Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The little girl viewed from behind seemed desolate and graceful, that surrounding aura of loneliness made Feng Yi Xuan’s ice-cold heart slightly waver.  Even Feng Yi Xuan didn’t notice it.

“Wait!” the jade-like sound exclaimed, the voice was low, rich with magnetism, hoa.r.s.eness, and laziness.

Lan You Nian stopped and was very puzzled by this man’s call. She turned back and looked at Feng Yi Xuan, her eyes posed her question.

Feng Yi Xuan saw the little girl stopped.  Don’t know why but his heart felt relieved. When he observed the girl again, he discovered that the unique pair of eyes were not only pure as a babe’s, but on a closer inspection, discovered a desolate wasteland inside the pair of eyes. There was grief and despair within its depths. What was going on?  How could these eyes belong to a little girl? Feng Yi Xuan’s heart felt stuffy as if out of breath.

“(cough)” Feng Yi Xuan coughed uncomfortably. He didn’t know why he called out to this girl, but he just didn’t want her to leave.

“Don’t you think my eyes are strange? Aren’t you afraid?” Feng Yi Xuan was shocked when he finished speaking. If it were any other person, he would have already chased them off.  Who cared if they were scared or not? But he crazily wanted to know how this girl thought about the pair of eyes that the world was disgusted by.

Feng Yi Xuan carefully a.n.a.lyzed the eyes of the girl in front of him, wanting to find any expression of fear.  But no, there wasn’t any trace of it.  He unknowingly released his breath.

“Why be afraid? Your eyes are very special, very beautiful,” Lan You Nian said earnestly. Those pair of eyes were really beautiful, even more beautiful than the colored contacts from her previous life. “Walk your own path, make others have nowhere to go, that’s all”

The crisp sound of the flowing water entered Feng Yi Xuan’s ears, but the meaning behind the words made Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes s.h.i.+ne. Right, he only walked his own path.  Thinking about how he, a dignified w.a.n.gye, when did he actually care about other people’s views?  Covering the color of his eyes for so many years, walk his own path, make others have nowhere to go, such good saying! He had the power, the ability, the background, why should he be afraid of the world’s gossip?

Lan You Nian never imagined, the internet phrase she said so casually would actually touch such an outstanding man as him, it was a total misunderstanding.

When Feng Yi Xuan snapped out of his thoughts, he found the girl had already gone far.  He tried to support his body to catch up with her, but found the pill was still taking effect. He couldn’t stand up. He could only watch that girl walk farther and farther away.  He didn’t even have the chance to ask her name. This was the first time he could get close to a person, the first time he trusted someone.  Even more, it was the first time he felt his own heart beating.

Lan You Nian saw the man eat the antidote then left. For her, once she turned around, she already forgot that man. Her heart could not accommodate these, it was a desolate wasteland. She didn’t know, in the next few years, that man would search for her, never giving up.

“Master,” Three men wearing black robes suddenly appeared in front of Feng Yi Xuan and knelt. “Couldn’t protect master, asks master to punis.h.!.+”

Feng Yi Xuan felt the poison in the body had been completely removed and stood up, “No matter, have you seen a little girl?”

The three shadow guards looked at each other, “No!”

“An Yi, An Er, search the mountain immediately.  Find a little girl wearing a veil.  Do not hurt her!” Feng Yi Xuan ordered.

“Yes” Although it was very unexpected that master paid attention to other people, even forbid them from harming, however, all they needed to do was obey!

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