Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Lan You Nian walked on the winding mountain road, breathed in the scented fragrance in the fresh air, admired the fragrant and vivid green flowers and trees, and listened to the warbled chanting of the birds in the forest.  This was the supreme form of enjoyment.

No one would have thought that the Medical Valley’s entrance was actually in this mountain forest. The entrance even had a magic array enchanting it. It was no wonder that people of the pugilistic world couldn’t find the Medical Valley. If s.h.i.+fu did not tell her, Lan You Nian did not know how long it would take to find the entrance.

Gazing at the green willow tree made people bright-eyed and hearts refreshed, giving a sense of freshness.  The rich canopy of poplar seemed a deeper color of green, plus the tall and straight trunk made people feel it had an imposing appearance.

Lan You Nian wore a pure white one-piece ruqun, the skirt was embroidered with a beautiful fiery red spider lily. This mainland did not have this kind of flower. The bottom half of the face below the eyes was covered with a pure white veil.  The hair was just casually tied up like a man’s.  You could only see a pair of clear and bright pupils, curved eyebrows, long eyelashes trembling slightly, and the flawless skin exposed a faint blush.

Wearing a veil was not only convenient, but the main thing was, Lan You Nian has seen her own face.  Although young and hasn’t matured yet, but it was still an alluring budding beauty. People all say that beauties have unfortunate lives.  These words were something Lan You Nian believed in. If one was not strong enough, this face would only bring her trouble.  So when leaving the valley, Lan You Nian put on a layer of gauze fabric to cover her face.

This is the first time Lan You Nian left the valley since coming to this world, so Lan You was not in a hurry but was slowly walking in this mountain forest admiring the scenic views. Moreover, this time Lan You Nian did not leave the valley to go back and get revenge for her predecessor, but to create her own force of power.

Suddenly, the sound of a fight traveled into her ears. Lan You Nian’s martial abilities were very good, her hearing was also good, and because of her previous life, was very sensitive to the smell of blood in the air. This was a common affliction shared by those who belonged to the darkness.

Feng Yi Xuan’s unparalleled face was wan and sallow, but it could not conceal the aura of an overlord. The wolf-like purple eyes looked at the people who pursued him. Because he accidentally got poisoned, he was unable to use internal force and his shadow guards were dispersed as well. However, Feng Yi Xuan did not panic, there wasn’t even a little fear. He will not die, even if he had no internal force, he could still kill these people.

The people who pursued Feng Yi Xuan upon seeing his eyes were stunned. The rumors were true after all. Ming w.a.n.g actually did have a pair of devil-like eyes. But why would the eyes be normal for so many years? How could they know Feng Yi Xuan usually used a medicinal potion to change the color of his eyes?  This time because of being poisoned the eyes returned to their normal color.

“The Empress really thinks highly of me, even dispatching death warriors” Feng Yi Xuan’s robed were flying, like a demon from h.e.l.l, cold and ruthless making people scared.

The several death warriors were, at this moment, frightened by Feng Yi Xuan.  They looked at each other, then raised their swords and attacked Feng Yi Xuan. Feng Yi Xuan took out a sword that he had never used before. When several people rushed towards him, Feng Yi Xuan moved. Even if there was no internal force, it was still as fast as lightning. In a few breaths, the death warriors had all fallen to the ground dead.

Feng Yi Xuan sat down against a towering tree. At this time, the body’s poison was afflicting him.  However, except for his pale face, you couldn’t see that he had been poisoned. This person’s endurance was very strong, Lan You Nian, who had been hiding in the distance, thought.

Lan You Nian did not like to be nosy unless that thing was beneficial to her.  But now Lan You Nian watching this lone wolf, proud but desolate man, was like seeing the her from before. Lan You Nian could tell the man had been poisoned.  If the poison was not cured immediately, it would be life-threatening.

Lan You Nian came slowly towards him from a distance, alerting Feng Yi Xuan who was currently meditating.

Feng Yi Xuan opened his eyes and looked towards Lan You Nian.  Lan You Nian also looked at the man sitting under the tree.  This one look decided the fates of the two people.  In the future, they would be together in life and death, never leave or forsake.

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