Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Many soldiers wearing black armor proceeded on the road. The ranks of troops marched in an ochre yellow dragon-like formation, twisting and turning on the clean white wilderness. A million people’s footsteps, from near and far, became like the rustling sound of countless creeks.

At the army’s very front, several army commanders sat on black steeds.

Feng Yi Xuan had on a completely black brocade robe that outlined the lean and muscular body. Those pair of eyes were like a thousand-year-old well, deep and silent. Apart from in front of his own people, he returned to masking the color of his eyes, not that he was afraid of other people’s perception or rumors, but simply didn’t wish to give anybody something to make a fuss about. Those pair of eyes seemed to be able to suck in people’s soul. A straight nose like a hook, thin lips like cinnabar, white jade-like skin seemed to solidify with a layer of frost, the entire person was like that iceberg’s snow lotus, n.o.ble yet cold, as if concentrating all the evil spirit between heaven and earth into one form. Everything in the world lost all of their color in front of him.

An Yi was dressed in a black bodysuit, a resolute face exposed a touch of coldness. He discreetly glanced at Feng Yi Xuan, heart despairing. Ever since that night they weren’t able to find that girl, the air surrounding the master has become even more terrifying, making him feel that he was a pitiful subordinate.

Lan Jian Jun had on a full set of stiff armor. The years did not leave any traces of harshness on his face, but the white hair by his temples revealed that his life was not very good.

Lan Mo Xian was dressed in white armor. The ink black long hair draped in tousled fas.h.i.+on, giving off a certain lazy charm. The gentle face like jade had on a signature smile, which always gave people a warm feeling, as if it could dispel this chilly military atmosphere, like the sunlight moisturizing every thirsty and cold soul.

“Father, it’s been five years, we can finally return. Don’t know if Nian’er meimei has grown taller or not” Lan Mo Xian looked in the direction of Jing city, missing his little sister in his heart.

“Weifu has already informed the housekeeper to bring Nian’er back, from now on weifu will treat Nian’er well” At this moment, in his heart, Lan Jian Jun was also missing the daughter who has been neglected. He thought that from now on, he will hold this daughter in the palm of his hand, never letting this daughter show that kind of envious expression ever again.

Mo Xian sighed, even after so many years, he still had no way to talk with father about his Nian’er meimei. He still remembered when mother was pregnant with Nian’er meimei, in the afternoon after the blaze of the sun, she would always tell him “Mo Xian, in the future, you must protect your younger sister well”. Now, despite that mother has pa.s.sed away for so many years, mother’s words still rang in his ears. Now that he had his own ability, he could protect Nian’er meimei from now on. Mother, this son will definitely protect Nian’er meimei very well.

Lan Jian Jun, looking at the son who did not say a word, couldn’t help feeling a sense of helplessness. He knew that he did wrong, he just didn’t know if Nian’er will forgive him. That daughter who would always secretly peek at him from a corner with an expression of longing for a father’s love, did she still have the same desire for this bit of fatherly love?

Feng Yi Xuan and An Yi heard the discussion between Lan family father and son. These few years in the army life, although Feng Yi Xuan was a w.a.n.gye, the relations.h.i.+p between these people were pretty good. Especially as Lan Mo Xian is now doing things under Feng Yi Xuan, with An Yi and others, were like brothers. Every time in the lonely night at the border, these guys and several other soldiers would always cradle a jug of alcohol and drink. When Lan Mo Xian was drunk, he would always repeatedly talk about his Nian’er meimei, talk about that cute but pitiable little girl.

Maybe because it’s been said so many times, although everyone didn’t say anything, but towards Lan Mo Xian’s younger sister, they all felt a little bit of pity. After all, such an innocent little girl was scorned for such a foolish reason, was very pitiable.

“Lan Mo Xian, this time returning, you can see your little sister, protect your little sister, and finally fulfill your long-cherished wishes of these many years.” An Yi slowly moved away from his master to Lan Mo Xian’s side.

“Yeah, I can finally see Nian’er meimei. If Mother knew, she will definitely be a.s.sured in the afterlife” Lan Mo Xian fisted his hand and punched An Yi’s shoulder, the affection between brothers was self-evident.

When Lan Jian Jun heard his son’s words, he couldn’t help feeling guilty. So many years, Xiao Ran has not been a.s.sured at all, was she blaming him for pus.h.i.+ng away their most precious daughter?

“Oh right, what is wrong with w.a.n.gye?” Lan Mo Xian asked lowering his voice. Although normally w.a.n.gye had very few words, had a cold aura, but it wasn’t as frightening as it was now.

“This….” An Yi patted Lan Mo Xian’s back “You better not ask, otherwise if master gives you the mission, I’m afraid you’ll be punished.” An Yi said it like this was all for Lan Mo Xian’s own good. However, because of this, they missed a chance of finding that girl they have been looking every for.

Lan Mo Xian nodded. Although he was also w.a.n.gye‘s subordinate, he only dealt with army matters, other things he did not interfere with. So, he understood An Yi’s good intentions. After all, being the mysterious and formidable Ming w.a.n.g, he must have many things that could not be known to the world; those things he did not even want to know.

“An Yi.” Feng Yi Xuan’s ice-cold voice sounded. An Yi quivered, urging his horse to master’s side, and was drenched in cold sweat as he peered at his own master.

“Found yet?” The icy voice carrying traces of expectation rang in An Yi’s ears.

“Reporting to master, this subordinate is incompetent, haven’t found that young lady” An Yi was ashamed, lowered his head, and replied.

“Incompetent indeed! After returning to Jing, you four go accept punishment!” Feng Yi Xuan was very dissatisfied with An Yi’s answer. Although these were all subordinates who have been with him since he was young, he was still impartial in the dispensation of rewards and punishments.

“Yes!” An Yi did not have any grievances. This matter was, in fact, their fault for not doing a good job; accepting punishment was a must.

“Master, do we still continue to search?” An Yi was sure they must keep looking but still asked cautiously.

“En, continue to search” Feng Yi Xuan gazed at the road before him “Add more manpower!”


A wooden bridge arched over the pond, becoming the only access to the backyard. Under the sun, the water surface of the pond reflected the golden light. The purple water lilies were blooming in the water. Under the reflection of the green trees, it became more delicate and softer, refres.h.i.+ng and unique. If listening with closed eyes, there was the sound of running water slowly flowing into the ear.

A woman in a rose-red long dress – embroidered with a light blue peony on the cuffs, silver silk threads drew out patches of lucky clouds – stood on the bridge. Behind her stood a forty-year-old man wearing a servant’s uniform.

“Madame, master is on his way back, Eunuch Yuan delivered an imperial edict saying to celebrate with a feast for Ming w.a.n.g, master, and the eldest young master. The invitation has third young miss’s name” the housekeeper stood behind An yiniang, carefully reported.

“What third young miss, Lan manor does not have a third young miss! Just a poor wretch that no one wants” An yiniang smiled chillingly “Since it is the Emperor’s decree, then send people to bring that girl back!”

The housekeeper didn’t understand. The third young miss was already dead, how to bring back? And they couldn’t even find someone to pretend, because third young miss had a beautiful lotus flower birthmark behind her ear, absolutely no one can replace.

“Haha, on the way back, third young miss encountered robbers, the third young miss was inadvertently killed, housekeeper, say, does this accident count as an accident?” An yiniang laughed, a sinister smile bloomed on the delicately made-up face

“Yes, this old servant understands” The housekeeper replied. He has been An yiniang’s servant for a while now, this woman’s methods were so vicious, even he a big man felt scared.

An yiniang looked at the little fish in the pond, thinking about that man she loved was now coming back. Hehe, that woman was already dead, and now her daughter has long since died. Lan Jian Jun, you will only have me at your side.

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