Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Through the pure white drapery, one could see a pure white, carved embroidered bed. On the opposite side of the bed was a dressing table decorated with a colorful mosaic of enamel; it was beautiful beyond compare, very eye-catching. On either side of the dressing table were two embroidered silk cloth hanging on the wall, both were embroidered with red spider lilies, tender and moving, against the white background. The left side of the room was separated by a screen, but a zither and lute were still visible.

Lan You Nian in a white muslin dress sat next to the zither, currently cleansing her hands and burning incense, preparing to play a piece of music.

“Young miss” Lan Feng stood outside the screen with a cold face. Usually when young miss was quietly playing, if they had nothing important, they would not disturb, instead, they would simply listen to the beautiful music quietly.

“Come in and sit” the sound of a crisp and soft voice came from within the screen. All four of them walked in and sat in the corner.

“What’s happened?” Lan You Nian set aside her desire to play some music and regarded the several people. Lan Wu couldn’t hide her thoughts, her eyes seemed to be on fire. Although Lan Feng and others didn’t look any different from usual, Lan You could still discern their gloomy mood.

“Young miss, a message came from Jing city saying General Lan won the war, is now currently on the way back to Jing and would arrive in Jing within the next few days.” Lan Qu’s temper was usually the steadiest, but at this time, speaking of their young miss’s irresponsible father, couldn’t help feeling unfair for young miss.

“Oh?” Lan You Nian’s slim jade hand plucked the strings of the zither.

“(Dong)” The sound of the zither carrying killing intent suddenly sounded. Speaking of which, it seems that she has yet to see this so-called father, although she knew the appearance from the memory of her predecessor.

“The Emperor is holding a celebration feast for Ming w.a.n.g and General Lan and others. The invitation included Lan manor’s third young lady who has been outside for many years, that is, young miss yourself.” Lan Qu frowned as she reported the news from Jing.

“Isn’t Lan manor’s third young miss already dead? Don’t know how An yiniang plans to bring a dead person back?” Lan You Nian scoffed.

“Young miss!” Four people exclaimed in displeasure. They didn’t like young miss saying the word “dead”. Young miss was so amazing and unique, only those people didn’t have eyes. If it were not for young miss ordering them not to touch them, they would have long since used the power in Jing to kill those people.

“Alright, alright, will your family’s young miss die so easily?”

“Young miss, you’re not allowed to say ‘die’” Lan Wu cried with red eyes. Young miss didn’t know how worried they were every time they saw young miss in pain from the poison awakening. Every time. seeing young miss crawling back from the borderline of life and death time and time again, how heart-breaking it was. They were truly afraid that something will happen to young miss.

“Alright, I won’t say it, honestly!” Lan You Nian looked at their agitated expressions, her heart became warmer. In the beginning, she saved these guys because of self-interest, but after three years of interactions, each other’s friends.h.i.+p, in many things, they regarded her as their master, but only at times like this would they reveal the att.i.tude of big brothers and big sisters.

“What does young miss plan to do?” Lan Ren asked, no matter what young miss decides to do, they would execute it immediately.

“It’s been a long time, it’s time to go back.” Lan You Nian stroked the strings of the zither, “What is owed to me, time to take it back” She was empathetic to the enmity of her predecessor, so she intended to go back. This merely gave her a very good opportunity.

“Hmph! Those who bullied young miss, I want to peel off their skin one by one!” When Lan Wu heard that young miss was going back to Jing, that look of burning with eagerness was very excitable.

Although the other three did not say it, it was obvious they had the same kind of plan. Lan You Nian had not concealed her past from them, so these people knew Lan You Nian suffered much oppression in Lan manor and the inhuman torture and hurt.

“How is grandfather?” Lan You Nian thought of that elegant old man. Ever since Lan You Nian left the valley, she sent people to protect Tutor He, and even had someone cure Tutor He‘s body. An yiniang was merciless indeed, being afraid that Tutor He would look for her, she actually bribed Tutor He‘s servant to poison Tutor He. If it wasn’t for Lan You Nian, perhaps that old man who truly loved his granddaughter would have already pa.s.sed away.

“Tutor He is in good health but has never given up looking for young miss all these years” As Lan Feng spoke of that Tutor He, her eyes held a bit of warmth. That old man truly cares about young miss. Ever since his body got better, he has been searching for his granddaughter nonstop. He can be described as a rarely seen good grandfather.

“Time to go back to see grandfather” Lan You Nian whispered. Of this old man, Lan You Nian actually has secretly seen once, but never mutually recognized. Towards the loved ones of her past life, Lan You Nian was completely disappointed. In this life, seeing Lan You Nian’s father, she only felt chilled in her heart. So, Lan You Nian didn’t know how to interact and treat this elder.

“Third young master is now in Jing city. If he knew young miss is going to Jing city, he will definitely be happy” Lan Qu said randomly to break the atmosphere in the room, especially didn’t want to see young miss’s unhappy expression.

“Ha, I’m afraid third brother is probably amongst a group of beauties now, how would he still remember this little junior sister?” Speaking of those brothers, Lan You Nian’s face became much gentler. Third brother Gui San was very fond of beauties, can be described as pa.s.sed through a million flower cl.u.s.ters yet not a leaf stained his clothes.

“Young miss, you don’t know, every time third young master knows that you are going to Jing city, that look of happiness is such a rare sight. What beauties, they are all thrown into the back of the mind,” Lan Wu laughed. “Moreover, what kind of beauty can be more beautiful than young miss yourself? Now, although young miss is still young, you are already beautiful to this degree, I’m really worried for those young masters’ hearts in Jing.”

“Oh?” Lan You Nian smiled but knew Lan Wu did not speak falsely. Those brothers really treated her so well there was nothing to complain about, perhaps even better than a biological sister. “Then don’t tell third brother for now, let’s give him a surprise.”

“Yes, young miss!” The several people affirmed.

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