Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

A call of “grandfather” caused everyone in the hall to look in the direction of the girl who made the sound. Even Feng Yi Xuan who was hidden in the shadows raised his eyes and looked over. Searched for her in the crowd for thousands of times, suddenly looking back, there she was, where the light was scattered.

Everyone in the hall saw a girl in a white muslin dress, the face covered with a white veil, so clean that she seemed to be not spoiled by a speck of dust, quietly sat there with a gentle smile. The crystal-like eyes took in all the worldliness of the world into her eyes, like a white lotus flower, untouched by the mortal world, bringing a touch of coolness to this agitated hall, exuding its own fragrance. Let others have joy, anger, sorrow, but I will be unmoved.

“You…” Tutor He seemed to feel a lifetime of emotions today. Right now, with eyes wide open, staring at the little girl who was approaching him slowly, he seemed to see his daughter when she was a child.

“You…” Lan Jian Jun was surprised and bewildered as he looked at the slowly approaching girl, not sure who exactly the girl was, but the connection between blood and blood made him feel close.

“You…” Lan Mo Xian meticulously studied that girl, recognized that it was the pitiful Nian’er meimei who followed behind him when they were children.

“You…” An yiniang looked like she had seen a ghost, couldn’t make a sound with her mouth wide open.

“Mmmmaster,” An Yi spluttered as he watched that girl step into the hall, then glanced at his own master. Sure enough, his master was looking at that girl with a tender expression.

An Er was so stunned that he couldn’t speak. They searched for so many years but didn’t expect that the person they were looking for was right under their nose. All these years, Lan Mo Xian did not poison their ears any less. This world is really a mess; it was too overwhelming!

Feng Yi Xuan watched the girl standing in the large hall, that girl he had searched for so long. Excitement, happiness, emotions he never felt before, but now Feng Yi Xuan knew this girl was special to him. Right now there were so many people in the hall, but he could only see that girl, his heart seemed to only be filled with that girl.

“What did you call this old man?” Tutor He, full of hope, looked at Lan You Nian, lest he was wrong.

“Grandfather, I am Nian’er!” Lan You Nian looked at the elder in front of her. Don’t know why but her heart suddenly felt astringently sour. Perhaps this was the feeling of being cared for by one’s loved ones.

Tutor He‘s hands trembled as he reached out to grasp Lan You Nian’s little hands. He was so excited that he didn’t know what to do would be best. He searched for so many years, worried for so many years, his only granddaughter was finally found, and was still very much alive.

Lan You Nian pushed away her hair, exposing the birthmark behind her ear, which made everyone believe Lan You Nian’s ident.i.ty. Tutor He lightly patted Lan You Nian’s hand, “Nian’er, even without the birthmark, grandfather still knows that you are grandfather’s granddaughter. You really look like your mother!”

“Nian’er meimei” Lan Mo Xian, overjoyed, looked at his little sister, the handsome face was full of surprise. After the blow from moments before to the present surprise, Lan Mo Xian can be said to have experienced both overwhelming sorrow and great joy.

“Mo Xian gege!” Lan You Nian gently and politely curtsied, making Lan Mo Xian stiffen. Was Nian’er meimei blaming him? Blaming him for not protecting her?

From the beginning to end, Lan You Nian did not look at Lan Jian Jun. For today’s high-profile appearance in the main hall, Lan You Nian was deliberate. Appearing in front everyone’s eyes in this way, she can restore her ident.i.ty as soon as possible, and even more, in the future, no one will say that she was impersonating. The alienation of Lan Mo Xian was not intentional as Lan You Nian treated all strangers like this. Because Tutor He has been searching for her for many years, more or less, it has moved Lan You Nian, so she felt particularly close to Tutor He.

“Didn’t An yiniang say that Nian’er meimei was killed by bandits? Don’t know if An yiniang can give an explanation?” Lan Mo Xian looked at the shocked An yiniang and said aggressively.

“Master” An yiniang looked at Lan Jian Jun. “this concubine doesn’t know what is going on, but the third young miss returning safely is a good thing. Third young miss, really, if you are safe, why didn’t you send someone to tell yiniang? Instead of letting everyone worry about you for nothing. And as master can see, it’s not as Tutor He had said, that Nian’er has been missing”

An yiniang was subtly mocking Lan You Nian was immature, how could Lan You Nian not know?

“Ha” Without waiting for Lan Jian Jun to say something, Lan You Nian laughed. “Has An yiniang been living well these five years? Nian’er did miss An yiniang very much these five years.”

Everyone present was worldly, many married women were even master hands within their household, how could they not understand Lan You Nian’s meaning. It seemed that this An yiniang had been planning to get rid of Lan manor’s third young miss five years ago, though, don’t know why the third young miss is still alive?

Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian also understood Lan You Nian’s meaning, knew that these five years Lan You Nian has indeed been missing, they were ashamed that they didn’t even know.

Not going argue with An yiniang on these matters, Lan You Nian helped Tutor He to go to his seat, “grandfather, can Nian’er sit next to grandfather?” Lan You Nian asked.

“If grandfather’s good granddaughter does not sit next to grandfather, where else would you sit?” Tutor He was very fond of this lost granddaughter. Seeing Lan You Nian’s speech and deportment was even more graceful than the royal family’s princess, became even fonder.

Lan Jian Jun, seeing his daughter’s neglect and indifference, felt saddened in his heart, but he knew that this was his own retribution. Later, they’ll take it slow, he will definitely be good to his daughter.

An yiniang followed Lan Jian Jun and sat down in their seat. She was so shocked by Lan You Nian’s appearance that she was sweating all over. Why did a clearly dead person appear here? Is Lan You Nian’s life so blessed? Once is luck, but it will not happen again in the future. She can remove her once, therefore she can remove her a second time.

“Mother” An yiniang’s eldest daughter Lan Ya Ya tugged An yiniang’s sleeves under the table and looked at Lan You Nian with a sinister look.

“Ya Ya, in everything you must keep calm.” An yiniang pacified. “It was not easy to enter the palace today, and your father has merits, you must grasp this (opportunity) well”

Lan Ya Ya instantly understood her mother’s meaning. She was 16 years old this year, can be betrothed to someone now. Today all the dignitaries are here, she needed to pick a powerful man, this way, Father will not be able to ignore the mother and daughter four anymore.

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