Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Watching Lan manor’s carriage depart, two men came out of the shadows. These two men were just preparing to return to their manor, fourth w.a.n.gye Feng Xia Qi and sixth w.a.n.gye Feng Yi Xuan.

“Zeze, it really is that the heavens covet beauty. This Lan manor’s young miss’s face is ruined. I heard a palace maid from the banquet hall say that this young miss’s face is ugly like a ghost” Feng Xia Qi had some pity as he watched the carriage disappear into the night. “But even without any beauty, this girl is still so beautiful it’s stunning!”

Feng Xia Qi did not speak any lies. Even if that girl looked ugly, it couldn’t hide the aura surrounding her and those dazzling eyes. Moreover, he was not that type of superficial person. A woman’s beauty wasn’t just about looks, but about her inner temperament. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the appearance was, there is always one day it will wilt.

“Noisy!” Feng Yi Xuan was very dissatisfied with royal older brother’s admiration of that girl, inexplicably displeased.

Feng Xia Qi’s first reaction was to roll up his sleeves and teach this younger brother a lesson, but reconsidering the gap between their martial arts, he silently dropped his sleeves, endured it!

“This time you return to Jing, the Empress will definitely make a move again. You should be careful!” Feng Xia Qi sobered up and said seriously. In these years, the Empress’s faction’s attack on the two brothers has never stopped. Although in the Empress’s eyes, he was hateful, she spent some thought on dealing with him, but now that younger brother is back, the Empress will definitely focus on dealing with younger brother. After all, the military power in Feng Yi Xuan’s hands was too great, the threat to the Empress’s faction was too great.

“It’s nothing. Royal brother, you must protect yourself better. Your martial arts is too weak!” Feng Yi Xuan said with a cold face and a cold voice.

The words were clearly concerned, but as Feng Xia Qi listened, his blue veins popped out. This younger brother of his, the appearance was unparalleled, the means and strategy were also rare in the world, but this ice-cold personality was really unpleasant. He didn’t know if anyone in this world could melt this iceberg.

“A’Xuan, I’m your royal brother!” Feng Xia Qi reminded.

“I know, but royal brother you really are too weak!” Feng Xia Qi swept a glance over his own royal brother, said sincerely.

Feng Xia Qi didn’t have the strength to refute anything anymore, a battle of wits? He couldn’t fight over his younger brother. Battle of strength? He didn’t want to die too brutally. Forget it, he better go back to his own manor, take a bath and go to sleep!

Feng Yi Xuan, seeing his royal brother was attacked with no strength left, when Feng Xia Qi got onto the carriage, he said, “An Yi, how did you forget that you needed to accompany royal brother to spar tonight?”

An Yi felt sympathy for fourth w.a.n.gye in his heart, but master’s command was greater than everything. And just moments ago, master quietly told him to give fourth w.a.n.gye a good beating. An Yi followed Feng Xia Qi up the carriage, glanced at Feng Xia Qi’s bitter melon face, then thought about what master did today, and instantly understood.

Feng Yi Xuan huffed in his heart, although you are my royal brother, since you so brazenly looked at that girl, if I don’t sort you out, that’s what would be strange!

Today, arriving at Lan manor were two carriages. Currently, in the s.p.a.cious carriage sat Lan Jian Jun, Lan Mo Xian, and Lan You Nian.

In the s.p.a.cious and clean carriage, the side table still had a few cups of warm tea on it, but the atmosphere was stiff. Even Lan Mo Xian didn’t know what to say in order to break this atmosphere.

“Nian’er,” Lan Jian Jun called Lan You Nian who was sitting alone on the opposite side.

Lan You Nian lifted her slightly lidded eyes and looked at Lan Jian Jun, looked at this original body’s longed for father. One had to say that this body can have such a beautiful appearance was not without basis. It is said that the original body’s mother was a rare beauty, and while the Lan Jian Jun in front of her was already a middle-aged man, he still as handsome as ever.

The strong and powerful profile, the creases between the eye makes made him look more mature, the beard on his face made him have a more masculine temperament, the tall and firm body and the bronze skin let this man have a masculine charisma. If he was not Lan Jian Jun, Lan You Nian would be very appreciative of such a man.

Lan Jian Jun was a little bit embarra.s.sed under his daughter’s gaze. Because Lan You Nian’s gaze was very estranged, like looking at a person who they just met for the first time, there was nothing in her eyes. At what should have been a carefree and innocent age, but Lan Jian Jun could not find anything in his daughter’s eyes. What does this mean? It means that his daughter has experienced too many things at such a young age, so she has achieved the skill concealing one’s anger and delight.

“Why did you disappear in the past?” Although Lan Jian Jun did not want to tear open his daughter’s scar, he will not let go of anyone who hurt his daughter. Seems like the manor really needed to be cleaned up, actually lied about matters, lie to him that his daughter was all well. If his daughter really is missing, whereabouts unknown, he……

“Right, Nian’er meimei how did you go missing in the past? Who did it? Older brother will avenge you!” said Lan Mo Xian furiously. He believed little sister, though living poorly in the outside manor, did not have to worry about food or clothing. He didn’t think that his little sister actually disappeared five years ago while they didn’t know anything about it.

“Is it important? Isn’t it all over now?” Lan You Nian lifted up the tea from the side table, tasting it elegantly. Is it important? Of course, it’s very important, but she, Lan You Nian, wanted to use her own hands to avenge the body’s original owner.

“How is it now important? My little sister, who dares to touch!” Lan Mo Xian slapped the side table. His Nian’er meimei now looking like a pool of stagnant water, he felt heart-ache just watching.

Lan You Nian did not reply, only tasted the tea water. That appearance seemed to be without feelings, without love, without sorrow, without joy. But that image burned the hearts of the two men in the carriage. Lan Jian Jun repeatedly blamed himself in his heart, just what did he do, he let his good daughter become like this! Even if he died, it would serve him right!

The corner of Lan You Nian’s mouth curled with a trace of a smile, felt guilty? Guilty was good, only that guilt can heal the original body’s unwilling soul that died very young. The brief contact let Lan You Nian find that this Lan Jian Jun felt guilty towards her and had the desire to make up for it, so Lan You Nian wanted to make him feel guiltier.

“Mother, that s.l.u.t actually came back, she actually came back!” Lan Ya Ya growled out through clenched teeth. Ever since she was little, she never liked this third little sister, so even when they were younger, she would bully her. She always remembered that father never cared for them, only loved that s.l.u.t’s mother. Now her mother is dead, but Lan You Nian came back. Father, unexpectantly, turned around his att.i.tude and started to pay attention to that little s.l.u.t. How could she be satisfied!

“Look at you, just a little problem made you panic!” An yiniang reproached, clearly not satisfied with her eldest daughter’s inability to keep a cool head.

“Mother, calm down, big sister just had a momentary lapse of anger.” An yiniang‘s second daughter Lan Zhi Zhi calmed her mother’s anger while comforting her.

“Yeah, mother, big sister just had a momentary lapse of anger. Lan You Nian that little s.l.u.t just came back and already stole away father’s attention, really deserves to be punished!” An yiniang‘s only son Lan Yin said, his eyes revealing fierceness.

“Alright, the three of you listen. Right now, what you guys need to do is please your father and win your father’s love!” An yiniang looked at her three children. These three children were her support, she refused to allow anyone to block the three of theirs’ paths.

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