Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Three Years Later

In the middle of Medical Valley’s garden of medicinal herbs and flowers was a comfortable lounge chair. A girl laid on the lounge chair, basking in the sun. The female wore a white dress, like before, the skirt was embroidered with the devilish spider lily. Her hair s.h.i.+ned and reached the legs, the skin seemed to be coated with gel because it was so crystal-white. Under the b.u.t.terfly-like long eyelashes was a pair of eyes that were as transparent and clear as black pearls. Her white jade nose was pretty, pink colored lips were like blooming peach blossoms. Even the various exotic flowers and plants in the medicine garden all lost their colors in front of her.  Even the clouds in the sky lost their l.u.s.ter.

“Little junior sister is truly beautiful, even more beautiful than the celestial maidens in the sky” Gui Wu watched with infatuation as Lan You Nian lazed and basked in the sun.

“d.a.m.n, seeing little junior sister’s peerless face, now this young master feels that other girls are not enough to look at” Gui San helplessly shook his folding fan. He used to like to flirt around with beauties outside, put on the airs of a cultured man, but now there was such a stunning little junior sister, looking at those women who he once thought beautiful, he simply couldn’t find any interest.

“Don’t know who will receive the heaven’s favor to marry little junior sister” Gui Si sighed coolly.

“Who, who dares to covet our family’s Xiao Nian Nian!” Gui Yi Zi rushed out of the house and yelled at Gui Si “Gui Si, you stinky brat, did you meet some shady people outside who want to steal away my Xiao Nian Nian.”

Gui Si picked the ear that was almost thundered deaf by s.h.i.+fu. s.h.i.+fu treated little junior sister like a precious treasure.  In s.h.i.+fu’s eyes, the group of them were worthless stinky brats, while junior sister was the precious apprentice and granddaughter, incredibly pampered. However, they were not jealous.  Their doting on little junior sister was not any less than s.h.i.+fu’s.

“s.h.i.+fu, don’t get angry, who dares to have any ideas on little junior sister? We will definitely break his leg!” Gentle Gui Yi said in a rare moment of bloodiness, truly reluctantly to part with this little junior sister.

“You stinky brats better look after Xiao Nian Nian, if not the best men in the world, they are not worthy of our family’s Xiao Nian Nian” Gui Yi Zi went into the house to continue to study medicines, but still looked back to instruct the several disciples.

“Little junior sister is still young.   What is s.h.i.+fu worried about? Besides, with little junior sister’s ice-cold personality, the average man couldn’t stand it” Gui Er, seeing several of his senior and junior brothers worries, felt that everyone was making a big deal of nothing.

“Gui Er, do you mean to say little junior sister’s personality is not lovable?” Gui San smiled amicably, but the gentler that smiling face fox smiled, the more the heart was thinking about how to make you more miserable.

Gui Er shrank his neck. Having been together since childhood, Gui Er has long known Gui San’s disposition. He stuttered and said, “I haven’t finished what little junior sister told me to do, I, I am going out to deal with things”, then used qinggong to fly away.

“d.a.m.n, we really are destined for a life of labor.  Little junior sister has us taking care of so many forces, only Gui Yi and Xiao Wu are most comfortable” Gui San said with a headache. After so many years of getting along, they also changed from the calling of senior and junior brother to directly calling names, except for the most adorable Xiao Wu.

“Have the time to complain? Better go make more money, or little junior sister will sort you out,” Gui Yi said with the feeling of taking pleasure in other’s misfortunes.

Gui Yi, looking at little junior sister whose beauty could overthrow states and cities but was still yet a child, remembered the various events of recent years. Since little junior sister left the valley three years ago, she returned to the valley after one year.  By that time, little junior sister already created her own power in one year’s time, brothel, tavern, ……  After little junior sister returned, she asked for the brothers’ help. Once s.h.i.+fu heard it was little junior sister’s matters, he quickly drove them out of the valley to help. Besides having to take care of the Medical Valley, he had his own medical hall outside, also one of little junior sister’s forces. Xiao Wu did not intervene in other things. At that time, Xiao-Wu really wanted to help, but little junior sister did not give a direct answer.  Only when leaving the valley, she was often accompanied by Xiao Wu.

Nowadays, he managed the Medical Valley and the outside medical hall, Gui Er took care of the shadow guards, training little junior sister’s subordinates. Gui San’s character was the most shrewd, little junior sister handed over many business matters to Gui San.  Gui Si took care of the brothels; intelligence and the like belonged to Gui Si’s management. Xiao Wu accompanied little junior sister to help deal with some matters.

None of them thought that their little junior sister had such ambition. In the past three years, little junior sister’s forces have become very strong, the conjectured “Wu Qing gongzi” by the people of the pugilistic world was little junior sister.

“Alright, I better go hurry to make money, otherwise the moment little junior sister is unhappy, s.h.i.+fu will definitely make an example of me.” The voice of Gui San interrupted Gui Yi’s thoughts, smiling at the others. Little junior sister not only gave them the opportunity to take care of her forces, more-so, allowed everyone to have their own pursuits.  This was really good.

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