Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

The music of the musical instruments was endless, during the feast, wine flowed freely, the conversations were jubilant, overflowing with joy. However, people with discerning eyes can all tell that everyone was bored, between each other were merely polite and perfunctory. True, the songs and dances were peaceful, but these were so frequently displayed in the royal palace, it unsurprising that it made people feel agitated.

“This war’s great victory, sixth prince Ming w.a.n.g, and General Lan were indispensable!” Emperor Feng Xuan raised the golden wine cup, looked satisfactorily down at sixth w.a.n.gye Ming w.a.n.g and Lan Jian Jun.

Feng Yi Xuan and Lan Jian Jun rose, Feng Yi Xuan without any trace of affection drank the wine in the cup. While Lan Jian Jun respectfully picked up the wine cup and bowed drinking the wine.

“This official does not dare to take credit, this time we were able to return victoriously, relied completely on Ming w.a.n.g’s astuteness!” Lan Jian Jun gave a bow. He was simply an honest man, this time they could return with victory, was indeed Ming w.a.n.g’s merit, if they did not have Ming w.a.n.g’s strategy, if he wanted to win, it might be very difficult.

“Haha, it turns out that Xuan’er is so formidable, worthy of being my son!” Emperor Feng Xuan said jovially. No matter who it was, towards other people’s praise about his own son, he was very delighted.

“However, General Lan does not have to be too modest. Heard General Lan’s son is also a young hero, don’t know which one is General Lan’s son?” Emperor Feng Xuan asked. As an emperor, he was very pleased with Lan family, loyal but not overstepping.

“Answering the Emperor, it is this official!” Lan Mo Xian stood up and saluted. The image of temperate sunlight seemed unable to match the image of heroically killing the enemy on the battlefield.

“Not bad!” Emperor glanced at Lan Mo Xian “General Lan, you have a good son, sure enough, a tiger father will not beget a dog son!” Clearly, the Emperor was very pleased with Lan Mo Xian.

“Emperor over-praise! Men naturally should serve the nation!” Lan Jian Jun said in a righteous manner.

“Ah, every soldier fought very well, you grow face for zhen and Feng nation! Reward!” Emperor Feng Xuan clearly felt happy upon hearing Lan Jian Jun’s words.

“Thank the Emperor!” All the soldiers attending the banquet, together with Feng Yi Xuan, said in unison, the only difference was that every soldier knelt on the ground to thank the emperor while Feng Yi Xuan simply stood.

Lan You Nian didn’t bat an eyelash as she listened to the dialogue between monarch and official.  Towards this so-called father, she had a first impression. Lan Jian Jun should be a straightforward person, not greedy for merits, but a general who cared for his soldiers, but was merely just a good general, that’s all.

Lan Jian Jun gave thanks for the honor, then got up and sat down. But his eyes looked in the direction of Lan You Nian sitting beside his father in law. Seeing that his daughter never even looked at this father once from beginning to end, Lan Jian Jun felt that his heart was bleeding. When he realized his mistakes and wanted to rectify it, the daughter had already gone further and further away.

“Congratulations father for your victorious return, all these years daughter has missed father” Lan Ya Ya jumped at the opportunity to show the appearance of a well-behaved daughter. An yiniang looked at her eldest daughter with appreciation.

“En!” Lan Jian Jun glanced at his eldest daughter, in his eyes, there was no trace of fatherly love from a father to a daughter.

Lan Ya Ya’s face changed a bit, but the hand under the table was pinched by An yiniang. Lan Ya Ya knew mother wanted her to control her emotions, this is her own father, if she wanted to marry a w.a.n.gye then she must have father’s approval.

“Father, why is third little sister sitting beside Tutor He, how about let daughter go and bring third little sister over? She is our Lan manor’s daughter ah” Lan Ya Ya did a good job in acting out the image of a good older sister, but the meaning of the words were implying Lan You Nian was being immature, she obviously was Lan manor’s third young miss but instead she goes to insinuate herself with Tutor He, this was. .h.i.tting Lan Jian Jun’s face.

Lan Ya Ya was certain her father will definitely get angry or indignant. At least he would be more dissatisfied with Lan You Nian. However, when Lan Ya Ya glanced at her father, she was let down. After the disappointment was a dense jealousy. Father, from when they were little to when they were older, never cared for the three sisters and brother. Whether they did wrong did right, it was all ignored. How can father be so biased?

After Lan Jian Jun heard Lan Ya Ya’s words, the first reaction was to think about his daughter who wasn’t even willing to sit beside him. He feared, that in his daughter’s heart, he-this father-was unworthy of being a father. Sadly, this was really the case.

Fourth w.a.n.gye Feng Xia Qi looked at the younger brother who clearly not normal today. What kind of person was his younger brother, he knew very well. Towards this kind banquet, he would usually just show his face then leave. But today, younger brother not only has been sitting there for so long, but his mood also was clearly not bad. One must know, normally this ice-block younger brother of his always looked so somber, the complete opposite of today!

Feng Xia Qi followed his younger brother’s line of sight, but it was this one glance, that completely stunned Feng Xia Qi. Sitting next to Tutor He was a very young girl. Under the glow of the night pearls in the hall, displayed a peerless figure. Although the face couldn’t be seen clearly, the ice jade skin under the moonlight became even more ethereal and enchanting. A pair of eyes that were more resplendent than the stars in the sky, eyelashes like the cattail leaf fan were half-lidded, the long, long ink black hair hung down to the waist, seemingly like an elf falling down to the mortal world, so beautiful it couldn’t be real.

As a w.a.n.gye, Feng Xia Qi can be said to have seen countless beauties, but there was not one that left such a deep trace in his heart like this girl. If even though the face couldn’t be seen, but just with a pair of eyes and this elegant temperament, already no one could compare.

“What is royal brother looking at?” Feng Yi Xuan noticed the awe in his royal brother’s eyes, suddenly displeased, like something beloved belonging to him was covet by someone else. Even if that person was his royal brother, he still had an itch to kill someone.

Feng Xia Qi withdrew his gaze, then looked at his younger brother’s already blackened face, and that cold aura directly aimed at him. Uncomfortably coughed a little, he had never been stunned by any woman, but today was not only stupefied by looking at a not-yet-woman girl, but was caught by his younger brother, and from younger brother’s frosty manner, he must have also like this little girl, just what is this!

Feng Xia Qi actually wanted to say that he was looking at a rare woman in the world, but the eyes watching him with the desire to kill made him a little afraid. This younger brother was very good to him, although he was powerful, he did not love power, instead, let him go vie for that position. He himself didn’t love, instead longed to wander in the pugilistic world, but in this position, if you didn’t fight for it, then it only represented death!

“Nothing!” Feng Xia Qi told a bare-faced lie.

“Really? Royal brother’s eyes aren’t very good. Tonight, let An Yi accompany royal brother practice sparring!” Feng Yi Xuan did not expose his own royal brother’s lie but directly used means.

An Yi glanced sympathetically at Feng Xia Qi, Fourth w.a.n.gye, say, why didn’t you look at someone else, why did you have to look at that young lady? See now, you’ve p.i.s.sed off master.

“A’Xuan, royal brother’s body is very healthy, it’s really not necessary!” Feng Xia Qi glanced at An Yi standing behind him. Letting An Yi and him spar, he will definitely lose, then, will be beaten up, and then his entire body would be in pain. His martial arts actually weren’t that bad but could not compare to An Yi. Although younger brother had good intentions in not letting him be negligent in practicing martial arts, please don’t use this kind of method ah! This was clearly undisguised revenge ok!?

“Let An Er go too!” Feng Yi Xuan seemed like he didn’t see his royal brother’s twitching mouth, serenely tasted the fine wine in his hand.

Feng Xia Qi no longer gave any dispute, otherwise, he knew the end result would be even more wretched, having this kind of younger brother, he was really aggrieved.

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