Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 255 - 30 You’re Not Allowed to Go!

30 You’re Not Allowed to Go!

When Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian returned to the capital, before the two could catch their breath, Feng Yi Xuan was received into the imperial palace by Eunuch Lu, saying the Emperor has summoned him. Lan You Nian knew something must have happened without thinking about. Otherwise Feng Yi Xuan who was usually mildly tempered won’t be so anxious.

Feng Yi Xuan reminded Lan You Nian of a few matters and flew towards the imperial palace. Actually, on the way to the capital, Feng Yi Xuan already received some news, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t say anything in fear of disrupting Nian Nian’s good mood and let her worry. Unaware to Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian actually knew a little but Wu Qing Pavilion’s intelligence wasn’t as good as Ghost Realm’s, so Lan You Nian didn’t know much.

“Imperial brother!” Feng Yi Xuan walked into the imperial study and saw Jing Wu An, Lan Mo Xian, and He Chu Yang were all present, appearing in though. It looks like this matter was very troublesome, otherwise they wouldn’t be like this.

“En, you’re here!” Feng Xia Qi’s face was a little tired but when he saw Feng Yi Xuan, he was overjoyed but this wasn’t the time for the two brothers to reminiscence. Feng Xia Qi asked, “A’Xuan, do you know of what happened in Xiang Lin City?”

Feng Yi Xuan nodded, sitting down, “I received the news that a plague broke out in Xiang Lin City but the specifics aren’t very clear!” Ghost Realm, though paid attention to matters of court, the forces in the pugilistic world couldn’t be so obvious. As the Emperor, Feng Xia Qi had plenty of forces of his own. Feng Yi Xuan was certain Feng Xia Qi knew more than him, though no one in court reported this matter and no one in the capital knew a plague broke out in Xiang Lin City.

“The news I received said that a plague already broke out in Xiang Lin City. Xiang Lin City has already been sealed off by the local officials and no news are able to come out. If I didn’t receive this news as fast as I did, by the time we learn of it, Xiang Lin City would become a dead city!” Feng Xia Qi uttered in rage. In fear of the higher ups blaming them, the local officials didn’t report it and delayed the best time for treatment.

They listened to Feng Xia Qi recount this with shock. Jing Wu An stroked his jaw and said with difficulty, “If it were some other city, we can directly seal it off, then whether it is slaughtering the city or burning the city, it’ll be fine, but Xiang Lin City can’t. We must save Xiang Lin city!” One can’t blame Jing Wu An for being cold-blooded. In their eyes, the best method was to stop the plague from spreading. As for killing innocent people, those present were all people of high standing and didn’t have much of a sympathetic heart.

Xiang Lin City wasn’t an ordinary city. For Feng empire, Xiang Lin city was a very important city, not because of how wealthy Xiang Lin city was but rather, in Xiang Lin city, it was practically all farmers. It was an endless field. Half of the food of Feng Empire came from Xiang Lin city. If something happens to Xiang Lin city, adding onto a war at this time, one can imagine how the soldiers who are without food can resist against an invasion of enemies. This was why Feng Xia Qi and them were worried. Hence Xiang Lin city must be saved.

“I already sent a lot of imperial physicians and imperial troops, A’Xuan…” Feng Xia Qi suddenly didn’t know what to do. He stepped onto this throne to protect this younger brother, his sister-in-law and his friends but now something so dangerous has happened, he realized he needed his younger brother to head to the front lines where the plague spread. Feng Xia Qi knew it was very dangerous but Feng Xia Qi knew he didn’t have any confidence in handing this matter to others. He couldn’t do it himself because it wasn’t stable in the court.

Feng Yi Xuan slapped Feng Xia Qi’s black and said with determined eyes, “I understand!” Though he was cold-hearted and ruthless, he will shoulder his responsibilities. As long as his responsibility and Nian Nian are not in conflict, Feng Yi Xuan will step up to shoulder his responsibilities like how he’s been on the battlefield for many years.

Feng Xia Qi nodded in gratitude. The tacit understanding between the two brothers for many years make them understand each other without saying anything. Feng Xia Qi knew his younger brother, though his whole heart was on Lan You Nian, as a war god prince, he similiarly had his pride and sense of duty.

“Mo Xuan and Chu Yang will be going with!” Feng Xia Qi said. He had his own reason for doing this. Going to Xiang Lin city will require good physical strength. Jing Wu An’s martial arts wasn’t extremely powerful so wasn’t suited to going but Lan Mo Xuan them came out from the military camps and have good physical fitness and has more resistance to the plague and wouldn’t be too tired from the long distance traveling.

“Lan Mo Xuan, you go arrange the troops. We depart tomorrow!” Feng Yi Xuan ordered. Then, to Feng Xia Qi he nodded and left the imperial study. Feng Yi Xuan knew time was life, so he must go to Xiang Lin city as fast as possible. If it was before, Feng Yi Xuan would immediately depart but because of Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan needed to explain some things to Nian Nian. Thinking that he won’t be seeing Nian Nian for a few days, there was serious resentment in Feng Yi Xuan’s heart.

When Feng Yi Xuan hurried back to Lan Manor’s You Nian Pavilion, he saw Nian Nian arranging all the curious gifts or snacks they bought from Hua empire and had Lan Wu and Lan Qu send it to the manors they were in relatively good relationships with. Feng Yi Xuan stood there quietly watching, feeling warm inside. His Nian Nian was a ruthless anc cruel woman but towards people by her side, she was considerate and warm. As long as she approved of you, then you would be able to feel her kindness. Perhaps this was black to the extreme was white!

When Lan You Nian divided the things up and had Lan Wu and Lan Qu send them off, she looked back and saw Feng Yi Xuan leaning against the door. Feng Yi Xuan’s dazzling eyes like the starry sky lingered with tenderness. He slowly moved his body and walked towards Lan You Nian. White clothes fluttered, the black silk flowed, the handsome and unruly face lifted up with a dazzling smile like the sunrise on the sixth month.

“Tired?” Feng Yi Xuan hugged Lan You Nian, smelling the soft fragrance on Lan You Nian’s body to smooth over his upset emotions. Sitting down, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t know how to open the topic, not out of fear Nian Nian won’t understand but out of reluctance.

“Still good!” Lan You Nian smiled and asked, “Has something happened?” She wasn’t oblivious to Feng Yi Xuan’s reluctance and terrible mood but she still asked.

Feng Yi Xuan shifted Lan You Nian to face him and frowned, “A plague broke out in Xiang Lin city. Xiang Lin city is a farming city. Tomorrow I must go to check on the plague!” Feng Yi Xuan said, rubbing his nose against Lan You Nian’s nose, his tone carried the pouting of a child, “I can’t be with Nian Nian. I won’t be able to see Nian Nian for some time. I can’t sleep with Nian Nian, nor help dress Nian Nian…”

Listening to Feng Yi Xuan ramble on, Lan You Nian realized Feng Yi Xuan really has her taken care of. Even Lan Qu them wasn’t so meticulous in taking care of her. As Lan You Nian listened to Feng Yi Xuan say this, she felt reluctant to part.

“How about I go with you to Xiang Lin city?” Lan You Nian’s eyes brightened. Since Feng Yi Xuan was reluctant to part with her, she was reluctant to part with Feng Yi Xuan, she will follow with to Xiang Lin city. She believed with her identity, it would be easy to mix in with the team.

But taking Lan You Nian by surprise was that Feng Yi Xuan suddenly became stone-faced, “No!” Then feeling as if his tone came out too strong, Feng Yi Xuan softened his voice explaining, “It is too dangerous there. You’re not allowed to go!”

Did Feng Yi Xuan not hope Nian Nian to go with him? No, he hoped! But Feng Yi Xuan cared even more about Nian Nian’s safety. Nian Nian just came out from the gates of hell. What he must do was to protect Nian Nian, care for this precious treasure. How could he be willing to let her suffer?

Lan You Nian pouted and pulled on Feng Yi Xuan’s hair, pouting, “Xuan, let me go please? I will miss you in the capital. I am Gui Yi Zi’s direct disciple. I can definitely protect myself!”

Seeing Nian Nian pouting, Feng Yi Xuan felt his heart soften and nearly agreed to it but fortunately his heart was staunch as he came out of his daze. Feng Yi Xuan teased lovingly, “Are you certain your medical skills are good?”

Lan You Nian stuck out her tongue, embarrassed. Amongst master’s six disciples, besides Gui Yi, the others’ medical skills wasn’t really flattering. It would be fine dealing with general medical skills, but if they really discussed it, their medical skills wasn’t enough to look at.

“No matter how poor my medical skills are, it’s better than many people. I promise I will protect myself!” Lan You Nian raised her hand to make a vow, making Feng Yi Xuan’s heart itch and covered up those chattering lips.

“Mph…” Lan You Nian pounded on Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, glaring with watery eyes at Feng Yi Xuan, unaware that this only made Feng Yi Xuan even more unable to hold himself back. In the end, the two grinded up to the middle of the night.

Though he didn’t really eat Nian Nian, for Feng Yi Xuan who relieved his desires, Feng Yi Xuan was in a much better mood. Later in the night, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t sleep. After helping Nian Nian clean her body, Feng Yi Xuan watched Nian Nian the whole night.

No matter how reluctant Feng Yi Xuan was, the morning quietly came. Lan You Nian instantly woke up afraid Feng Yi Xuan will leave without any farewells. When Lan You Nian saw the man sleeping with her was watching her, Lan You Nian rubbed Feng Yi Xuan’s chest like a cat.

“You’re about to go?” Lan You Nian asked. Though she wanted to go with Feng Yi Xuan, she can better appreciate Feng Yi Xuan’s care and protection for herself. Other people might dislike it, but for Lan You Nian who lacked security and love, Feng Yi Xuan’s abnormal possessiveness and protectiveness made Lan You Nian feel a sense of security.

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded. Like usual, he accompanied Lan You Nian to dress and comb her hair and ate with her. Nothing seemed different. It’s only a little earlier. At this time, normally, Lan You Nian would still be asleep.

After the two ate, Feng Yi Xuan pulled on Lan You Nian’s hand and took her to the outside of the capital. There, many guards and imperial physicians have gathered there, in total several thousand people. At the very front, on horseback sat Lan Mo Xuan and He Chu Yang.

“Remember to eat. Don’t always eat so little… The days are getting colder, wear more clothes. I put the cloak on the left side of the closet for you…if you’re bored, go to the palace or find Wu An to play. Don’t be naughty and run around…if you like something, buy it, you’re not allowed to suffer any grievances…” In front of several thousand people, Feng Yi Xuan chattered a lot like an old mother hen. Many of the guards gaped with open mouths. Was this still Prince Ming who frightened people just by hearing his name? He’s practically so warm like a warm gentleman!

Feng Yi Xuan said a lot. Lan You Nian quietly listened, so obedient that it made people think the two was a father and daughter. This scene was too loving, making the guards emit pink hearts.

“Do you remember it all?” Feng Yi Xuan stroked Lan You Nian’s hair, reluctance clear in his eyes.

Lan You Nian nodded. She knew she shouldn’t let Feng YI Xuan worry. This man had his own battlefield. That place was where he will emit his brightness.

“I will obediently wait for you to come back. You must be well okay?” Lan You Nian murmured gently. Such gentleness from Lan You Nian made Feng Yi Xuan feel like he was a husband who was traveling far from home and Nian Nian was his wife who was instructing him.

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded and in front of public eye, he kissed Lan You Nian’s forehead and mounted Zui Feng. With a wave of his arm, the entire procession advanced forward. He feared if he continued to look, he won’t leave for Xiang Lin at all. What plague, what wouldn’t bother with it. So Feng Yi Xuan can only suppress his reluctance and leave the capital!

Lan You Nian stood on the hillside outside the capital watching as the procession walked farther and farther until she wasn’t able to see it before finally withdrawing her gaze and said to An San standing beside her, “Let’s go!” The person just left but Lan You Nian already felt herself starting to miss him.

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