentence “I won’t get married” was almost blurted out.

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