Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 257 - 32 Infected with the Plague, Danger

32 Infected with the Plague, Danger

In Prince Ming manor’s study, Lan You Nian sat on the wide black wood chair, seriously reviewing the stacks of booklets on the desk. These booklets should have been reviewed by Feng Yi Xuan. Inside were matters concerning Ghost Realm as well as the businesses in Feng Yi Xuan’s hands. These booklets should have been sent over to Xianglin city to have Feng Yi Xuan decide on it, but Lan You Nian noticed these when she came to Prince Ming manor and because she didn’t want Feng Yi Xuan to overwork himself, Lan You Nian intercepted these.

When Lan You Nian suggested taking over these matters, no one in Prince Ming manor objected. They sent these booklets to her with elation. Now even Prince Ming manor’s expenditures were taken care of by Lan You Nian.

After Lan You Nian took care of a portion of the booklets, she twisted her neck. She admired and felt sorry for Feng Yi Xuan. Though she managed Wu Qing Pavilion’s matters, whether it was her senior brothers or Lan Ren or LAn Feng, they all tried to help share her burdens, so Lan You Nian didn’t require so much effort to handle them. But these days, just helping Feng Yi Xuan handle Ghost Realm and Prince Ming manor’s matters, she felt extremely tired, much less for Feng Yi Xuan who had to take care of matters of court and military camps. Lan You Nian felt Feng Yi Xuan was very hardworking.

“Princess Consort!” An San knocked on the door and entered the study, a tray of elegant pastries in her hands, “Princess Consort has reviewed these booklets for an entire afternoon. You should eat some pastries and rest a while!”

An San and the others were extremely happy with the Princess Consort helping the Prince with his affairs. They didn’t want Princess Consort to tire herself but felt since Princess Consort took over Prince Ming manor’s affairs, Prince Ming manor will become filled with life. There was a great difference between Prince Ming manor of the past to the present. There was a warm air in Prince Ming Manor. This warmth was brought by the Princess Consort.

“En, alright!” Lan You Nian put down the booklet in her hand, walked out to the outer chamber and looked at the plates of delicate pastries on the table, feeling her mood lighten. As soon as the steward knew of her arrival in Prince Ming manor, he will order the kitchen to make a lot of delicious foods, making it so Lan You Nian really liked to come to Prince Ming manor.

“Princess Consort, this is the Prince’s letter!” An San gave Lan You Nian a thick letter.

From the day Feng Yi Xuan left the capital, there was a letter everyday without stop. It’s been some time since the day of Feng Yi Xuan’s departure. It’s already entering winter but Feng Yi Xuan has yet to return. Xianglin city’s plague hasn’t been controlled.

Lan You Nian would write back to Feng Yi Xuan every day. Though her letters of response were only a few short sentences, unable to compare to Feng Yi Xuan’s several pages every day, Lan You Nian returned every letter seriously.

Lan You Nian opened the letter. Upon a glance, it was still Feng Yi Xuan’s elegant calligraphy style. It was written with what Feng Yi Xuan was doing and wrote his longing and at the very end, it was a long ramble of reminders for her. Most of the time, Lan You Nian felt Feng Yi Xuan would be a good father. But when that day finally came, Lan You Nian realized she really overthought.

“Princess Consort!” Just as Lan You Nian was looking at the letter, An Er suddenly barged in. Usually An Er wouldn’t do such a thing, especially as An Er fell to his knees, worry on his brows.

The shadow guards under Feng Yi Xuan, usually faced death without a change in their expression, and even usually were steadfast and wore icy expressions on a normal day, but there was something off about An Er and An Si’s, who followed in, expressions. For them to be like this, there can only be one reason: that was Feng Yi Xuan. Lan You Nian stood up, an undetectable worry and fear on her face.

“What has happened?” Even though Lan You Nian’s was cold, the narrowed eyes and the distant air about her made others know she wasn’t as strong as she was on the surface.

“Princess Consort, his Highness has been infected with the plague at Xianglin city!” An Er said through gritted teeth. The moment they learned of this matter, they knew they should conceal this matter from the princess consort. His Highness would certainly be thinking this but the plague wasn’t something else, it was the plague! Even An Er them panicked and the prince then fell ill, they realized the princess consort was similarly a mainstay in their heart, so at the first second they informed the princess consort.

Lan You Nian’s weakened body staggered. Just as An San prepared to support her, Lan You Nian stood tall. Her face was a little pale but didn’t show any emotion of fear.

“Who else knows?” Lan You Nian asked. At this time, she couldn’t panic nor could she fall because her Xuan already fell. If she fell too, who will protect their home?

Seeing the princess consort quickly becoming steady, An Er and the others felt their anxious emotions settle down. With the princess consort standing there, they seemed to see the seemingly invincible Prince standing there, as if no matter what difficulties will not make them lower their heads.

An Er immediately said, “Besides An Yi and Young Master Gui Yi, no one else knows!”

When Feng Yi Xuan knew he was infected with the plague, he not only had An Yi them keep quiet, he didn’t let Gui Yi them tell Lan You Nian. Feng Yi Xuan knew better than anyone else if Nian Nian knew of his illness, she would be extremely worried and afraid, even if Nian Nian doesn’t show it.

“Immediately have An Yi and older brother seal the news. I don’t want to hear any news about Xuan being infected with the plague!” Lan You Nian sat behind the study table, emitting the dignity of a superior. Lan You Nian in this moment didn’t give off the pitiful feeling but made people fear and submit.

Lan You Nian knew if the news that Feng Yi Xuan caught the plague went out, not only will Feng Yi Xuan’s enemies attempt to rob them during this turmoil, even Yue empire that was eyeing them jealously will take this opportunity to attack Feng empire. Feng Yi Xuan not only represented a prince but the guardian that detered other empires.

“Yes!” An Er nodded.

“An San, you and An Si have to watch over Ghost Realm and Prince manor for a while!” Lan You Nian instructed before preparing to leave.

At this moment An San asked, “Princess Consort? You want?…” An San and the others can tell Lan You Nian’s intention but they were worried. They were aware of what Xianglin city was like from their intelligence information reports. Even the prince caught the plague. If the princess consort went and something happened, there’s no need for the prince to punish them, they wouldn’t have the face to continue living.

Lan You Nian nodded. Though she didn’t want to speak and wanted to directly fly to Feng Yi Xuan’s side, she knew these people genuinely cared for her, Lan You Nian suppressed her agitated heart and said, “Don’t worry, I will bring the shadow guards with me. Besides, I am immune to hundreds of poisons!”

Lan You Nian readied to leave Prince Ming manor. Upon returning to You Nian Pavilion, she casually gave some instructions and then took Lan Feng with her, leaving the capital, and rushed on horseback to Xianglin city. Though Lan You Nian’s body wasn’t well and was very weak, because she had powerful martial arts paired with Lan You Nian’s anxious feelings, the two’s riding speed was very fast.

Though Lan Ren and the others hoped to follow young miss, they knew they were needed to manage Wu Qing Pavilion. They just had to have young lady’s back…

After several days of nonstop riding day and night, Lan You Nian and Lan Feng finally arrived at the entrance of Xianglin city. On the walls of Xianglin city and at the entrance stood many soldiers. When they saw Lan You Nian and Lan Feng riding, many of them blocked them.

“Xianglin city is sealed due to the plague. No one is allowed to enter! Where are you from. Leave quicky!” the soldier scolded Lan You Nian and Lan Feng. Due to the fear that Xianglin city’s plague will spread to other cities, Feng Yi Xuan had the city gates closed upon entering Xianglin city.

Lan You Nian sat high on the horse in a white dress. Afraid that her looks will bring trouble outside, Lan You Nian wore a veil, only exposing her beautiful eyes. Lan Feng was dressed in black following behind Lan You Nian, her face cold and expressionless.

Lan You Nian’s eyes emitted killing intent, not for anything else other than because Feng Yi Xuan caught the plague was already known by people in Xianglin city. Though it hasn’t spread to the capital, thinking that Feng Yi Xuan was a patient in Xianglin city, Lan You Nian felt heartache. Every day she would still receive Feng Yi Xuan’s letter. Lan You Nian knew even if Feng Yi Xuan was ill, he didn’t want her to worry so Lan You Nian would return a letter without letting Feng Yi Xuan worry. If Feng Yi Xuan knew she was coming to Xianglin city, Lan You Nian can imagine Feng Yi Xuan’s worry.

“Move!” Lan Feng urged her horse forward. She knew how anxious and agitated her young miss was. Young miss wasn’t in a good mood. If these people continued to chatter and not let them enter, Lan Feng can’t promise young miss won’t kill them. Many people believed Prince Ming to kill without batting an eyelash but in actuality young miss wasn’t any better than Prince Ming.

Lan Feng’s forcefulness made the soldiers angry. These soldiers only obeyed the commands from above. They only acted in the good of the two ladies. No one wanted to enter Xianglin city. It wasn’t certain if they can come out alive but these two ladies didn’t know what’s good for them. The soldiers wanted to scare the two ladies with their weapons…

“What’s happened?” An Yi has been standing guard outside the government office doors the last few days, afraid something would happen while his master was weak. Coincidentally Lan Mo Xian and the others were there also, so he came to patrol within Xianglin city. Seeing something seemed to be happening at the gates, he hurried over to take a look.

“Sir An Yi, these two ladies want to trespass into the city…” the soldier prepared to continue but noticed Sir An Yi who they usually needed to fawn over looked stunned as he ran over to the veiled woman to greet her.

“Princess consort…” An Yi’s eyes were a little wet. Seeing master being infected with the plague and weakening, being unable to treat him, An Yi was anxious like a headless fly. Seeing the princess consort, An Yi felt there was hope for the prince because the prince won’t let the princess consort be upset. The plague in Xianglin city was so severe yet the princess consort could still rush over, An Yi felt happy for the prince. The princess consort truly loved the prince.

An Yi’s call of “princess consort” scared the soldiers guarding the gates into falling to their knees. Not to say that Princess Consort Ming was extolled as Miss Miao Yin, as well as General Lan’s most beloved legitimate daughter, and the Princes Consort that Prince Ming also cupped in his hands, the soldiers felt their good days were over. They didn’t expect that at this moment a legitimate daughter from a prestigious family in the capital was willing to come to Xianglin city overspread with the plague. At the same time the soldiers felt this future Princess Consort Ming was truly sincere and worthy.

Lan You Nian didn’t dispose of the soldiers. Not to say those soldiers were all doing their duty, more importantly Lan You Nian knew these soldiers were soldiers under Lan Mo Xian. Lan You Nian won’t doing anything that creates such a difficulty for herself.

Lan You Nian urged the horse into Xianglin city. Entering Xianglin city, she saw Xianglin city’s sluggish atmosphere but Lan You Nian completely ignored the current wretched atmosphere, only thinking about Feng Yi Xuan’s illness. An Yi led the way, while thinking the prince was saved!

Until they came to a wing in the government office, as soon as Lan You Nian entered, she heard sounds of conflict. Lan You Nian neared and saw a woman wearing a pink dress standing outside the room, holding a bowl of medicine, desiring to enter the room but was stopped by Gui Yi and He Chu Yang.

“The two sirs, this girl is only worried about Prince Ming’s illness. There is no servant girl to use, this girl wants to serve Prince Ming, please ask the two sirs to grant my wish!” Qiu Ling lowered her eyes, murmuring with upset. When she knew Prince Ming has caught the plague, she knew her chance has come. Prince Ming was at his weakest. If she didn’t fear the plague and went to serve him, once Prince Ming got better, did she have to fear she won’t be able to serve by Prince Ming’s side?

“Move!” Gui Yi said frowning, not understanding why this woman was so shameless. Prince Ming was little junior sister’s betrothed. Little junior sister wasn’t present, they can’t let other women get close to Prince Ming. Gui Yi knew even if they didn’t stop her, Prince Ming won’t other women get close.

“Nianer?” He Chu Yang saw Lan You Nian enter, exclaiming in shock, feeling both joy and worry. Everyone knew what Xianglin city was like, fr a young lady like cousin-sister to come, He Chu Yang felt his head ache.

“Little junior sister!” Gui Yi saw Lan You Nian without much surprise. He has known little junior sister for many years and more or less understood little junior sister’s temperament. With Prince Ming’s life was in danger, how could little junior sister stay in the capital?

Lan You Nian nodded and walked over to the room. At this time, that loathsome voice sounded, “Why can she enter?”

If it was usual, Lan You Nian would be in the mood to play with this ignorant woman but Lan You Nian only had Feng Yi Xuan in her mind. Hence, Lan You Nian didn’t bother with the woman’s words and walked into the room.

“Because she is the princess consort. What are you?” An Yi sneered coldly and gestured to have someone chase Qiu Ling out. This woman dared to covet his Highness. Really stupid! There’s no need for the princess consort to make a move. If the prince knew, the prince won’t allow for it.

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