Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 6 - I Want Revenge

Chapter 6: I Want Revenge

It Yi ping who brought Lan Xuan to Zi You and coax her into selling off her most trusted servant, Housekeeper Lou. This caused Housekeeper Lou to die a terrible death.

All that happened just because Housekeep Lou had constantly cautioned Zi You about the duo.

Because of Yi Ping, Zi You’s father was disinclined to stand up for Zi You when she was wrongfully accused of lacking virtue and cheating on her husband.

These venomous snakes! Since the heavens allowed me to live again, I, Zi You will never let any of you off.

Lan Xuan, Hong Xiang, Yi Ping, the Duke household, I Zi You swear that if I do not ruin your reputation, break your family apart and return this blood debt to you, I will enter the depths of hell, never to be reincarnated.

Father, you too! I will definitely make you regret everything that you have done.

From now onwards, I’ll only allow myself to let others down but never the other way around.

From now onwards, I’ll start executing my revenge! I’ll become the devil’s incarnate, charm all of you and trap your souls, guiding all of you onto the road of no return. I will use your blood to water the bloody wings of the fallen angel.

From now onwards, I will get stronger. I will not only practice martial arts but also medicine. I will definitely protect my loved ones and let them live a long and blissful life.

At this moment, Zi You had her back facing the bronze mirror, not noticing that her eyes had turned purple or that her clenched fist had cause the tiles on the ground to crack.

Zi You’s deep purple eyes made her look extremely seductive. With her deep set features, the current her did not look twelve but instead like a fox demon, seductive down to the core.

What she did not know was that because of her hate and anger, she managed to breach the seal her birth mother, Dier had placed on her soul.

Her appearance caused her grandfather who had just arrived a huge shock. When Zi You was born, she inherited spiritual power from her mother. Because her mother was afraid that Zi You would be noticed by her maternal grandmother, Indian Goddess Dumoli, she placed the seal on her.

With the exception of her mother, no one is able to remove the seal. However, looking at the scenario now, it seems that the seal had indeed been undone.

How did this happen? Judging from her appearance, it was obvious that she must have met with a huge setback. Why else would he lose control of her emotions?

Old General Mu rushed towards Zi You and tightly embraced her into his bosom. In a caring voice, he asked “My granddaughter, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Was it a nightmare?”

Old General Mu’s tone had a thick layer of care and worry, making Zi You feel the warmth of a family member. She couldn’t help but hugged her grandfather and sobbed “grand…father i missed you…”

Following behind Old General Mu was Zi You’s second aunt and Housekeeper Lou.

The last person to enter the room was Zi You’s father, Ying Rui. Looking at his calm and composed face, Zi You couldn’t help but give a ridiculous smile.

When she once again saw her stepmother pretending to care for her, she acted grateful and said “Zi You is really unfilial, I made father and mother worry unnecessarily.”

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