Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 36 - She Had Become Famous

Chapter 36: She Had Become Famous

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Ye Jian was a light sleeper in her past and current life. She would get woken up easily by the slightest of sounds.

Lucky for her, she could fall asleep again very soon after confirming she was not in danger.

But the thing was, the refrigerator trucks that arrived tonight were a bit strange.

Judging from the sounds of the engines, it seemed like the trucks had left the school without unloading any groceries. They were fully loaded as they were when they arrived at the school.

Ye Jian turned around gently with a subtle smile on her face. Eyes closed, she fell asleep quickly.

By the time of 5:30 in the morning, Ye Jian had finished washing her face and rinsing her mouth. After putting on her school uniform, she ran to the playground on her own. The playground of the middle school was as large as two football pitches. 14 and a half laps on the track of this field were roughly equal to 12 kilometers.

From her past life’s experience, Ye Jian realized that she must keep working out to build a powerful physique so that she could protect herself when she was in danger.

It was not until she finished running 14 and a half laps did the wake-up bell of the school rang. Other students started to run on the playground.

As Ye Jian returned to the dormitory, she ran into Xie Sifeng who was about to wash her face. Probably still half-awake, Xie yawned and gave orders to Ye Jian habitually, “Hey. Have you fetched us hot water yet?”

The moment Xie Sifeng finished her words, she realized something was wrong and her face froze suddenly. Her eyes clearly indicated that she was scared. She fled the dorm speedily.

“Good morning.” Tan Wei pursed her lips and greeted Ye Jian in a low voice. She also left the dorm hastily.

They were both arrogant and haughty before. But right now, they were escaping from Ye Jian just like mice running away from cats.

Ye Jian shook her head with a wry smile. She used hot water to wipe away her sweat, and then she headed to the cafeteria for breakfast, holding books in her arms.

“Look! She is that girl. Do you know her?”

“What did she do? She is quite pretty with fair skin.”

“She is the girl that I told you about last night! She has brilliant memory retention. Gosh! Come to think of it, it’s still very terrifying.”

Several girls walked past Ye Jian and started to whisper. For fear that Ye Jian might hear their conversations, they were talking in voices lower than those whispering sounds during classes. “Ah. There she is. She is beautiful. How come I have never heard about her before?”

The boys were also discussing Ye Jian. During breakfast, the students from Class Two Grade Eight, who were kept in the dark yesterday, had learned about what happened in the principal’s office.

They had mixed feelings as they returned to the classroom and saw Ye Jian—their classmate that everyone in the school was talking about.

She had excellent memory retention? She could remember the things that happened within a month? She could also remember every word said by everyone in that span of time?

That sounded freaking unsettling!

With a bun in his mouth, a boy who frequently bullied Ye Jian sat down on her desk and said incredulously, “Ye Jian, what did my boys and I say last night?”

Ye Jian, who was preparing for the Chinese test, looked up and pointed at her desk. Calmly, she said, “I don’t like your behavior. Please get down.”

“Blimey, you have become bolder now that Ye Ying is not here.” the boy giggled. Wriggling his body to shake the desk, he said provocatively, “You don’t like it? What are you going to do? Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! Let go of me! Let go of me!”

Ye Jian stood up and grabbed the boy’s index finger. She exerted her strength and pressed it towards the back of his hand. In an instant, the boy turned from a provoker into a sorry a*s begging for mercy.

That seemed extremely painful! Every boy present grabbed their wrists and screamed in fear.

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