Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

In front of the prosperous Jing city gate stood many common people who came to welcome the soldiers’ return. The crowd completely filled the streets ten miles long, like a long dragon, the front of the procession couldn’t see the head, the back of the procession couldn’t see the tail. There were so many people on the streets that they became very crowded. Everyone raised their sleeves like five-colored clouds.

“They’re coming, they’re coming…” the crowd stirred. Everyone fell over each other to see the soldiers entering the city. Because it was entering the city, it was only a single unit that entered the city. The other troops were stationed at the training camp. However, even a single unit inspired awe in these civilians.

At the forefront were three big horses, belonging to Ming w.a.n.g– Feng Yi Xuan, General Lan – Lan Jian Jun, and General Che Qi – Lan Mo Xian. Further behind were the various soldiers and military divisions.

Feng Yi Xuan wore a black fang mask that hid his entire face, but the aura surrounding him was unmatchable by any person. It caused all of the noisiness of the spectacle to suddenly quiet down a lot, and there were even many civilians who just didn’t dare look directly at Ming w.a.n.g who was comparable to an Asura.

“Hey, rumors say Ming w.a.n.g’s eyes are like a demon’s, is it true or not?” one commoner looked at the mask on Feng Yi Xuan’s face, asked curiously.

“Of course, it’s true, I have a relative in the palace working as a guard who’s seen Ming w.a.n.g as a child. I heard that Ming w.a.n.g’s eyes were terrifying to death, but ever since the age of five, the color of Ming w.a.n.g’s eyes returned to normal” Another commoner whispered.

“I heard that Ming w.a.n.g isn’t interested in women. There isn’t even a tongfang servant girl in the manor.”

“Who would dare to marry Ming w.a.n.g ah? Who in Jing city doesn’t know Ming w.a.n.g’s ruthlessness and that there is never a woman at his side?”

Due to An Yi’s martial arts, he already heard the those commoners’ conversation, his face became ugly, though his face didn’t look before. He swept those gossiping commoners a glance, and immediately, made all the discussion between the civilians disperse.

Lan Jian Jun seemed to be somewhat absentminded. Even the love and esteem of the surrounding civilians didn’t enter his heart. If it were not for the imperial edict ordering him to immediately enter the palace, he really wanted to rush into the manor to see his daughter.

Lan Mo Xian was clothed in white like an elegant gentleman, capturing the hearts of many young girls instantly. All around Lan Mo Xian were females throwing flowers at him and the women who winked at him made Lan Mo Xian have the urge to flee.

After all, Lan Mo Xian was good-looking, moreover, he was refined and cultured. When compared with the ruthless Ming w.a.n.g, the more Lan Mo Xian became a very good husband candidate. While Feng Yi Xuan had high status, his martial arts were extraordinary, and even was famous throughout the world for winning battles in succession, but no woman dared to approach.

Amber wine, jasper wine cups, golden wine jugs, jade plates, food so picturesque, wine as like spring, zither overflowing, bells ringing. The large hall was decorated with bell-like flowers, the flowers were white, and the bone-like porcelain glowed with a translucent l.u.s.ter. The top of the petals had a halo of different shades of faint violet, seemingly heavenly dyed. This was where the palace banquet would take place today.

The banquet hall was already filled with a large number of officials of all levels and young masters of n.o.ble families. Females smiled reservedly, and from time to time, two or three would form groups to talk about something, while the men subtly flattered each other. The large hall could be described as a harmonious and beautiful picture.

Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian accepted the congratulations and fawning of many officials in the banquet hall, but obviously, both of them were absent-minded. From time to time, they would glance at the entrance of the hall, thinking about why Lan family’s family members haven’t arrived yet.

An elderly man walked into the hall under the guidance of a eunuch. This was a kindly elder, his hair was combed very seriously, without a single hair out of place. But each strand of silver-white hair was clearly visible amidst the black hair. In the slightly sagging eye sockets, a pair of deep brown eyes quietly told of the vicissitudes of the pa.s.sing years.

“Tutor He”

“Tutor He”

The people in the hall seeing him arrive, all respectfully greeted him. Don’t look at Tutor He who seemingly doesn’t have any power, but he was not only the Emperor’s teacher, but he was also the teacher to the emperor’s father. His character was incorruptible and straightforward. There were many disciples under him and he was very highly regarded by the Emperor.

Lan Jian Jun seeing Tutor He, hurried over, respectfully bowed “Father in law!”, while Lan Mo Xian also respectfully called out “Grandfather”

Tutor He upon seeing Lan Jian Jun, thought of the daughter who pa.s.sed away in years earlier, and that pitiful granddaughter of his who has disappeared, don’t know if she was dead or alive.  The elegant elder suddenly became enraged.

“General Lan, this old man can’t afford your call of father in law. When Xiao Ran died, this old man never blamed you, but now Nian’er has been missing for so many years, don’t know if she’s dead or alive, you-the father-where have you been!?” Tutor He‘s voice caused the whole hall to quiet down.

Lan Jian Jun’s body slightly swayed and in a trembling voice asked, “Father in law, what are you saying? How could Nian’er be missing for many years?”

Lan Mo Xian was also shocked as he looked to his grandfather, hoping this was all false.

“Do you think this old man will lie to you? Nian’er has been missing five years ago and you are pretending to not know!” Tutor He cried with red eyes. His poor granddaughter, he didn’t know if she was still alive.

Lan Jian Jun’s whole body was like it was paralyzed. At this moment, An yiniang who just entered the hall heard Tutor He‘s words completely panicked and rushed over to Lan Jian Jun.

“Master!” An yiniang supported Lan Jian Jun and cried out in horror.

“Tell me, has Nian’er been missing for five years! Tell me!” Lan Jian Jun threw off An yiniang‘s arms, demanded impatiently.

“Of course not, how could third young miss be missing for five years?” An yiniang explained.

Lan Jian Jun sighed in relief, as long as nothing happened to his daughter, “Then where is Nian’er?” Lan Jian Jun didn’t even look at the two daughters and one son and searched amongst the crowd.

“Master, after this concubine found out master was returning to Jing, sent people to bring third young miss back” An yiniang took out a kerchief to wipe her tears and stuttered out “But on the way back, the third miss encountered robbers, the third young miss, unfortunately, received injuries and pa.s.sed on.”

“What did you say? Say it again!” Lan Mo Xian grabbed An yiniang’s clothes, ground out through clenched teeth.

“Master, it’s all this concubine’s fault, it’s all this concubine’s mistake!” An yiniang seemed to be very guilty.

“General Lan, Nian’er has been missing for five years, do you still believe this woman?” Tutor He asked grievously.

Although Lan Jian Jun was a rough person, it didn’t mean he didn’t understand anything. He already believed Tutor He‘s words, knew that his daughter has already been missing five years ago, who knows if she was dead or alive. And this definitely cannot escape any relation with this woman! What has he done!

Lan Jian Jun seemed to have aged a lot, while Lan Mo Xian was even more convinced of grandfather’s words, channeled his energy, planning to end An yiniang there and now, even Lan Jian Jun felt killing intent towards An yiniang.

“Grandfather” A gentle voice came from the direction of the hall entrance. The gentle tones of an elegant lady, regardless of whose ear it fell into, would subconsciously give one a good impression of the girl.

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