Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

A crescent moon crossed the exquisite mansion, sprinkled the inside of the high walls a dim yellow light.  The mansion looked noticeably mysterious and quiet.  Looking from afar, every stretch of pitch-black palaces seemed like it was embedded in the dark night.

Feng Yi Xuan stood in front of the window, looking at the ma.s.sive Ming w.a.n.gfu, looked at the bright moon outside the window.  Don’t know why but there was a bit of restlessness in the heart.  In his eyes flashed the image of that girl named Lan You Nian, whether moving or quiet.  The first time’s rescue, not afraid or contemptuous of his own eyes.  The second time’s blow by blow, the skill was swift and fierce.  The third time’s indifference, like a G.o.ddess from the ninth heaven.  Every scene lingered within his own thoughts, unexpectedly with unparalleled clarity, so clear that he could feel that girl’s eyes.

“Lan You Nian….ha.  Nian Nian” the deeply sentimental name escaped Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips, carried traces of tenderness.

Before the sound ended, Feng Yi Xuan already used his qinggong to fly out.  In the shadows, An Yi and An Er shook their head and followed.  They could guess somewhat, ever since master met that girl named Lan You Nian, he’s become abnormal.

An San channeled her qinggong prepared to pursue, but was blocked by An Si.

“An San, we still have things to do!” An Si scolded with a wooden face.

“(sigh), Xiao Si, don’t you want to see what the girl who has enamored master all these years looks like?” An San urged “You see both An Yi and An Er know and have seen before, only we two haven’t seen.  The woman who can win master’s heart is definitely extraordinary ah!  Maybe even has three heads and six arms.  Let’s go see, let’s go see it together!”

An Si’s heart was tempted. Indeed, master wasn’t into females all these years.  They even believed master was h.o.m.os.e.xual.  It made them worry for a long time, for fear that master will be attracted to them.  Now, the unparalleled master of the world, actually is enamored with a woman.  They, as shadow guards, also had the desire to gossip.

Meanwhile An San, was thinking An Si must have been moved by her words, so even if their tailing the master was discovered, receiving punishments were two people.  In any case there is at least a companion.

But An Si didn’t even mutter a sound before flying off at high-speed, looked very thirsty for gossip.

“Xiao Si, just you wait!” An San roared, channeled her qinggong in pursuit.  Meanwhile, the other shadow guards hidden in the shadows watched the four bosses leave.  Although they also wanted to gossip, they didn’t have the guts to go gossip.

Feng Yi Xuan hid his breathing as he entered Lan manor, but when he entered, he found that it was the first time he did something so brashly.  He didn’t even know where Nian Nian lived.

“Master, Miss Lan lives in the most remote You Nian pavilion in the west right now.” An Yi appeared with a flash and reported the information to his master.

Feng Yi Xuan glanced at An Yi.  There was a satisfactory expression in his eyes, then flew in the direction of You Nian pavilion.  Meanwhile, An Yi was feeling somewhat walking on air.  Master just moments ago was meaning to praise him, right?  After being with master for so many years, he has never seen master so satisfied with him.  It seems that his value was still very high, he will definitely work harder in the future.

Entering this remote You Nian pavilion, Feng Yi Xuan’s brows furrowed.  Has Lan manor become so poor that they actually, let the dignified legitimate daughter live in such a remote and dilapidated place?  Has that Lan Jian Jun really become confused with age?   Next time he’ll find something to make him a little haggard.

Feng Yi Xuan could feel that there was one shadow guard in this You Nian pavilion.  Listening to the breathing, it must be the female shadow guard from that night.  Although the martial arts were pretty good, but Feng Yi Xuan could easily evade and come to Lan You Nian’s room.

Surrounding the entire room, the bright moonlight poured down from the window, the entire room was filled with bright light.  On the table was a miscellaneous book, beside it was an ink stone, and several small brushes were inserted into a pen holder.  Turning around, there was a dressing table that all unwed maidens had.  There was no jewelry on it, only a plain-white white jade hairpin.  Picking up the beaded curtain, on that side was the bedroom, the sandalwood canopy bed was hung with pure white gauze curtains, the red flower pattern embroidered on the gauze curtains were the same as that on the handkerchief he carried on him, strange yet beautiful.

His line of sight landed on the bed.  Under the moonlight, the girl’s skin was like the best-looking white porcelain jade, peaceful and lovely curled up on the big bed.  Hair as silky and smooth as silk fabric shrouded the jade-like skin, black and white in sharp contrast, like an ink panting.  Feng Yi Xuan just stupidly stood in the same spot, infatuated as he watched the girl on the bed.

When seeing the girl’s face was covered with a veil even sleeping, he couldn’t help feel heart-ache.  If even sleeping she didn’t get rid of the veil, this girl probably felt extremely bitter in her heart.  But Feng Yi Xuan felt that regardless of what the girl looks like, he will still be a as captivated as he was now.

The moment someone entered the room, Lan You Nian was already aware of it.  After promptly putting on the veil that was conveniently placed beside the pillow, the person came in.  Lan You Nian could feel that this person’s martial arts were much higher than hers.  It even didn’t attract Lan Feng’s attention and was able to enter here must not be underestimated.  So, Lan You Nian deliberately pretended to sleep to see what this person wanted to do, and more, use this to as a cover to then kill with one strike.  However, Lan You Nian waited for a long time, there was still no movement from the person.  Even more terrifying was that the person’s burning gaze was unceasingly locked on her.

Quickly picking up the dagger under the pillow, lightning fast leaping from the blanket, Lan You Nian’s dagger was directly pointed towards the person’s heart.  Initially believing even if it wasn’t able to kill with one strike, it could still injure the person.  Another reason was that Lan You Nian did not feel any murderous intent coming from the person.

Feng Yi Xuan was brought out of his thoughts the moment Lan You Nian made her move, reached out and grasped Lan You Nian’s wrist.  The wrist in the big hands seemed to be very thin and weak, seemed as if he could easily crush it with little effort.  Moreover, the wrist in the big hands was like the silky smoothness of the highest-grade brocade, which made Feng Yi Xuan somewhat unwilling to let go.

Lan You Nian’s right hand was detained, the dagger slipped into the left hand, the left hand seized the dagger and slashed in the direction of the neck.

Feng Yi Xuan was prepared to detain Lan You Nian’s left hand, but he saw the right wrist he had just held was actually reddening, realized that his strength seemed to be too much, so didn’t dare to grasp tightly on Lan You Nian’s left hand, only could step by step, take a few steps back, leaving Lan You Nian’s attack range.

Lan You Nian unmistakably felt that this person seemed to have no killing intent, even yielding to her.  So, stopped the attacking and looked at the person.

“It’s you….”

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