Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“Here comes the Emperor!” An ear-piercing sharp voice sounded and made all the people who were watching the interesting show respectfully bowed their heads.

“Paying respect to the Emperor!” Everyone knelt down to give respect, Lan You Nian rearranged her body, but she only bent down instead of kneeling. In this world, there is no one deserving of her kneeling down to.

Lan You Nian with her lowered head did not notice, but in this whole hall, there was one other person who didn’t kneel and that was Ming w.a.n.g, Feng Yi Xuan. When Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes caught onto Lan You Nian’s movement, his eyes flashed with an indulging smile.

“Beloved subjects please rise!” a majestic voice sounded in the hall.

Lan You Nian straightened her body, followed Tutor He in sitting down. Only then did she use her peripheral vision to a.s.sess the whole hall. Sitting at the very top of the main hall, in the center of the dragon throne was Feng nation’s Emperor, Feng Xuan. A bright yellow dragon robe, long raven black hair raised up, a coronet sat upon his head, attached to a bright yellow coronet cord. Although already forty years old but was full of the aura of an overlord.

Below the dragon throne was a phoenix throne. On the phoenix throne sat Feng nation’s Empress, An Qian Mei. A pure red palace dress embroidered with phoenixes was worn by the Empress, a full head of luxuriant hair, curved willow brows, a pair of domineering eyes, the delicate lips were sharp, the well-maintained skin and figure made the Empress look only in her thirties.

Under the high platform then, was the various princes and princesses. Because the Emperor Feng Xuan was still young, so did not inaugurate a Crown Prince. So whether on the surface or in secret, these several princes must have their hands full with infighting.

Lan You Nian did not use too straightforward gaze to a.s.sess these people. After all, these people were all immersed within the center of power and authority, a too straightforward gaze will make them aware. Lan You Nian subtly swept over the princes and princesses in the hall while her mind was thinking about the intelligence in her hands.

But it was just this one glance, Lan You Nian noticed someone who she could never have thought of, and that person looked directly into her eyes, those pair of eyes were full of smile.

Lan You Nian’s heart dropped, this was the reflex towards the unknown. This man was the one she met that night, that man who was prepared to kill her, but then would rather injure himself instead of killing her. And based on the pair of wolf-like eyes, Lan You Nian knew that this man was Feng nation’s far-famed Ming w.a.n.g, the ever-victorious on the battlefield Ming w.a.n.g.

Lan You Nian carefully studied Feng Yi Xuan. Although Feng Yi Xuan was sitting, Lan You Nian, from that night’s meeting, could estimate that his height was about one meter and nine (6’2″). He wore a luxurious purple and gold coronet, dressed in a brocade of purple gold silk weave designs, the sleeves were cuffed with a circle of white mink fur, which made him seem more overwhelmingly n.o.ble. On his feet were purple leather boots, lithe figure, dignified appearance, a jade tree in the wind, a pair of ice-cold eyes set in a jade-like face, making it look even more uncommonly handsome. Like an immortal descending from the heavens, or like a demon, making people unable to move their eyes away. Everything around him dimmed, even the heaven and earth lost all their colors.

Feng Yi Xuan saw that girl was studying him, hurriedly pulled in his chilly aura. He glanced at his own royal brother’s warm temperament, then made an effort to look gentler.

The corner of An Yi’s mouth twitched, Master, could you not be like this? This will really scare people to death.

“A’Xuan, what’s wrong?” Fourth w.a.n.gye looked at his younger brother. How come the usually the iceberg faced younger brother suddenly became gentle?

“Nothing!” Feng Yi Xuan instantly returned to normal as he replied to his own brother born of the same father and mother. In this entire royal palace of brothers and sisters, only they truly cared for each other.

Lan You Nian looked at the man talking with Ming w.a.n.g. This must be Fourth w.a.n.gye, Feng Xia Qi, Ming w.a.n.g‘s biological brother. Seeing the two people talk, the two should have a pretty good brotherly relations.h.i.+p. Fourth w.a.n.gye‘s supporters in Jing city were not small, the callers at the door were numerous. The long inky hair was raised high, only using a simple ink black ribbon to tie it, a few strands of hair beside the ears had a breeze blowing by, like a b.u.t.terfly dancing, making the man seem even more elegant and unearthly. But Lan You Nian saw with one glance and knew that this was a smiling fox.

Seeing Lan You Nian looking at his royal older brother, Feng Yi Xuan immediately leaned over to block Feng Xia Qi’s figure. Royal older brother’s refined temperament was well-liked by Jing city’s many females. He cannot allow that girl to be charmed by royal older brother also.

Lan You Nian again regarded the several princes and princesses. The Emperor in all had five princes and three princesses. Don’t look at the Emperor’s many consorts, but those who can survive in that royal palace that eats people and doesn’t even leave bones only had that many.

Second w.a.n.gye, Feng Shao Chu, the Empress’s son, the expression his eyes were somber, not a person that one can get along with easily.

Third w.a.n.gye, Feng Lin Che, n.o.ble Consort Lin’s son, the appearance was not outstanding, can only be regarded as handsome, but excellent manipulation.

Fourth w.a.n.gye, Feng Xia Qi, former Empress’s son, the reputation in court was very good.

Sixth w.a.n.gye, Feng Yi Xuan, former Empress’s son, doesn’t do things the normal way, merciless in conduct, sweeps the enemy in the battlefield, impressive martial arts, no one in court dared to provoke.

Seventh w.a.n.gye Feng Ling Ji, mother died early, raised by the Dowager Empress.

Eldest princess, Feng Xiao Luo, Empress’s daughter, surrounded by the majestic aura of a royal princess, especially inherited the Empress’s chilliness.

Second Princess Feng Yi Shuang, Consort Su daughter, with the most beautiful dance was highly sought after in Feng nation.

Third princess Feng Guan Lian, mother died early, currently raised by n.o.ble Consort Lin, has a naive personality, but Lan You Nian could see the deeply hidden ambition.

Lan You Nian recollected her vision and put away the consideration and thoughts in her eyes. The royal palace’s lake was really muddy. If it were not for revenge, she really did not want to return here. But Lan You Nian understood, didn’t want to didn’t mean she could escape from it. Since she has already come here, she has already stepped into these muddy waters.

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