Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

In the hall, you could only hear the sound of An yiniang‘s pitiful cries.  The cries seemed to contain a lot of pain and helplessness.

Lan You Nian looked at Lan Jian Jun and did not find any softening in his eyes.  It seems that this father really didn’t like this An yiniang ah!  Such an upstanding father really made people unable to use ruthless methods.

“Father,” Lan Ya Ya also knelt at Lan Jian Jun’s feet, “Father, do you know these few years you haven’t been in the manor, how much mother has toiled?  Not only it is taking care of the entire Lan manor, but also searching for third little sister.  Because of third little sister’s disappearance, every night, she can’t fall asleep.”

“Yeah, third little sister, now that you are safe and sound, for the sake of Lan manor’s family harmony, can third little sister not blame mother?” Lan Yin looked sadly at Lan You Nian.

The smile on the corner of Lan You Nian’s mouth that was hidden under the veil became fuller.  An yiniang really had a good idea ah!  From the outset she had a good backing, if she disposed of her today, it would not be easy to explain to the Empress.  Moreover, An yiniang‘s every word implied it was for the good of this family.  Furthermore, her own disappearance could only be blamed on herself for being mischievous in the first place while she even labored in mind and body to search for her.  Since nothing happened to her, if now she didn’t let go of this matter, then she would be an ungrateful and vicious female.

How could Lan Jian Jun not understand An yiniang and the several other’s meaning?  He became even angrier.  Even if it was going against the Empress and Prime Minister An, he won’t allow anyone who harmed his daughter to go unpunished!  But before Lan Jian Ju could speak, Lan You Nian spoke.

“What is second brother saying?  From the beginning to the end, little sister didn’t say any words of blame.  Second brother speaking like this, isn’t it sowing discord between me and An yiniang?” Lan You Nian got up and helped support An yiniang mother and daughter, the att.i.tude was of a completely well-behaved girl.

“Third young miss is not blaming me?” An yiniang seemed to very happy as she tugged Lan You Nian’s white sleeves.

“Of course not, An yiniang is very good to me, how could I blame An yiniang?  En?” Lan You Nian pulled back her sleeves and said distantly.

An yiniang didn’t know why, clearly this was the answer she wanted, but when she looked at Lan You Nian, for some reason she always had a chill but then felt that she was thinking too much.  The girl in front of her was thin and frail, not to say the least, a 13-year-old child can turn over how big a wave?

“It’s good that third young miss doesn’t place blame, this concubine can finally feel at ease,” An yiniang seemed to be really relieved.

“If there’s nothing else, I will go back to rest first!” After Lan You Nian finished speaking, she was ready to leave but An yiniang once again held onto her sleeves.  Lan You Nian glanced at her sleeve, murderous intent flas.h.i.+ng within her eyes.  Besides those she recognized, she hated being touched by others.

“Third young miss’s courtyard has been neglected all these years.  How about let Ya Ya free up s.p.a.ce for you to live?  Ya Ya and Zhi Zhi can just live together,” An yiniang played out a wonderful image of a mother.  That even to disregard her own daughter but care for Lan You Nian, the gesture was intended for Lan Jian Jun to see.

“It’s no problem, I like that courtyard.  There are many things inside worth reminiscing doesn’t it?” Lan You Nian whispered near An yiniang‘s ear, making An yiniang‘s face pale.

After giving Lan Jian Jun a curtsy, she went to the courtyard from memory.  That courtyard was very remote.  In Lan manor, it can be said the most remote place.  Lan You Nian walked a long time before arriving in front of the courtyard and looked at the worn-out plaque, “You Nian Pavilion”, three words that couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Young miss” As soon as Lan You Nian entered the courtyard, Lan Wu and Lan Qu were already waiting in the middle of the courtyard, frowning at the weedy courtyard.  They clearly were not pleased with this environment.

Lan You Nian studied the courtyard.  Although this courtyard was remote, the entire courtyard occupied a wide area.  From the abandoned gardens and the already dilapidated pavilion, one could still see the exquisiteness of the past.  It seemed that this Lan Jian Jun really did treat the predecessor kindly in the past.

“Do some sweeping and cleaning, there’s nothing unlivable.” After Lan You Nian finished speaking, she walked into the room and started cleaning it up.  What bitterness did she not eat in the previous life?  What place she never lived in?  Even if she was Lan family’s daughter, she still experienced the pain and suffering that normal people couldn’t endure in order to sit on the seat of the head of house.

“Young miss, quick, stay on the side.  How can we let the young miss clean?” Lan Wu quickly pulled Lan You Nian to the side, for fear that the dust would stain Lan You Nian’s dress.

“It’s nothing!” Lan You Nian did not leave.  Just like this, the three started to clean up the courtyard.  There was no distinction between master and servant, no distinction between the top and bottom, only the deep feelings between sisters.

After Lan Jian Jun and son Lan Mo Xian handled some matters, they came to this You Nian Pavilion together to look around.  But the closer they walked, the remote road made Lan Jian Jun frown, until Lan Jian Jun stepped into the courtyard and saw the desolate courtyard was overgrown with weeds.  He suddenly felt guilty, then angry, then heart-ache.

Lan Jian Jun saw the daughter who was supposed to be the legitimate daughter, and the two servant girls sweeping the loft together.  The rolled-up sleeves allowed Lan Jian Jun see the white, nearly transparent but thin and pitiful arm and that accustomed att.i.tude made Lan Jian Jun realize that his daughter did not live well in these years.

Lan Mo Xian, with red eyes, looked at the little sister who followed behind him since little, doing the work of servant girl, moving into such a courtyard without any dissatisfaction.  He remembered mother’s words to him to take care of little sister, but he was really useless, he let little sister suffer.

“Nian’er meimei” Lan Mo Xian grabbed Lan You Nian’s arm and s.n.a.t.c.hed the cloth out of her hands, “How can you do these things?”

“Nian’er, this courtyard has been wasted.  How about father pick another courtyard for you?” Lan Jian Jun asked.  From the short time together, Lan Jian Jun knew his daughter was not a person without any ideas.

“No need, this is very good!” Lan You Nian refused.  In fact, she quite liked this place.  The environment was tranquil, the place was remote, and the layout of the courtyard was very good.  It only needed to be renovated a little.

Hearing Lan You Nian’s rejection, Lan Jian Jun didn’t say anything more.  After all, it was him who wronged this daughter, so Lan Jian Jun, when facing this daughter, was always lesser.  Moreover, now Lan Jian Jun really wanted to love this daughter, not for any other reason, just because it was his daughter, perhaps because of the blood connection.

“These two are?” Lan Jian Jun looked at the two females standing beside Lan You Nian.  These two weren’t servant girls from the manor.  Furthermore, the two’s looks weren’t ordinary, the temperament could even win over some young misses of great families.

“Greetings to General Lan,” Lan Wu and Lan Qu curtsied.

“This slave-girl is Lan Qu, this is Lan Qu, we are young miss’s personal servant girls.” Lan Qu said with an indifferent att.i.tude.

Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian hearing this, carefully studied the two and saw that the two people were not people with fanciful thoughts.  Moreover, hearing the two’s last name, they could guess that the two had Lan You Nian’s trust.

“En, this courtyard only has two servant girls, isn’t it too little?  Father will transfer some family servants and servant girls over!” Lan Jian Jun looked at the cold Lan You Nian and suggested.

“No need, Lan Wu and Lan Qu are very good!” Lan You Nian glanced at the two people and smiled slightly.

“Then good, you take good care of young miss.  If there’s anything, come to my place to find me!” Lan Jian Jun said to Lan Wu and Lan Qu, also giving them a privilege in Lan manor.  After all, in Lan manor, that a servant girl can go directly to find the general was really rare.

Lan Wu ‘s mouth was ready to refute, humph, even if you don’t say we will still take care of young miss, but Lan Qu held back Lan Wu from blurting the words out.

“Thank the general, this slave-girl knows!” Lan Qu said.  They followed young miss back, naturally, the young miss had her own plans.  They could not disrupt young miss’s plans.

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