Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A solemn but luxurious palace, the black plaque on the door was gilded with three characters “Ming w.a.n.g Manor”. Dragons and snakes follow one’s writing brush, vigorous touches, and fine strokes.

“Master, we haven’t been able to find that girl” An Yi, kneeling on the ground, reported.

Feng Yi Xuan stood in front of the desk, seriously and devoutly making a painting. That pair of eyes held a gentleness that was never there before. An Yi suspected that he saw incorrectly.  How could master have any gentleness?

“Didn’t find?” Feng Yi Xuan’s good-looking eyebrows slightly knitted together.  That girl being all on her own in the mountain forest, will she be in any danger?

Feng Yi Xuan carefully laid the just-finished painting on the desk, said towards An Yi who was kneeling on the ground “Look, pa.s.s the command down.  Pay attention to whether there is such a girl in the future.  Once found immediately report!”

An Yi walked towards the desk and saw the painting of the girl. Although the face of girl in the painting was covered with a veil, the aura was compelling. A beautiful woman lives in the deep valley, the appearances is an unparalleled beauty of the world.

“Yes!” An Yi knew the girl in the painting was the one who cured master’s poison. However, according to his style, even if the master was saved, he would not be concerned with it. Unless the master has taken a fancy to the little girl? No, it’s impossible. There has never been a woman within three feet of master, let alone a child. An Yi nearly felt that his master’s att.i.tude was making himself think strangely.

Feng Yi Xuan stood in front of the painting, intently staring at the girl in the painting. If his poison wasn’t truly and absolutely cured, he would think that it was all a dream. In the dream, he met a little sprite that made him feel heart-ache.

He was vexed by this uncontrollable feeling. He really felt that he has changed. After he came back, he no longer used the potion to hide the color of his eyes. He remembered the girl’s words in his heart. He no longer feared others who looked at him as if he was a monster because he knew, there was a girl in this world who was different.

The dark nights at the borders was an eye-full of endless yellow sands. This was a remote, desolate place, not even a trace of green life, only the troops that were stationed here.

A man in his thirties wearing a black robe stood along the yellow sand, looking in the direction of the capital, with guilt and longing.

“Father, it’s late, why haven’t you rested yet?” A fifteen-year-old man wearing armor arrived at the middle-aged man’s side. “Is father worried about the war? The emperor has already decreed that Ming w.a.n.g will save the situation. With Ming w.a.n.g’s talents, he can surely turn defeat into victory.”

“Mo Xian, this father is thinking about Nian’er” Lan Jian Jun’s eyes were full of longing.

Hearing Father talking about little sister, Lan Mo Xian did not make a sound. Towards this father, he was respectful, but the only dissatisfaction with this father was that he did not care about his Nian’er meimei. This was the only estrangement between father and son.

“I just dreamed of your mother. She blamed me for why I didn’t love Nian’er. It is father who let your mother down.” Lan Jian Jun sighed.

“Is Nian’er meimei still well? Why did father send Nian’er meimei to the outside manor?” asked Lan Mo Xian frowning.

“While your father isn’t in the manor, it is difficult to prevent people from treating Nian’er badly. These years, although father is not close with Nian’er, she is still mine and Xiao Ran’s child, how could I now love? But this father cannot put aside Xiao Ran’s death, seeing Nian’er, I would think of Xiao Ran, so could only alienate Nian’er.” Lan Jian Jun recalled those years.  Whenever Nian’er saw him, she used such lonely eyes to look at him, but he always turned a blind eye. It is not that he did not love. At night when his daughter was asleep, he used to secretly go see that well-behaved daughter. But while one part of his heart liked this child, another part resented this child. But now, he knew that he was wrong. He owed his daughter.

“Now Nian’er is much safer in the outside manor. The housekeeper sent me a message the day before saying Nian’er is very obedient. I really owe Nian’er” Lan Jian Jun’s eyes were a little moist. After the recent dream, he understood he was wrong. That was the child he has been waiting for, loving for so long, just what has he done for so many years?

Lan Mo Xian wanted to comfort his father, but he also felt that his father really ill-treated his little sister. When he thought of his poor little sister, Lan Mo Xian felt that his father had made a lot of mistakes. He didn’t know if after going back to Jing city, Father makes up to Nian’er meimei, will it make Nian’er meimei happy? After all, Nian’er meimei longed for fatherly love for so long.

How could Lan Jian Jun know, the daughter he wanted to make up to was already dead?  She died with a deep unwillingness.

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