Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Under the moonlight, the tall man stood in her room in the same clothes from the banquet.  There was an incomprehensible light in his eyes that Lan You Nian didn’t understand.

Lan You Nian sat back on the bed and reclined on the headboard, suspicion visible in her eyes. “Don’t know what Ming w.a.n.g has come in the middle of the night for?”

Feng Yi Xuan regarded Lan You Nian’s lazy and casual appearance.  Clearly, the appearance was not yet mature, the figure was not fully developed, but right now, he was being tempted very deeply.  He slowly walked over to the bed and came to a stop in front of Lan You Nian.

Lan You Nian’s hands that were at her sides suddenly moved.  The dagger returned to her hands in an instant.  Towards anyone who got too close to her, she was very wary of.  Not to mention that this Ming w.a.n.g gave Lan You Nian a sense of great danger.

While Lan You Nian’s stiffened her body, Feng Yi Xuan slender fingers picked up the blanket that was scattered on the ground and gently covered Lan You Nian, blocking the cold north wind blowing in from the window in the night.  Feng Yi Xuan’s actions seemed very natural.  He wanted to do it so that’s what he did.  He didn’t think too much about it nor felt awkward.

But Lan You Nian was different.  She didn’t understand what exactly Ming w.a.n.g wanted to do, or what he actually wanted.  Lan You Nian didn’t even think that this seemingly arrogant man would actually cover her with a blanket.  It seemed so very unbelievable.

“Came to see you,” After tucking Lan You Nian in, only then did Feng Yi Xuan reply in a serious manner.  He just wanted to see the girl in front of him, to see what she was doing.  He couldn’t think of anything else, only wanted to come and see her.

Lan You Nian frowned.  She felt that she could not communicate with this Ming w.a.n.g.  Look at her?  What kind of reason is this?  And better yet, who an unwed maiden’s room in the middle of the night to see her?

“Don’t frown, I really just came to see you,” Feng Yi Xuan could guess Lan You Nian’s perplexity.  Speaking of which, he himself felt it was unbelievable, but he didn’t wish to see this girl frowning.  Seeing the girl frown, he always felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

“Then, if Ming w.a.n.g has seen enough, can you leave?” Lan You Nian ignored Feng Yi Xuan’s intimate words, directly started driving people off.  To think, she never felt so full of grievances as she did now.  Honesty, this man’s martial arts were too high, she wasn’t a match.  If rashly striking out, then the one who would be injured would definitely be her.

Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Lan You Nian.  Lan You Nian felt gooseb.u.mps from Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze.  She really couldn’t understand this man’s thoughts, especially as this man didn’t seem to play the cards according to common sense.

“This place is too shabby.” Feng Yi Xuan ignored Lan You Nian’s rush, glanced at the room and the yard he just saw and said with much distaste.

Lan You Nian realized she really couldn’t keep up with this Ming w.a.n.g‘s thinking.  Is this the difference between modern people and ancient people?

“I like it very much,” Lan You Nian replied.  The dagger in her hand s.h.i.+fted.  It really is that her good temper has worn down to nothing.  Not sleeping in the middle of the night, instead, having to talk with a man about such a boring topic made Lan You Nian become speechless.

“Have a good rest,” Feng Yi Xuan suddenly shot out a hand and took the dagger from Lan You Nian’s grasp hidden under the blankets.  Under Lan You Nian’s gaze that flashed with killing intent, he put it away, and then tucked in the blankets and left.

Lan You Nian could feel a mouthful of old blood was about to spew out.  What was wrong with this man!?  But it’s fine, seeing that this man did not have any malicious intent, Lan You Nian wasn’t the kind of person who worried for nothing.  Since it was not someone who endangered her, Lan You Nian will not think too much.  When she felt that the man has indeed left, only then did she fall asleep.

After Feng Yi Xuan left Lan You Nian’s room, he stood on the tall and thick viburnum (Chinese s…o…b..ll) tree in the courtyard.  The pure white flowers swaying with Feng Yi Xuan’s unparalleled face became even more elegant like a celestial.  Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Lan You Nian’s room, just thinking that Xiao Nian Nian was there, there was a feeling of satisfaction in his heart.  There was an impulsive desire to keep guarding this place.

“An San, An Si,” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice suddenly rose and scared An San and An Si, who were hiding in the back, out of their wits.  They nearly fell from the top of the wall.  They didn’t even get to see Miss Lan, how was it they’ve been discovered by master?  An Si glared at An San, see, you had to come and join in the fun, now we are so dead!

To which An San mercilessly glared back, did I f~cking drag you here?  Serves you right!

“Master,” An San and An Si came up behind Feng Yi Xuan and cautiously watched master’s expression.

“Before dawn, clean the yard, and bring over the best things from the manor’s warehouse and decorate everything,” Feng Yi Xuan withdrew his gaze and swiftly disappeared into the night, only leaving An San and An Si in the night wind in total disorder.

An Yi and An Er gave An San and An Si a kick.  An Yi scoffed “Let you gossip, now you must suffer the consequences of your own doing.”

“You guys better decorate this yard to Miss Lan’s wishes, or else…master there….” An Er sinisterly finished speaking and flew away with An Yi.

“An San, you’re a female as well, do you know what kind of arrangements girls like?” An Si asked while sweeping the yard.

“Don’t know, ai, didn’t even get to see that Miss Lan ah!  How about we secretly go look?” An San miserably looked at this yard that has been deserted for many years, thinking, if it was arranged according to w.a.n.gfu, would it be too cold and cheerless?

“An San, do you want to die ah!  Look at how master is, also know that master cares about this Miss Lan.  All these years, have you seen master care about someone else, especially a female?” An Si a.n.a.lyzed, even more certain of Lan You Nian’s position in master’s heart.

“True.  Maybe in the future, Miss Lan will be w.a.n.gfu‘s mistress.  Finally, w.a.n.gfu will have a female,” An San, thinking of herself being the only female who was surrounded by all men, was severely dissatisfied.

“En, you can’t be considered a woman anyway,” An Si swept over An San and came to a conclusion.

“Go die!” An San gave An Si a kick, but then thought, if the activity was too big and woke up that young lady, she chose to restrain her temper.

“Young miss,” Lan Feng appeared in Lan You Nian’s room.

“What?” Lan You Nian was awake the moment Lan Feng appeared in the room.

“There are people in the courtyard cleaning, and their martial arts aren’t low.  There are even people bringing many valuable objects from outside to decorate the courtyard,” Lan Feng reported what she saw to her family’s young miss.  She saw the people did not have ill-will so did not make a move.  Moreover, there were a lot of people.  If she rashly made a move, it will definitely bring young miss trouble.

“Oh?  Let him go, as long as there is no danger to us, then don’t mind it,” Lan You Nian’s instincts told her it was that Ming w.a.n.g’s doing.  Just moments before, he said her courtyard was dilapidated, then within minutes, spent manpower and resources to decorate her courtyard.  This Ming w.a.n.g became more and more difficult to understand.

“Yes,” After Lan Feng withdrew, she vigilantly guarded Lan You Nian, fearing that those people have any improper intentions.  But until dawn, those people only clean up and decorated the courtyard.  It seemed there were no other intentions.

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