Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

All was quiet and still, the sky gradually grew dark, and all the sleeping creatures became quiet. The mountain range was smeared with a soft mist, the fog rendered everything under a look of haziness and illusion.

Lan You Nian and entourage rode horses to the outskirts of the city. In the dark, Lan You Nian’s white garment fluttered and blew under the encouragement of the night wind. The spider lily on the skirt was actually emitting green light in the dark night. Remembering when Gui Yi Zi saw the embroidered flower on Lan You Nian’s skirt glowing in the dark, he became excited like a child trying to figure it out. Lan You Nian had no choice but to tell him that it was just from the glow of the firefly, just added some while embroidering.

The single bloom of fragrant lotus was on the mountain peak of this suburb. Tonight, was when the fragrant lotus ripened and flowered. The fragrant lotus was only useful when it was picked when it has flowered, so this single plant of fragrant lotus was able to survive to this day. And because not many people know about fragrant lotuses, Lan You Nian believed that there would not be many people vying for this fragrant lotus today.

Abandoning the horses, the party used qinggong to get to the mountain peak. But what Lan You Nian did not expect was that not far away from the fragrant lotus was people already waiting. It seemed that they were waiting for the opening of the fragrant lotus.

Those who practiced martial arts could see things even in the dark, although they were not as clear as in the day, there was not much difference.

Lan You Nian came to a stop, sizing up the three people on the other side. The two who were waiting, from their demeanor, should be the subordinates, though the martial arts was not low, and the ability to hide from view was very good. Then the man who stood with his back to them should be the master. In the darkness, the black brocade robe seemed to integrate into the night, the figure was tall and slender. Even if it was only a view of the back, Lan You Nian discerned that this person was not to be trifled with. For the first time in many years, Lan You Nian felt that a person’s presence could be so strong, making one feel the willingness to submit in their hearts.

If it were any other time, Lan You Nian would definitely not provoke this kind of dangerous person. Although she was very powerful, she cherished her life even more. But right now, she must obtain this bloom of fragrant lotus. Lan You Nian steadied her emotions. No matter who they were, no one could stop her from living.

An Yi and An Er were dressed in black body suits. They discovered Lan You Nian and others the moment they arrived. But the master did not give them orders, so they did not move. An Yi sized up the newcomers. There were three people – two women and one man. The girl dressed in white wearing a veil should be the master, only the eyes and brows could be seen. The girl with delicate eyebrows stood there quietly, the wind blew up her skirt, seemingly so beautiful. That pair of beautiful dark eyes were like the cold endless vortex, giving birth to fear to those who look.

An Yi didn’t know why, but for some reason, he felt that he knew this girl, but after thinking it over carefully, he didn’t seem to have encountered such a girl. After all, such a girl would definitely not be forgotten if encountered.

Standing next to the girl was a male and female dressed in black. Feeling the aura of one’s same kind let An Yi and An Er know for sure that these two people must also be shadow guards. They came here because master had just returned from the border. Pa.s.sing here, learned of the opening of the fragrant lotus, so came to pick. But it was obvious that the people on the opposite side were also here for the fragrant lotus. It seemed that a fight was inevitable tonight. The two shadow guards’ martial arts seemed to be pretty good, it just so happens to give them some practice.

The flower-bud of the fragrant lotus stirred, piece by piece the petals slowly bloomed, like a fair young maiden gazing into the distance. Under the backdrop of the green leaves, it was extraordinarily alluring. With a soft breeze, a burst of fragrance spread in the middle of the mountain.

An Yi and An Er moved.  Lan Ren and Lan Feng also moved. The pour people flashed by, instantly confronting each other. The sound of swords rang on the empty mountain peak.

Lan You Nian did not move because she knew the most dangerous person was that man, the man who had never looked back once. This kind of perception towards danger was something their sort of people were born with.

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