Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Lan Jian Jun already went back to rest.  Although he wanted to stay to talk with his daughter, but seeing his daughter’s distant look, he couldn’t force out any words, and so, could only return.

“Nian’er meimei,” Lan Mo Xian reached out a hand to pat Lan You Nian’s little head just like when they were little, but Lan You Nian suddenly stiffened up and avoided it.  Lan Mo Xian’s hand was frozen in midair and then awkwardly pulled back.

When Lan You Nian saw Lan Mo Xian’s disappointed expression, she knew her defensive move made this brother, who was like the sunlight, upset.  But Lan You Nian didn’t do it on purpose.  In the first place, she didn’t like the close proximity and the touch of others.  Furthermore, whether it was the previous life or this life, there were many dangers in her position, so she was always very sensitive.  This was just the body’s conditioned reflex.  Now, the only people who could touch her besides s.h.i.+fu and the several senior brothers were only the four subordinates.

“Older brother, it’s just that Nian’er hasn’t been with brother for so long, so is not used to it,” Lan You Nian explained.  This Lan Mo Xian truly was very good towards her, just like the several senior brothers.  And towards those who were good to her, Lan You Nian will also treat sincerely in return.

“Really?” Lan Mo Xian’s suns.h.i.+ne was back, “Nian’er, have you ever blamed older brother?”

“How does older brother say so?” Lan You Nian didn’t understand as she looked at Lan Mo Xian.  Blame?  How could she?  She never placed blame on others.

“Older brother told you before he will protect you.  But at that time, older brother’s ability was too small, so followed father to the frontier.  I thought….” As Lan Mo Xian looked at the little sister in front of him, his heart became more and more grieved, “I thought that after waiting for older brother came back, I could better protect you.  But didn’t expect that you would encounter so many difficulties.  If…if I knew things would turn out like this, older brother would rather be an incompetent person than leave.”

Lan You Nian regarded the self-blaming Lan Mo Xian.  Her heart sighed slightly.  She didn’t expect this man, bright as suns.h.i.+ne, would think so much.

Picking up the tea set prepared by Lan Qu, Lan You Nian leisurely brewed a cup of fragrant flower tea for Lan Mo Xian.  Lan Mo Xian smelled the flower tea he had never drank before, then thinking that his own little sister personally steeped it for him, happily picked up the teacup and tasted it.  As soon as he tasted it, Lan Mo Xian widened his eyes, because it was too delicious.

“Older brother, you did not do anything wrong, you don’t have to be guilty.  The past is gone, Nian’er is good now.  This is enough, isn’t it?” said Lan You Nian’s voice without any ripple of emotion.

“(sigh), it’s alright if you aren’t willing to talk about the past, but from now on, older brother will definitely protect you,” Lan Mo Xian promised.

On the side, as Lan Wu and Lan Qu cleaned the pavilion, they watched with laughter how Lan Mo Xian tasted young miss’s steeped flower tea with relish.  This picture was very similar to them from before.  That day, when the four people drank young miss’s personally made flower tea, it was also so relished, such that they felt like they had never had tea before.

Lan You Nian looked at the picture Lan Mo Xian made, and inwardly remembered how s.h.i.+fu and several senior brothers were just like this when drinking the tea she steeped and the dishes she made. s.h.i.+fu even acted shamelessly and spoiled, resorting to every conceivable means, in order to have her cook for him.  Sometimes, when she was outside the valley, he would still come looking for her; he was, virtually, an old little kid.  Lan You Nian, thinking of that s.h.i.+fu who made people laugh and jump, her eyes were filled with laughter.

After Lan Mo Xian finished drinking the cup of flower tea, he looked up and saw that his little sister’s eyes were full of laughter and warmth.  That warmth was too warm, the smile was too beautiful.  It made people have the urge to do everything just to make her smile.

“(cough), is it that older brother drinks too crudely that makes Nian’er meimei laugh just from watching?” Lan Mo Xian thought of his greedy drinking appearance, what’s more, it was also seen his little sister, this made him somewhat embarra.s.sed.

“If older brother likes to drink, you can come to Nian’er’s.  There’s a lot of different teas at Nian’er’s.  Nian’er can steep tea for older brother,” Lan You Nian also had a good impression of this older brother, so always had a lot more patience.

“Really?” Lan Mo Xian’s eyes flashed brightly at Lan You Nian.  Lan You Nian nodded.  This kind of look was too familiar because the several senior brothers, when they heard she will brew tea for them, also had such an expression.

“Father also loves to drink tea….,” Lan Mo Xian tentatively opened his mouth.  Father and little sister were so estranged that he felt somewhat helpless.  After all, they were blood-related family, he hoped that little sister could forgive father.  This way, in the future, little sister would have one more person to rely on in Lan manor.

“It’s getting late.  Although you and I are brother and sister, men and women are different after all.  Older brother better go back early to rest!” Lan You Nian interrupted Lan Mo Xian’s probing words.  Towards this father, she did not have any dissatisfaction.  Instead, she had a little bit of admiration, but for the death of the predecessor, she was empathetic.

“Uh, alright, then Nian’er meimei rest early,” Lan Mo Xian reminded before leaving.  He grew up in the military camp, so really didn’t think about the differences between men and women.

After Lan Qu sent Lan Mo Xian out of the courtyard, to her own young miss who sat there with unclear thoughts, she said, “Young miss, this Lan gongzi seems to be very good to young miss.”

“Really is good,” Lan You Nian showed neither approval or disapproval.

Lan Mo Xian returned to his “Mo Xian Courtyard”.  As soon as he entered the building, he saw his father sitting at the table, seemingly have aged a lot.

“Father,” Lan Mo Xian after a courtesy bow sat down beside Lan Jian Jun, “How come father hasn’t rested yet?”

“(sigh), restless sleep ah,” Lan Jian Jun drank a cup of strong tea, “You’ve been at Nian’er’s for a while, what did you do?”

“Father you don’t know, Nian’er meimei knows how to brew tea and more-so, the brewed tea can be described as the best in the world.  For the first time, this son drank such a fragrant tea,” Lan Mo Xian, when speaking of his family’s little sister, a slight smile of suns.h.i.+ne hung on his face.

“It turns out, Nian’er knows the tea ceremony ah!” Lan Jian Jun sighed.  He had missed many years of his daughter’s growth.  Now he doesn’t even understand this daughter.

“Father, Nian’er meimei, all these years by herself, must have lived through a lot of hards.h.i.+p, so the temper has become somewhat distant,” Lan Mo Xian looked at father who was so melancholy and hurriedly comforted him, “Father, everything must be done slowly.  This son believes Nian’er meimei will one day forgive father.”

“It’s father’s fault ah!” Lan Jian gazed at You Nian Pavilion’s direction.  Without even nothing it, now he found that the distance has grown so far.

“Father, concerning Nian’er meimei’s disappearance five years ago, I’m afraid there’s some oddity, and Nian’er meimei’s looks….” Lan Mo Xian said worriedly, “In the future if you want to find a good marriage…”

“This father already sent people to check it out.  Nian’er is so good, it’s those people who are not worthy of Nian’er,” Lan Jian Jun said protectively, “Besides, your father can raise Nian’er for a lifetime, so there’s no reason why it can’t be done.  This way, there’s no need to marry into someone else’s manor to suffer.”

“Indeed, Nian’er meimei is the best,” Lan Mo Xian agreed.

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