Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter

Chapter 9 - Birth Mystery

Chapter 9: Birth Mystery

Especially Madam Liu(second aunt), she assumed that her happiness was given to her by Dier.

Apart from knowing Ying Yi ever since they were young, with

regards to looks and ability, she was no match for Dier.

When Madam Liu was having her first child, she had a difficult

labour. If it wasn’t for Dier using her spiritual powers, she could have died

together with her child.

Towards someone like Dier, other than feeling grateful, she

admired her. She felt that this mysterious sister-in-law wasn’t cold and

distant at all. She had a heart as beautiful as her appearance.

Madam Liu treated Zi You really well because she wanted to repay

Dier for saving her life and also because she had no daughter of her own. After all, she owed a great deal.

Just like that, Dier possessing spiritual powers was known to Old

General Mu, Ying Yi and Madam Liu. With the exception of Ying Rui and the servants.

Dier had outstanding medical prowess and loved researching

plants. The plants she grew not only had medicinal value but also possessed poison and she could communicate with them. Among them, there was many which could not be found in Great Yan. For example, datura flowers and poppies.

When Zi You was born, Dier gave her a thorough body check up. Upon realizing that she was born with spiritual powers, Dier was shocked. Dier did not want her daughter to live like her, she wanted her daughter to have a regular life just like everyone else. Moreover she didn’t want her daughter to have to worry about being brought back home to the spirit realm.

The second time Old General Mu and Ying Yi went to Nanjing to settle the rebellion, Dier followed them, reducing the casualties in their troops. However, Dier’s whereabouts were discovered by her clansmen.

Dier was eventually brought back by her mother. Missing her daughter, she was extremely unwilling to return with her clansmen. However, her spiritual power were far inferior to Dumoli and despite going all out, she was captured by her clansmen and brought back.

Unable to tell the truth, Old General Mu could only lie, saying that Dier had died from an illness.

At that time, Zi You was only nine. Losing her mother at such a young age caused her to fall sick. This made Old General Mu and Ying Yi pity Zi You.

After Zi You recovered, Old General Mu decided to teach her martial arts to strengthen her body.

Zi You had always been interested in plants and medicine from a very young age. She had immerse talent in these area that exceeded even Dier’s imagination, therefore Dier had always been imparting her knowledge in medicine to her. Was it not because of Yi Ping, Old General Mu and Ying Yi would definitely not have died from a disease.

Zi You made a pledge in her heart that she would for sure master all of her mother’s medicinal technique. Luckily for her, Dier left many precious copies of medicinal books for her. Moreover, they were all written in cryptic that only Zi You could understand.

Currently, Zi You did not know that she possessed spiritual powers. However Old General Mu realized it and after thinking about it and discussing with Ying Yi, they decided to reveal the truth about Zi You’s spiritual power to her.

This is because the two of them feared that Zi You may lose control of her spiritual powers and reveal her purple eyes to the world. At that time, it would be disastrous.

Hearing her grandfather and second uncle describing her lineage, Zi You was not shaken, instead she was ecstatic.

Zi You always knew that her mother was not simple. From the day she taught Zi You medicine, Zi You knew that her mother was different from the women of Great Yan.

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