Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Young miss” When Lan Ren came into the room, he stood in front of Lan You Nian, seemed to have something to report.

Lan You Nian, clothed in a white dress, lazily reclined on the luxurious white lounge chair padded with white furs. Lan Qu and Lan Wu sat on either side of Lan You Nian peeling fruit, waiting on her attentively.

“Sit. Don’t make me say it again. You guys are not only my subordinates but are also my friends” Lan You Nian, seeing the straight-faced Lan Ren, couldn’t help but face-palm. She did not have these ancient people’s sense of esteem towards the distinction of rank. Although she demanded loyalty, she did not trample on the self-respect of others. While her subordinates were much more outgoing than other people’s subordinates, there was still a sense of esteem towards the distinction of rank left deeply-rooted in their hearts.

Lan Ren sighed in his heart. Their young miss was too easy-going and amiable. As subordinates, not only were they emotionally moved, they became even more determined to apply themselves for the young miss’s use, so they would not disappoint young miss’s faith in them.

Lan Wu and Lan Qu shared a smile. They still remembered, before, when they just started to follow young miss. Although young miss was very young, the young miss, firstly, was their savior, secondly, young miss had an unattainable quality to her. Every time they served, they were very careful. But after years of getting to know each other, they started to become more like the real them in front of young miss. They could act spoiled, eat and drink together, sing and dance. Young miss considered them as equals; it affected them deeply. Meeting young miss made them the happiest people in the world.

Lan You Nian looked at Lan Ren who seemed to be deeply moved and laughed inside. This Lan Ren don’t just look at the outside where he seemed like a blockhead, but in fact, his heart was very rich with emotions.

“Is something the matter?” Lan You Nian took a bite of the fresh grapes, then pushed the dish in front of Lan Ren.

Many years of habit made Lan Ren ready to start eating. This grape was s.h.i.+pped from a very distant place. Normal people couldn’t eat it at all and Lan Ren really loved grapes. But the moment Lan Ren was ready to peel the grape, he froze. He was here to make a report okay? When did it turn into eating? Young miss, is it really okay for you to act like this?

“Young miss, there is a very powerful force that is looking for young miss.” Lan Ren put down the grape, restrained his emotions, and said seriously.

When they returned to Wu Qing Inn, they discovered there was a power that was looking for young miss and this force was unusually powerful. Luckily, young miss’s disguise was very good, so they weren’t able to find young miss.

“Find out what power it was?” Lan You Nian took out a handkerchief embroidered with red spider lily and gently wiped the corner of her mouth.

“No, Lan Feng went to lure this force away, but this force cannot be underestimated,” Lan Ren replied. The seriousness of the matter transformed him into a wood-block, not even his favorite grapes could be pleasing to the eye.

“Does it have anything to do with the people we met on the mountain?” Lan You Nian inquired. Lan You Nian had a strange feeling. For some reason, she felt that this powerful force belonged to that dangerous man. Perhaps this was just a hunch, but her intuition was more often than not right.

“Indeed, the moment we came down the mountain, there was a power tracking us down,” Lan Ren said worriedly. “And could even in such a short time track us to Sunset City, young miss….”

“No worries, they can’t find me. From now on, it seems I have to be more careful” Lan You Nian closed her eyes. She felt a little strange herself. She didn’t recognize that man (You can’t blame Lan You Nian, towards people she didn’t have in her heart, especially men, she didn’t attempt to remember at all okay?), but at the moment he struck her, why did he willingly endure injury and still take back the blow of his palm? Also, that man looked at her very strangely. She couldn’t deduce the feeling, but it was not killing intent.

“I want quiet, you guys can go!” Lan You Nian didn’t even open her eyes and said to the several people in the room. After the several people left, the whole room became quiet, but Lan You Nian’s mind was still not quiet enough. The eyes of that man would always appear in her mind. Such a strange feeling.

Lan You Nian extended a white, nearly transparent little hand and pinched her forehead. Since she couldn’t figure it out, let’s just not think about it. If some things were really related to her, she will always encounter it. It was an unwise move to labor and toil with mind and body right now.

“Master.” An Yi felt like crying when he saw Feng Yi Xuan’s icy expression. It wasn’t that they weren’t powerful enough, or that they didn’t make a lot of effort; it was simply that that young lady was too mysterious.

Swallowing the saliva in his throat, An Yi clenched his teeth, “Master, we have not been able to find that girl!”

An Yi, An Er, An San, An Si knelt on the ground, enduring the pressure exerted by their master. Sweat was already forming on the forehead, they couldn’t help but lament for their own misery. When have they become so weak that they couldn’t find a little girl? They couldn’t find three years ago, fine, but now they finally met, they still couldn’t find, it was a huge blow to them.

“This matter will be given to An San to take care of. If still cannot find….” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice radiated fury. Even if the master does not say, they all knew the consequences would not be pretty.

An San was the only female amongst the four. The moment she heard the master’s orders, she glared at the other three people. How could she be so miserable? If she still couldn’t find that girl she had never even met, Master will definitely kill her. Why not let An Yi and the others go!?

“Yes!” An San lowered her head and replied, but in her heart, she bemoaned, G.o.d wants to obliterate me ah!

An Yi, An Er, An Si gave An San a sympathetic glance and wiped their sweat. Luckily it wasn’t them. Master really is too terrifying now. That little girl, please come save them!

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