Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 254 - 29 Treat Her Well

29 Treat Her Well

Feng Yi Xuan had An Yi send Hua Xiu Yi back to his Crown Prince Manor to nurse his wounds. At first, Feng Yi Xuan planned to play a few days in Hua Empire with Nian Nian before hastening back to Feng Empire, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t expect a loathsome person appearing in their courtyard on the second day.

“Yo! Prince Ming, Nian’er, morning!” Hua Xiu Yi stood under a tree in the courtyard. A head of long black hair wasn’t tied back as it scattered against his back, smooth as it draped like fine silk satin. Under the delicate, seemingly feminine leaf eyebrows was a pair of black soul-stirring and captivating black eyes, the corner of his eyes were slightly raised, giving him a sultry feel. Vermillion lips slightly pursed, seemingly smiling. Skin as white as snow, seeming to emit a silvery white light. When he saw Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian who had just risen out of bed, his eyes flashed with an interested smile.

Feng Yi Xuan was in a good mood but the moment he saw Hua Xiu Yi, Feng Yi Xuan’s face turned black. Looking at Hua Xiu Yi who clearly hasn’t recovered from his injuries yet still came out so indecently dressed to seduce people, Feng Yi Xuan felt his hands itch, having the urge to beat up someone, especially wanting to beat up and disfigure Hua Xiu Yi’s face.

“Is Crown Prince Hua too lightly injured? Did you come so early to seek your death?” Feng Yi Xuan showed a cold smile on his face. Though he was no longer on opposing sides with Hua Xiu Yi nor were they enemies and Hua Xiu Yi doesn’t covet Nian Nian any longer, it didn’t mean Feng Yi Xuan would be in a good mood when seeing his love rival so early in the morning.

“The injuries aren’t light at all! But I still came to see my savior!” Hua Xiu Yi said frowning, appearing more delicate than a woman. It’s a pity that none in the courtyard had any sympathetic heart. Hua Xiu Yi was very self-aware as he sat down at the table in the courtyard, as if he was the master who came to take the morning meal.

“You’ve seen and can go now!” Feng Yi Xuan gave orders for the guest to leave but knew it would be strange if Hua Xiu Yi actually left. Actually, Feng Yi Xuan felt some sympathy for Hua Xiu Yi. He investigated into Hua Xiu Yi’s humiliating childhood. In the past, Feng Yi Xuan knew of this past and thought if he was opposing Hua Xiu Yi, he could use this information but now, though the two can’t be considered confidantes, they could be considered friends. Thus, Feng Yi Xuan forgot about those matters he’s investigated and found out, and didn’t feel any sympathy but still disliked him.

Hua Xiu Yi picked up his chopsticks to eat, completely ignoring Feng Yi Xuan’s words. Others might fear Feng Yi Xuan’s cold air but he didn’t. He knew it would be difficult to see her again. Since he can see Nianer now, he’ll interact with her more. That way there will be many memories in his life.

Lan You Nian nibbled on the food Feng Yi Xuan offered to her, carelessly asking, “Hua Mu Tian has been imprisoned by you?” Lan You Nian received news this morning that Hua Empire’s Emperor Hua Mu Tian suddenly fell ill and couldn’t rise out of bed. The matters of court were temporarily managed by the Crown Prince. Lan You Nian naturally knew this news was most likely sent out deliberately by Hua Xiu Yi.

Hua Xiu Yi’s hand shook slightly as he ate and without a care as he said, “En, the old thing has sat on the throne for very long and is tired. Isn’t it good I let him rest?” Even though he’s achieved his revenge, the scar in his heart still hurt.

“Have you thought how you’re going to handle it?” Lan You Nian swallowed the food in her mouth, asking curiously. She liked tormenting others. She really disliked that Hua Mu Tian, without any reason for her dislike.

“You’re going to ascend the throne?” Feng Yi Xuan asked. If Hua Xiu Yi became the Emperor, it was actually a good thing. Yue Empire cast its eyes covetously at Feng Empire and Xue empire was an unknown factor. If Hua Xiu Yi ascended Hua empire’s throne, though it can’t be said to form an alliance with Feng empire, in the very least there’d be no friction between them.

“How to handle it?” Hua Xiu Yi put down his bowl and chopsticks, muttering with vexation. In the past, he’s thought millions of times of killing Hua Mu Tian but now Hua Mu Tian has ended up in his hand, Hua Xiu Yi felt killing him was more than he deserved. How can his nightmares of many years be canceled out like this?

“I don’t know. Might slowly torture him. That would be more interesting wouldn’t it?” Hua Xiu Yi took a sip of the tea An San brought over and shot a look at Feng Yi Xuan, “What’s so good about the throne? This crown prince rather likes my seat as Crown Prince, why would I want to be the Emperor?”

Feng Yi Xuan declined to comment. He knew Hua Xiu Yi was a smart person. Perhaps in others’ eyes, the throne was a very good thing but a smart person knows that seat meant loneliness and suspicion. There would be no person you could trust. You wouldn’t have any familial relationships or friends nor would you have love, hence why Emperors all refer to themselves as “lone one.” Imperial brother was an exception. Not everyone can sit on that spot and still have friends.

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan uttered a sound in confirmation, counting as agreeing with Hua Xiu Yi’s method.

Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian lingered in Hua empire for three days. In these three days, Hua Xiu Yi would come to the courtyard on time every day. At the start, Feng Yi Xuan would get angry but in the end, he completely ignored Hua Xiu Yi. In any case, Nian Nian didn’t spare a thought to Hua Xiu Yi. Feng Yi Xuan didn’t need to fear anything, so the three of them passed a few peaceful days.

“You’ll be departing tomorrow?” Hua Xiu Yi sat on the rooftop of the courtyard. Not far from him sat Feng Yi Xuan. Lan You Nian was already asleep in the room, leaving the two men to be blown with cold wind.

Hua Xiu Yi opened two pots of sake and passed one to Feng Yi Xuan. Feng Yi Xuan didn’t refuse it and took it. Look good old friends, the two sat on the rooftop drinking sake. If others didn’t know, they would think the two were the best of friends.

“Hn!” Feng Yi Xuan poured back a mouthful of sake. He was grateful towards Hua Xiu Yi because he saved Nian Nian twice. Just like towards the master and Gui Yi them, FEng Yi Xuan felt gratitude towards them. Under circumstances that didn’t affect his and Nian Nian’s interests, Feng Yi Xuan was willing to help.

“Feng Yi Xuan, do you know? I was once jealous of you. At the the same time I envy you!” Hua Xiu Yi chuckled as he looked at Feng Yi Xuan sitting a distance from him, “We both have uncommonly good looks, status, and identity. I always considered you my opponent but when I met Nian’er, I knew I have lost!”

Feng Yi Xuan glanced at Hua Xiu Yi with a complicated look. He wasn’t oblivious to Hua Xiu Yi’s feelings for Nian Nian but all people were selfish beings. He was the same. In his life, the one thing he can never let go of was Nian Nian. If he didn’t take into consideration of Hua Xiu Yi’s saving hand, Feng Yi Xuan will get rid of Hua Xiu Yi.

“Power or status, none of it matters, it’s not as reassuring as having that woman’s smile!” Hua Xiu Yi threw back the spirits and gulped until he started coughing and suddenly burst into laughter, his laughter was bold, “But you don’t need to panic. I know she only has you in her heart so I won’t have any illusions. If there is a next life, I will wait for her cleanly and steal her back!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s air froze over, “In the next life, Nian Nian is still mine!” So stop fantasizing. Every lifetime, he will find Nian Nian and continue walking to the end!

“Hey, you are so tyrannic. One day Nian’er will become bored of it!” Hua Xiu Yi said jealously and nodded in confirmation. Looking carefully at Feng Yi Xuan, he continued, “What is so good about you? Such a big icicle, doesn’t Nian’er find your coldness unpleasant? Don’t look like you know how to be romantic…”

Though Feng Yi Xuan was a little tipsy, he was much better in comparison to Hua Xiu Yi. As Hua Xiu Yi commented on each of his shortcomings, Feng Yi Xuan’s face turned blacker. Then, Feng Yi Xuan stood, refusing to speak any longer with this drunk maniac. He’d rather hug the soft and fragrant Nian Nian.

“Feng Yi Xuan!” Hua Xiu Yi dropped the pot of sake, “Treat her well! She’s worth it!”

Feng Yi Xuan spared Hua Xiu Yi a rare look and nodded, “There’s no need for you to say so. I will naturally treat Nian Nian well. She is my life!”

“That’s good!” Hua Xiu Yi laid on the rooftop, continuing to mutter, “That’s good! That’s good…” Even if the one accompanying her isn’t me, even if the one treating her well isn’t me, it’s fine as long as she’s happy!

After Feng Yi Xuan took a bath and climbed into bed, Lan You Nian very naturally snuggled into Feng Yi Xuan’s arms and mumbled sleepily, “You drank?” She thought the two were discussing some serious matters. It turns out they went to drink alcohol.

“En, the smell too strong?” Feng Yi Xuan took a sniff at himself. When he was bathing, he deliberately washed off the smell of alcohol. He didn’t expect Nian Nian still noticed it. Feng Yi Xuan decided that he’ll drink less wine. If Nian Nian doesn’t like it, he won’t drink any.

Lan You Nian took a careful sniff and shook her head. The smell of wine mixing with the unique scent of Feng Yi Xuan’s body mesmerized Nian Nian’s heart even more. She muttered softly, “No, Xuan smells good!”

“Nian Nian, thank you for loving me!” Feng Yi Xuan hugged Lan You Nian tightly. He knew how lucky and blessed he was to have obtained Nian Nian’s love when he looked at Hua Xiu Yi. Otherwise, he would be even more desolate than Hua Xiu Yi.

Lan You Nian giggled. How can one say thanks for love? But Lan You Nian understood the excitement in Feng Yi Xuan’s heart, and asked, “Xuan, if I didn’t fall in love with you, what would you do? Will you let me go and let me find my happiness?”

“No!” Without even considering it, Feng Yi Xuan refuted, “Even if you don’t love me, I will bind you to my side and not let you leave!” Feng Yi Xuan admitted he was very domineering. In his life, he met many people and objects but Nian Nian was the only one he loved, so even if Nian Nian didn’t love him, even if there were losses on both sides, he won’t let go!

“Haha, why wouldn’t I fall in love with you? My Xuan is the best!” Lan You Nian giggled. Such a good man was difficult to meet in a thousand years.

Feng Yi Xuan wanted to say more but realized the girl in his arms already fell asleep but the smile on her lips was beautiful. Feng Yi Xuan kissed the corner of Lan You Nian’s lips and shut his eyes, a night of dreams…

On this night, on the rooftop, Hua Xiu Yi didn’t care for his still yet to recover injuries and blew a night of cold wind but his heart was peaceful. If he couldn’t possess it, it was still good to bless and protect it…

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