Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 38 - A Poisonous Sword-like Tongue [1]

Chapter 38 A Poisonous Sword-like Tongue [1], Part 1

Moreover, this darned girl must have had something to do when she was going out. Otherwise why would she insist on going alone?

Wang Yiping thought of this point and immediately put on a concerned face for Zi You. In front of Mu YingRui, she grabbed Zi You’s hands. She softly asked, “You’er, let mother accompany you. A precious Xiaojie like you with only a few maidservants, what will we do if there’s an accident?”

Zi You agreed readily. “Then You’er won’t go. Originally, You’er wanted to personally shop for grandfather, father and mother’s Mid-Autumn Festival presents. Now it seems I can only use the existing materials on hand and create them myself. But father, it would be good if mother doesn’t dislike it.”

Wang Yiping immediately pretended to smile happily. “Good girl! You should not follow your grandfather and uncle and wield knives and spears. It’s better for girls to be gentle, quiet and dignified. You’re almost twelve years old. Late next year, we’ll have to set a marriage for you. It’s better to learn more needlework and etiquette. Laoye, after Mid-Autumn, how about I find a retired teacher from the Imperial Palace to teach You’er in the Manor?”

With a face of tenderness and worship and a coquettish voice, she whined, “Laoye, Laoye is a famous talent Great Yan’s. Of course, his daughter would have befitting speech and manner. Laoye, is what I said correct?”

Whether it was the eyes or the voice, Mu YingRui’s passion was provoked. Zi You found it nauseating.

Mu YingRui didn’t say anything but his eyes were flirting with Wang Yiping. He lightly and frivolously smiled, “Furen has always been virtuous and knowledgeable. Whatever Furen says is correct. You’er, remember your mother’s words and don’t disobey her.”

Mu YingRui spoke to Zi You, but the last sentence was not said gently, instead with a slight hint of warning.

Chapter 38 A Poisonous Sword-like Tongue [1], Part 2

But Zi You lightly smiled and politely bowed. “Yes, daughter will certainly remember father and mother’s teachings.”

Her attitude was so good that one could not tell she was the slightest bit discontent. But early this morning, this darned girl left the house. By the time she [Wang Yiping] knew about it, she [Zi You] was bidding farewell.

She and Laoye were very unhappy when they heard. Laoye even immediately reprimanded, “Didn’t you say you weren’t going yesterday? Why did you suddenly change your mind? You’er, you’re really getting more presumptuous. You dare to be two-faced to your parents?”

Who knew the darned girl would unhurriedly retort, “Father, daughter would disagree with your words. You’er never changed her mind. But I was afraid my parents would worry and be unable to sleep, so I hid the information. Besides, I was obeying grandfather’s request that I did so. On account of daughter’s filial piety, please don’t be angry, father.”

Finished speaking, she curtsied and leisurely left.

That was one thing and this was another. From the time she came back till now, this girl had not come to pay her respects.

Even if she and Laoye were angry and did not come out to greet her, her [Zi You] purchasing so many slaves, she eventually should have come to tell them right?

There was another thing that made her uneasy. That girl spent all day mysteriously puttering around her deceased mother’s Hundred Herb Garden. Once there, she stayed the whole afternoon.

One didn’t know what she was up to. Once she went to take a look on the pretense of sending over food, but ShiYun barred her entry. “Xiaojie is taking an afternoon nap inside. No one is to disturb her.”

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