Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Under the blue sky, a villa occupies the vast majority of the land.  It is surrounded by trimmed gra.s.s, gardens with blooming flowers, and not far away, parked a number of limited-edition luxury cars. This is the Underworld’s leading family, Lan family’s current head, Lan You Nian’s residence.

The current head of Lan family, Lan You Nian, at sixteen years of age, using ruthless methods and extraordinary strategy, took over the Hua nation underworld from her father’s hands, thus becoming the youngest head since the founding of the Lan family.

In the first year under Lan You Nian’s command, although she worked very hard, her father always stood behind Lan You Nian, silently supporting her. Thus, despite being a woman, the pressure from all outside forces was not so big.

However, a year after Lan You Nian took over the family, her father, the former head of the family, died. After the news of his father’s death was accidentally leaked out, the whole Underworld was alarmed. Everyone wanted to divide the Lan family that seemed to be in a precarious situation. But no one thought that under so many Underworld attacks, Lan You Nian picked up the whole family with her frail shoulders.

Those who provoke, kill! Those with evil intentions, kill! Those looking for trouble, kill! Those disloyal, kill! Those who disobey, kill!

Lan You Nian, the newly appointed head of Lan family, not only saved the status of leading family for Lan family under one year’s time but pushed the Lan family’s status up even further! Moreover, because of her own fierce methods and ruthless att.i.tude, from then on, everyone remembered a name – Lan You Nian!

People of the hood all understood, don’t think that this enchanting woman is to be trifled with, if you dare to provoke, you have to be ready to go to h.e.l.l!

People of the Underworld and the upright community called Lan You Nian “Spider Lily”, a beautiful flower blooming in h.e.l.l, although beautiful, no one dared to pick it. When Lan You Nian heard this t.i.tle, she just smiled faintly. She, Lan You Nian, was splendid and brilliant, but lonesome and solitary, exposing an infinite chilling desolation.

However, when Lan You Nian was 20 years old, rumors spread of her love life. This news was tantamount to thunder, which made everyone horrified. The appearance of Lan You Nian was very beautiful, belonging to the ranks of femme fatales. Moreover, because of the power in the hands of Lan You Nian, the pursuers can be described as endless, but none of them could win the favor of Lan You Nian.

Later, the people learned that the boyfriend of Lan You Nian was the young master of the Feng family, Feng Ting. This man was no stranger.  After all, the financial strength of the Feng family was on the top ten in the Hua nation. The oldest young master of Feng family was as gentle as jade and a gentleman. In the future, the Lan family will definitely fall into the hands of Feng Ting.

Many people sighed. After all, the influence and temperament of Lan You Nian and Feng Ting were far from each other. One was the leader of the cold and bloodthirsty gang, and the other was a good businessman. It is like one belongs to the Underworld, and one belongs to the upright society. Many people were waiting to see the two’s jokes. But no matter how badly the comments were, the feelings between Lan You Nian and Feng Ting were as good as ever. And for four years, no rumors of a scandal were exposed.

Lan You Nian drove back in her own red sports car.  The car was like a comet speeding by. Lan You Nian opened the door.  The corner of her mouth evoked a smile from the heart. She was clothed in a fiery red dress with a low collar that exposed exquisite collarbones, long sleeves, a narrow waist and a long skirt that with Lan You Nian’s every step revealed long white legs. She did not need to behave coquettishly for she only needed to stand there, and the beauty was enough to be soul-stirring. This day was Lan You Nian’s 23rd birthday. Waiting for her in this villa to celebrate the day of her birth were her closest friends and family. They were the light of Lan You Nian’s dark heart, the warmth in her lonely and yearning heart.

Because today her friends and family wanted to celebrate her birthday, Lan You Nian pushed off all birthday parties, only wanting to get together with people who were close to her heart. Others say that she, Lan You Nian, was cold-blooded and ruthless, but what they didn’t know is that that was only for the enemy. For these people who were in the heart, Lan You Nian would exhaust everything to protect them.

“You Nian, you’ve arrived? Happy birthday!” A woman wore a tailored dress that made her look n.o.ble and elegant. It was her, Lan You Nian’s mother, the mother who has always loved her dearly. Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with a little girl’s happiness. Only in front of her mother would she have that expression.

“Younger sister, happy birthday!” A young woman was clothed in a pink floor-length dress that made her seem delicate and beautiful. This was her, Lan You Nian’s, biological sister. Lan You Nian has always protected her well. For this sister who was much more delicate than herself, Lan You Nian had always done her best to care for her.

“You Nian, happy birthday!” A black suit set off the man’s height, made him seem even taller. The features were bright and clear, the eyes were warm, and the looks were so outstanding that people couldn’t peel their eyes away. This was her boyfriend Feng Ting.

In reality, for Lan You Nian, she didn’t know whether she loved him or not. For a woman who was as cold as Lan You Nian, for her to understand what love was, was difficult. However, Feng Ting’s goodness towards moved her to agree to Feng Ting’s pursuit and become boyfriend and girlfriend. They were not like other couples who were deeply in love; their relations.h.i.+p was simpler and fainter. But being used to seeking life under the sharp edge of a blade, this tranquility was very rare, and it was exactly the life that Lan You Nian has always hoped for.

Lan You Nian’s mother personally cooked a table of dishes for Lan You Nian and the family sat around the table. Lan You Nian saw how everyone cared so much about her, a touch of warmth entered her heart, driving away the coldness that existed in the darkness. Because there were people who care about her, Lan You Nian felt that all she has suffered was worth it.

“Cheers!” Everyone raised their red wine “Happy Birthday!”, and an orderly train of blessings sounded in the hall.

Lan You Nian’s eyes filled with a smile “Thank you!” threw back her head and drank the red wine containing the blessing.

Everyone chitchatted. It seemed that they were working hard to make the atmosphere active. Lan You Nian being sensitive, became aware that everyone had something on their minds. However, Lan You Nian didn’t take it to heart. Everyone had their own secrets. She trusted them, so she will not interfere with their privacy. But Lan You Nian never thought……

Lan You Nian shook her head, felt something was not right.  Her head seemed to be a little heavy, and her body was weak. After all, having walked through so many ups and downs, the first reaction was that she has been poisoned.  But at this time, Lan You Nian believed that someone must have sneaked into the villa and poisoned her.

“Something’s not right!” Lan You Nian tried to stay awake and warned them, hoping they could leave as soon as possible. She believed it was an enemy who wanted to harm her. For herself, she had no concern, but here are all the people she cared for most in her heart. Lan You Nian does not want to implicate them nor does she want them to come to harm.

“Of course something’s not right, hee-hee.” Older sister’s laugh was full of ridicule as it pa.s.sed through to the ears of Lan You Nian. The harsh voice was something Lan You Nian never heard before; it was much different from the voice of her older sister. Lan You Nian stared at the people in front of her with wide eyes.

If she still didn’t understand what was going on, she would have wasted her life for many years. She, Lan You Nian, has been abandoned! She, Lan You Nian, has been schemed against! She, Lan You Nian, has been betrayed!

But she didn’t understand.  Why did they do this? There was no reason at all. One of them was her own biological mother, one was her own sister, and the other was her boyfriend who has been with her for many years. She did not owe them anything and was even very protective of them!

“Why?” The Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with disbelief, but more of it was desperation, “Just why?” Lan You Nian had been smart her entire life, but now she was being treated so by her loved ones. Why was it so? Lan You Nian felt that her heart suddenly shattered, the pain was such that it felt like knives piercing her heart.

“Why? What are you even asking for? You have monopolized the Lan family for so many years.  We have nothing. Of course, we are ruining you!” Lan You Nian’s usual n.o.ble mother was now looking at herself with grievances. Those eyes were without any pity and love for her.  The absolute greed in her eyes made Lan You Nian sick.

“You are my mother!” Lan You Nian laughed.  She did not know whether she was laughing at her mother or laughing at her pitiable self. Even her own mother was like this to her? It’s not that she wanted to keep the Lan family to herself; the Lan family was simply too complicated. If she allowed her mother and sister to partic.i.p.ate in the Underworld, they would face countless dangers in the future. It was laughable that she didn’t expect her own protectiveness to be exchanged for the hate of her family.  Absolutely laughable!

Lan You Nian looked up and Feng Ting, the inquiry in her eyes was obvious. Even if she would die today, she would understand everything clearly. Although she wanted to die immediately, Lan You Nian’s pride would not allow her to bow down.

“I have always loved your sister; I never fell in love with you.” Feng Ting held the hand of the woman next to him, the affection in his eyes was obvious.  This kind of affection was one that Lan You Nian had never seen in the eyes of Feng Ting, that kind of affection that hurt to even look at. Even if Lan You Nian did not love Feng Ting to death, she did have real feelings for him.  But the man she liked for the first time in her life, from the beginning was simply using her like a chess piece. She, Lan You Nian, did not allow for deceit and betrayal.

“My dear good sister, Lan family, the first spot in the Underworld, if it was not for you, it should have been mine! All the power, status, and glory should be mine!” The woman picked up a knife from the table and thrust it into Lan You Nian’s heart.

The sound of “puchi” echoed, that was the sound of the knife inserted into Lan You Nian.

However, the countenances of the people standing in front of Lan You Nian did not change.  There was no regret at all!

Her biological mother looked at her as if she was looking at a dirty beggar. She suddenly felt that even if a dog raised by her mother died, she would have a little sadness. In contrast, seeing her biological daughter dying in front of her, as a mother, there was not even a little sadness.

The smile on her own sister’s mouth was so unscrupulous, Lan You Nian seemed to be able to gleam the beautiful future of her sister’s fantasy from her eyes. That jeering laughter pa.s.sed into the ear of Lan You Nian, letting Lan You Nian see that the older sister of the past was only an act.

Her boyfriend glanced at her and then looked away, as if one more moment will dirty his eyes. Lan You Nian thought back to the patience and sincerity he had once pursued her with. Then looking at the man of the present, Lan You Nian knew she had fallen into this man’s trap from the very beginning.

It was said that people would think a lot when they were going to die. Lan You Nian really thought a lot. But the once warm and sweet memories are now full of chill. She, Lan You Nian, had the mind and the means, but she was defeated by her own heart that longed for warmth. Because she believed in affection, she fell even harder. She was not unwilling to accept, but forlorn!

“Ha ha ha ha!” Lan You Nian’s mad, low-sounding voice seemed to be from the depths of h.e.l.l that was like a b.l.o.o.d.y haze chilling to the bone. Almost as if Lan You Nian could not feel the pain in her chest and the blood draining from her, she laughed like a madman.

“Mom, since father pa.s.sed away, I tried to hold up the entire Lan family, gave you a wealthy life, gave you more money than you can finish, but now you point a blade towards your own daughter!” Lan You Nian looked at her mother, her eyes a barren wasteland.

“Sister, once you were afraid of losing your life.  You didn’t want to take over the Lan family. I took over what was supposed to be your responsibility. At what was supposed to be a worry-free age, I braved the weather, went through wind and rain, through the heavy rain of bullets. That year when you were kidnapped, I took three shots for you. I did not care about the Lan family security and used all the forces to rescue you.  But now it only exchanged for your hate and harm!” Lan You Nian looked at her sister, her mouth curled to evoke the evilest smile. The smile was like the red spider lily that bloomed in h.e.l.l. Lan You Nian, at this moment, was really like her t.i.tle, full of death.

“Feng Ting, all the difficulties in your business, how much have I helped you, how much I have solved for you?  The people who want to harm you, how much benefit has been given to you?  But now you wish to deprive me of my life in return for the many years of feelings!” Looking at her boyfriend, there was no more affection in the eyes of Lan You Nian.

“Never-mind, I am tired too!” Lan You Nian looked forlornly at the people in front of her. Lan You Nian’s world had collapsed because of the betrayal of these people. Lan You Nian could feel her life draining away.  She can’t hold on for much longer.

Lan You Nian looked at the three people with a strange smile, and in front of their frightened faces, pressed the remote control in her hands.  Hahaha. How can the life of I, Lan You Nian, be so easy to take?  You’ll all keep me company!  Follow me to h.e.l.l!

“Peng!” The whole villa was razed to the ground, and everything disappeared between heaven and earth.

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