Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 40.2 - The Consequences of Lying [1], Part 2

Chapter 40: The Consequences of Lying [1], Part 2

After these words were spoken, if he still punished and blamed her, then was he still human? Especially when compared to her uncle and aunt?

Not only could he not punish or blame her, but he must show concern. Otherwise, when his old man knew, he would scold him for being indifferent and cold to his deceased wife’s daughter.

Mu YingRui swallowed his anger with difficulty. He looked at Wang Yiping.

With a face full of concern, Wang Yiping stretched her arms out and helped Zi You up.

“This girl is too willful! No wonder grandfather punished you. Seeing they were pitiful and you bought so many lowly slaves? How did your grandfather punish you? Did he beat you? Does it hurt?”

As an official, Mu YingRui was used to acting. He was very earnest in his acting and didn’t seem fake at all.

And Wang Yiping was on an equivalent level. Grabbing Zi You’s hand, her tears started flowing. “Seeing they are pitiful, didn’t you only buy a few more slaves? It’s not as if we can’t afford it in the Manor. Did you take a beating? Where? Quickly let mother take a look. I’m also to blame. If I met you at the door, it would have been okay. Your father was so worried it was your first time out without adult supervision that something would happen, that he got chest pains. So I couldn’t throw him out. Otherwise, mother would have been at the door to meet you.”

You could lie without a script now? I have never heard that worrying about someone would cause chest pains. The scum male didn’t have any heart problems before. And even if he did, you didn’t go find a doctor?

Zi You had a black belly and pretending to be worried for Mu YingRui said, “Ah! Is it serious father? Do we need to get a doctor for a diagnosis? This is a symptom of a heart condition.”

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