Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A carriage suddenly disappeared into thin air then reappeared in the mountain valley.

Unlike the cold and heavy snow from the bottom of the cliff, in a flash, the sky was clear, like a sapphire that was washed with water.  The white clouds seemed to go through seventy-two metamorphoses, one moment like a lofty steed galloping, sometimes like a squirrel jumping.  Wild geese lined up neatly flying towards the south.  One moment they are arranged in a straight line and another moment in a V-shape. From a distance came the sounds of a beautiful song.  It turned out to be several larks singing.

The stream was crystal clear.  It was possible to see the little fish playing.  The mountain peaks shoot straight up into the sky.  If a person who fears heights looks down from the top of the mountain, they will definitely be scared to death.  Standing at the top of the mountain, you will feel Black Mountain Valley is like a tall giant, and you were a tiny grain of fine sand.

At the entrance into the valley, two men in cyan clothes respectfully said towards the carriage, “Guzhu”

The carriage did not stop.  Instead it drove at a very fast speed into the valley.  Here is the Medical Valley that everyone in the pugilistic world feels is mysterious.  Gui Yi Zi and his disciples live in the only mountain peak in the Medical Valley.

“It looks like that guzhu seems to be very anxious?”  Guard 1 said in puzzlement.

“En, it seems so.  This is not something we should worry about.  We should continue to guard the entrance to the valley well.”  Guard 2 replied.

The carriage drove along on a smooth road towards the mountain peak.  No one would have thought that this mountain would have a wide mountain path, just like any normal road.

“s.h.i.+fu” The three disciples, who has received the message that their s.h.i.+fu was returning, were standing outside the house and called out to Gui Yi Zi who just stepped off the carriage.

This is the highest place in the Medicine Valley as well as the residence of these people.  In the quiet mountain forest, a house greets the eye.  If looked at closely, it was made by connecting wooden boards piece by piece, and a very pointed roof.  The crimson roof tiles were particularly eye-catching under the sun.

Gui Yi Zi did not speak to his disciples like usual.  Instead, from the inside of the carriage, he carried out a frail little girl, which shocked the three men.  s.h.i.+fu actually brought an outsider into the valley, and it was even a little girl.

“Gui San immediately prepare a medicine bath!” Gui Yi Zi said to Gui San.

All five disciples immediately began preparing for the medicine bath.  Gui Yi and Gui Wu were quicker, knowing the girl’s body couldn’t wait.

Having prepared the medicine bath and other things, they all stood by Gui Yi Zi watching Gui Yi Zi treat the girl.  The three other people also saw the girl clearly.  Hair as dark as paint, skin like jade.  A beautiful woman lives in the deep valley, the appearances is an unparalleled beauty of the world.  Even though her age was young, it could not cover up her beauty.

Gui Yi Zi put the girl into the medicine bath, mobilized his internal energy to treat the girl.  After who knows how much time has pa.s.sed, the girl soaked in the medicine bath spewed out a mouthful of dark blood, but still remained unconscious.

“Just barely managed to keep her life.”  Gui Yi Zi used internal force to dry the clothes on the girl’s body, then placed the girl into bed, covering her with a blanket.

“Not even s.h.i.+fu can save her?” Gui Wu asked incredulously.

“En, this girl has been poisoned too much in the body, and because of too many poisonous toxins, they have derived into another kind of poison.  I can only try my best.”  Gui Yi Zi was also impressed that there existed a poison in the world that he couldn’t dispel.  No, rather, there is a new poison appearing in the world.

Gui Yi Zi went back to his room to study medicine, to see if there was any way to temporarily suppress the toxins in the girl’s body while the five boys stood outside the room.

“Gui Wu, what happened?” Gui Er asked baffled.  He really couldn’t understand how s.h.i.+fu could bring an outsider here.

Gui Wu told everyone about everything they encountered on the road, and also reported the girl’s injury and the innumerable poisons in her body.  Upon hearing, they were shocked.  After all, what kind of hatred could cause someone to treat a child like this?  They could accept murder, even if it was a child, but they couldn’t agree to torturing a child.

“So pitiable” Gui San, who had very little compa.s.sion, felt this girl was pitiable.

“Hmph, there is actually such hateful people.”  Gui Er said indignantly.

“Alright, everyone is better off studying medicine, see if we can cure this girl” Gui Si interrupted the dark moods of the several people.

guzhu: master of the valley

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