Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 37 - Some Value It, Some Hate It

Chapter 37 Some Value It, Some Hate It, Part 1

Zi You knew this was the face her aunt was giving her. She knew her aunt was still not in favor of her sons learning martial arts.

Zi You did not reveal it or explain. She would wait until she taught her aunt’s two sons into well-rounded, in both civil and martial talents, and let her aunt be convinced then.

In her previous life, after Zi You’s death, Née Liu also followed. Her heart hurt thinking of the three weak underage boys left behind.

In this life, she must let uncle’s sons become pillars of society versed in the pen and the sword and able to stand on their own.

Zi You silently swore an oath. She took out the Jasper hairpin she bought for Née Liu and smilingly inserted it into her hair. “Thank you aunt, for believing in You’er.”

Née Liu looked at the hairpin. It was pure Jasper without any blemish. She knew it was expensive.

Her heart happy and touched, Née Liu feigned anger, “Really, you bought so many slaves and not even a beaded flower for yourself. But you bought me such a valuable hairpin…this child…You didn’t buy your mother a present? Although… after all…”

Née Liu looked at Zi You with a distressed face. She didn’t know how to express her meaning.

She didn’t have to explain and Zi You already understood. Wang Yiping was hypocritical but still her legitimate stepmother. If she did not perform well, an un-filial hat would be put on her and she would be scolded.

Zi You peacefully smiled and comforted Née Liu, “Rest assured, aunt. You’er understands. I have gifts for both father and mother.”

Chapter 37 Some Value It, Some Hate It, Part 2

She then coquettishly smiled at Old General Mu and Mu YingYi. “I also bought gifts for grandfather and uncle. But I can’t give them to you now. After You’er finishes them well, then I will give them to you.”

Both were very curious and asked in unison, “Oh? What is it?”

Zi You looked at her two relatives with their faces full of interest. She smiled more and more, like Epiphyllum blooming, quiet and elegant, warm and soft. “I won’t tell grandfather and uncle now. Wait for me to give you a surprise!”

“Haha…” Old General Mu laughed loudly. “My You’er is getting more and more loveable. Alright, we will wait for the surprise then.”

Mu YingYi smiled. Looking at Zi You’s face that was more beautiful than Dier’s, he thought gloomily how nice it would be if this was his daughter!

Big brother was really such a bastard! He didn’t know how to cherish such a good daughter. Fine, you don’t know how to cherish, let this uncle be her father and love her.

Old General Mu and Mu YingYi cherished Zi You for being well-behaved and sensible. But this had Wang Yiping hating until her teeth hurt.

She always felt that although Zi You was respectful to her on the surface, she was actually guarded against her. There were some things Zi You appeared to agree with, but everything remained the same.

Like what happened today. When she learned yesterday Zi You was going to the market alone, she was very happy in the beginning.

Go alone, go, go. Let people know that General Manor’s Xiaojie stroll down streets alone. She didn’t have to do anything but take a walk outside alone and her reputation would be ruined.

But looking back, it felt strange. Old General Mu and Mu YingYi always treated Zi You like a precious baby. Why wouldn’t they have thought of this point? They actually agreed to Zi You’s request. They must have had something arranged.

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