Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Feng Yi Xuan observed the little girl who was slowly walking towards him.  It was indeed a child who seemed about ten years old.  She wore a veil on her making it impossible to see her face.  You could only see a pair of eyes as pure as the sky.

The moment the girl appeared, Feng Yi Xuan felt the world became bleak and dull.   Wherever she pa.s.sed, it seemed the flowers shamefully closed their petals.  The figure carried a peaceful and comfortable aura.  Every move seemed to have been carefully placed by a master artist.  It was elegant and pleasing to the eye, making it impossible for Feng Yi Xuan to look away.

Feng Yi Xuan felt very strange himself.  Based on how unsocial and cold he was, not mentioning little girls, even towards a child, he was full of vigilance.   But now, in the wilderness appeared a strange little girl out of nowhere, he actually didn’t feel any repulsion towards her.  Perhaps it was because those pair of eyes were too pure.

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian. Suddenly he remembered his eyes had recovered to purple.  In this world, as long as someone saw the color of his eyes, that person would be killed by him.  But this little girl, seeing the color of his eyes, did not show any shock or fear, as if he and other people were the same.  It was the first time someone looked at his eyes with the most ordinary expression in their eyes.

Lan You Nian regarded the man who sat on the ground, but it did not diminish his regal demeanor.  This man was only about 16 or 17 years old.  Just looking from far away, you could see that the height was tall, at least 6 feet tall.  He wore a cloud patterned wide-sleeved robe, the jade-like texture was luxurious and comfortable.

He had a head of long black hair, handsome facial features as if cut by a knife.  Underneath thick sword-shaped eyebrows were a pair of deep purple eyes, the bridge of the nose was high and straight, rose-colored thin lips slightly rising.  The sun scattered on his skin making the entire person seem abnormally sinful.

Lan You was unable to deny, this man’s appearance was unparalleled, but she was not really an ignorant girl.  Her heart was simply stagnant waters, so Lan You Nian only glanced at it once, then came to the side of Feng Yi Xuan and lowered her body to look at him.

Feng Yi Xuan’s body stiffened.  Ever since he understood things, no one had been able to get so close to him.  No matter if it was male or female, his mysophobia was very severe, but at this moment, he did not strike out the girl.  He could even smell the girl’s body fragrance, it was not any kind of spices or cosmetics, but a natural sweetness.

Lan You Nian studied the man’s poison and knew this was a very toxic poison.  Coincidentally she had the antidote on hand.  Lan You Nian opened her luggage and handed over a pill to the man in front of her.  Whether he trusted her or not was his problem, eat or not eat was also his problem, she Lan You Nian did not have that much kindness.

Feng Yi Xuan looked at the ten fingertips that were like bamboo shoots on slender hand, picked up the pill, then ate it, forgetting his mysophobia, also forgetting his cautious character.

When the pill entered his body, Feng Yi Xuan could clearly feel the poison in his body was gradually receding and his internal force was beginning to recover.

Lan You Nian studied at the man in front of her.  He didn’t ask, just ate it, it was very strange.  After all, she could see this man’s suspicious personality.  However, this problem had nothing to do with her.  Lan You Nian stood up, didn’t look back, and prepared to leave.

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