Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The frigid wind was freezing to the bone.  Snowflakes slowly fluttered down from the sky, falling onto a tree at the bottom of a cliff.  Thousand miles of rivers and mountains has transformed into a world of powdered makeup and jade.  The branches which were barren of leaves, hung many “furry”, sparkling silver bars.  The evergreen trees were full of “fluffy”, heavy s…o…b..a.l.l.s.

Cold, cold, so cold….  Lan You Nian’s consciousness was blurry.  She only had one feeling and that extreme coldness, as if even her bones were freezing up.  Is this h.e.l.l?  It must be, otherwise how could it be so cold?  Even her own heart is as cold as ice.

So be it, whether this is h.e.l.l or heaven, she was tired, so very tired.

“s.h.i.+fu, look, there seems to be something ahead!” A handsome man dressed in white robes jumped down from the carriage, looking at the slight bulge on the pure white snow.  It was obvious that there was something covered under all that snow.

“Fifth junior brother, what’s wrong?”  From the carriage came out an elegant man, around seventeen/eighteen years old, holding a blue umbrella.

“Big senior brother look!” The male in white robes tugged the elegant man, pointing at the bulge in the snow.

The elegant man studied it carefully and suddenly withdrew his eyes.  Facing the direction of the carriage, he said “s.h.i.+fu, there seems to be a person buried underneath the snow.”

At this moment, an old man came out of the carriage.  The old man had a hair of silver.  His face was covered in traces the years has left on his face, but he appeared very pink and in high spirits.  He was obviously in good health.  This old man was the pugilistic world’s ill.u.s.trious Medical Valley’s guzhu——people of the pugilistic world call him Gui Yi Zi.

Medical Valley.  People of the pugilistic world do not know what it looks like.  Moreover no one has ever entered the Medical Valley.  The Medical Valley’s guzhu is Gui Yi Zi.  Gui Yi Zi has five direct disciples.  It is said that the people of Medical Valley are all males, because Gui Yi Zi feels that women are too troublesome.  The reputation of Gui Yi Zi is both good and bad, for Gui Yi Zi’s is highly skilled in medicine, but does not have a charitable heart.  Those who are pleasing to the eye, he will do his best to save, while those who are disagreeable to the eye might be killed directly.

Gui Yi Zi led the two disciples towards the bulge in the snow.  His fifth disciple was called Gui Wu, and so in order, his oldest disciple is called Gui Yi.  These names were all given by Gui Yi Zi.  The reason was because it was easy to remember and not troublesome.

Gui Wu walked forward and dug open the thick white snow.  But the sight they saw shocked the three of them.

Buried in the snow was a seven/eight-year-old girl.  The silver-white snow fell from the sky and sprinkled on the on sleeping girl in the snow.  A head of black hair like a waterfall flowed down, against the silver-snow appeared even more black and s.h.i.+ny.  The girl’s face was peaceful and mellow, white transparent skin, delicate facial features, the face radiates a charming l.u.s.ter under the illumination of the snow.  Even though she was still young, the face has not yet completely matured, but the beauty was already heart-stirring.  If given time, she will definitely become an unparalleled beauty of this world.

Gui Yi Zi reached out a hand to diagnose the pulse of the girl lying in the snow and was instantly shocked, “This girl must have fallen from the top.  Her entire body is covered in countless injuries.”

“So grave! To fall from such a high cliff and actually hasn’t died yet, this little sister really is lucky.” Gui Wu watched the little girl who slept in the snow like a snow fairy-child.

“But unexpectantly, this girl’s body has been subjected to a lot of deadly poisons.  In addition, her body has withstood a beating.  The body itself is almost exhausted.  Now having fallen from the top and been freezing in the snow for so long, whether she will live is uncertain” Gui Yi Zi sighed.  This girl met the old man’s eye-affinity but didn’t think the body has become like this.

“Who is so heartless?  To go so far to treat a child like this?  They might as well have directly killed.  Instead, they place so many toxic poisons; the idea is really too malicious.”  Gui Yi also diagnosed the girl’s pulse.  He had a little sympathy for this girl.  He couldn’t believe that a child actually suffered through so many hards.h.i.+ps.

“s.h.i.+fu, save her!” Gui Wu saw the girl was about to die, for the first time making a request from Gui Yi Zi.  After all, according to Gui Yi Zi’s usual temperament, straight-up leaving was a very normal occurrence.

Gui Yi Zi looked at the girl on the snow, picked up the ice-cold girl and walked towards the carriage.  As soon as he picked up the girl, even Gui Yi Zi s.h.i.+vered from the cold.  How is this still a person?  It clearly was an ice cube!  Even like this she still hasn’t died, it seems to be Heaven’s will!

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