Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Lan You Nian was already prepared to be injured but didn’t think that the man in front of her suddenly took back his palm. Lan You Nian was well aware of the danger in abruptly withdrawing the attack. She didn’t understand why this man would do this.

A pair of pure black eyes observed the man on the opposite end. Instead of calling him a man, but rather, he was a male in his twenties. The posture was as straight as bamboo, like a beautiful and precious jade, vigorous and handsome. Facing each other, the eyes seemed to flash with a tint of purple under the moonlight. The eyes were attractive and deep; they were currently gazing at her deeply.

Lan You Nian felt that she did not know this dangerous and powerful male. Therefore, this male’s actions were worthy of deep contemplation. However right now all Lan You Nian was thinking about was that she needed to leave immediately. Such a male was too dangerous. For some reason, she had the feeling of being scrutinized.

White silk swept towards the black-robed man. Lan You Nian, Lan Ren, and Lan Feng quickly flew down the mountain.

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian’s maneuver, how could he not know what Lan You Nian was thinking. But he searched for this little girl for three years.  After three years of searching, the heavens finally let him meet her again. Now that they have reunited, how could he let go of her?

Avoiding the attack of white silk, Feng Yi Xuan’s reached out and tried to grab the little girl who was running away again.  However, not only was Feng Yi Xuan injured, but his moves were very careful as if afraid of hurting that little girl.

The result was that Feng Yi Xuan did not catch Lan You Nian, only s.n.a.t.c.hing Lan You Nian’s personal handkerchief in the interaction, while that girl who disturbed the sea of his heart disappeared once again in front of his eyes.

An Yi and An Er gaped with wide eyes at their master. Is the sky going to come down with red rain? Their brilliant and mighty, reserved master, what has happened to him?

“Master, your injury…” An Yi as he supported An Er asked with concern.

“It’s nothing!” Feng Yi Xuan clenched the white handkerchief in his hand. Under the illumination of the night, one could see the strange red but beautiful flower embroidered on the handkerchief. Feng Yi Xuan sniffed the handkerchief.  On it was a fresh and sweet scent, like the flavor of the girl from three years ago.

“Mm mmaster, what, what’s wrong?” An Er seeing the master’s impetuous action, was so shocked that the speech became clumsy.

An Yi was also shocked by their master that his head felt faint. Why has master become strange again? Ugh, why do I say again?… An Yi’s mind suddenly flashed with the episode of three years ago, and the painting, and the girl he met today. No wonder there was a sense of familiarity. Isn’t this the girl master has been searching for these recent years? You couldn’t blame An Yi for having a bad memory.  After all, it’s been three years and Lan You Nian has become even more beautiful, the aura was like a celestial fairy; it was really hard to recognize.

“Master, that young lady is the one master has been looking for, for many years. Do you need this subordinate to find immediately?” An Yi locked up the thoughts in his heart and asked the abnormal master.

An Er raised his hand and stroked his chin. So, the girl from moments before was actually the person master has been looking for, for so many years ah! As expected, the person master was looking for is worthy indeed, powerful enough, mysterious enough!

Three years ago, all of master’s forces, whether it was in plain sight or in the shadows, all received an order to find a girl. Furthermore, they couldn’t alarm or harm. Once found, they must immediately report. In the past three years, master has never given up. An Er knew that this girl saved master’s life, but the master with such concern over a girl still amazed all the subordinates. It wasn’t that these three years they found nothing. They have discovered traces of the girl before, but every time they went looking, the girl has already left. But now they finally encounter this girl in such an unusual way.

“En, find!” Feng Yi Xuan put the handkerchief gingerly in his chest. An Yi and An Er immediately bowed their heads. Honestly, the way the master is now they couldn’t bear to look at. Master, where has your mysophobia gone?

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