Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Young miss” When Lan You Nian came out of Medical Valley’s mountain forest, she saw the four people standing beside the horse carriage.

Of these four people was one male and three females.  Two of the females were Lan You Nian’s personal maidservants.  The other male and female were Lan You Nian’s shadow guards.

Lan Ren was dressed entirely in black.  Three years have pa.s.sed.  That weak little boy had grown into a man.  The entire body’s aura was very restrained, generally like a statue.  Only in front of Lan You Nian this master would he become a little bit lively.

Lan Feng, add a little onto blade, indicating the blade’s sharpness, also one of Lan You Nian’s shadow guards.  The meaning of this name Lan You Nian gave her was not so different than Lan Ren’s.  She hoped that these two people would become her own blade.  Perhaps it was a common affliction amongst shadow guards, Lan Feng was also a wood-block.  But as soon as she spoke to Lan You Nian, she would reveal her casual nature.  You couldn’t see the helplessness and despair from the time Lan You Nian saved her.  Being a female who became Lan You Nian’s shadow guard, one can imagine Lan Feng’s singularity, everything in the eyebrows revealed heroic spirit.

Lan Wu and Lan Qu were Lan You Nian’s two personal maids.  Giving such names also had their own meaning.  Because Lan You Nian taught both people, only one in dancing, the other in music.  Both of them had some talent, were very good learners, but could not compare to Lan You Nian.  Lan You Nian was born to render others speechless.

Lan Wu and Lan Qu once were notable familys’ young miss, but when the family declined, ended up in brothels.  Amongst all the other women, only the two of them dared to resist.  Both of them even worked together to kill the burly man guarding them and sneakily escaped outside.  Later when the brothel’s people caught up to them, it was Lan You Nian who saved them.  At the time, Lan You Nian felt that these two not only were brave and astute, also being that these two were women, they had the spirit to dare to fight back, so saved them without much trouble.  Afterwards, when both of them were willing to remain by her side, Lan You Nian agreed.  But the two of them did not disappoint Lan You Nian.  The two were very loyal and were very good at taking care of people.

“Young miss, every time you go back is so long, Wu’er really misses young miss” Eighteen-year-old Lan Wu wore a blue-green muslin dress, the elegant jade face was painted with a light plum blossom makeup, the originally elegant face showed traces of allure.  But those who were familiar with Lan Wu knew that although Lan Wu had a seductive appearance, her personality was very vivacious and very chaste to the bones.

“Xiao Wu, how can you not be respectful again?” Lan Qu berated Lan Wu, and then respectfully said to Lan You Nian “Young miss, the carriage is ready.  Do we depart now?” Lan Qu and Lan Wu’s clothes were the same, the round face was cute, but was often straight faced, strict and attentive.

“Go to Wu Qing Inn to rest first” Lan You Nian directed.  She actually didn’t have a lot of time to go out.  Out of one whole year, she would spend half a year just saying in the Medical Valley.  Not only was it because her personality was cold, it was also because in the Medical Valley were all her own people.  s.h.i.+fu and several brothers were like family.  There, she did not have to be on guard all the time, and her body’s poison had not been cured after so many years.  In the Medical Valley, Lan You Nian would research with s.h.i.+fu, hoping to cure the poison as soon as possible.

Wu Qing Inn, Wu Qing Medical Hall, Wu Qing Restaurant, Wu Qing Brothel, as long as you find the shop with the two characters “Wu Qing”, those were all Lan You Nian’s power bases.  These three years Lan You Nian could be described as having an overflowing purse, earning a lot of money.  People called her “Wu Qing gongzi“, because people didn’t know whether she was male or female, but thinking that the ability was so strong, determined it to be a young master.

When the first restaurant was built, Lan Ren asked Lan You Nian to pick a name, Lan You Nian casually said the “Wu Qing” two characters.  In the past life, because she had too much affection, she died such a cruel death.  In this life, she just wanted to protect her own people, be a heartless but purposeful person.

Arriving at Wu Qing Inn, Lan You Nian already changed into her male disguise.  Lan You Nian wore a crescent-white brocade robe, a pair of eyes full of spirit was half squinted, the long jet-black hair was raised into a high ponytail, only allowing a strand of hair hanging along each ear, appearing fresh and elegant.  The face was covered by a mask, covering the face above the lips.

“Master” The inn’s manager was already waiting outside the inn very early.  Seeing Lan You Nian get down from the carriage, he immediately went forward with a greeting.

Lan You Nian gently nodded her head and headed towards the third floor of the inn.  The top floor of every one of Lan You Nian’s businesses were left to her own use, outsiders were not allowed inside.

After coming to the clean and luxurious room on the third floor, Lan You Nian lied down on the recliner, and the sound of a slightly lowered voice sounded.  This was the voice of Wu Qing gongzi.  Compared to Lan You Nian’s sweet and soft voice, it was a little bit low and hoa.r.s.e, “How is the investigation?”

“Young miss, this subordinate discovered the fragrant lotus appeared on the outskirts of the city” Lan Feng reported the results of the investigation to Lan You Nian.

“En, depart tomorrow” After Lan You Nian finished speaking, she closed her eyes.  The four people immediately went out.  Lan Wu and Lan Qu stood guard, while Lan Ren and Lan Feng went out to deal with matters.  Although in a sense, Lan Ren and Lan Feng belonged to shadow guards, so they needed to not leave an inch in order to protect young miss, but this was not the case.  Not taking into account Lan You Nian leaving for the Medical Valley for a long time, in the process of knowing each other, Lan You Nian already gave them authority.  A lot of little things were taken care of by them.

Lan You Nian calculated whether this time there would be other people who knew about the fragrant lotus.  This time coming out to take the fragrant lotus was because the poison in her body could no longer be suppressed, the fragrant lotus was needed to temporarily suppress it.

The moonlight was like water.  Under the pure moonlight, Lan You Nian was like a celestial maiden bathing in the moonlight…

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