Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Lan You Nian woke up by early morning. Lan Wu and Lan Qu combed Lan You Nian’s hair into a hairstyle. Because they knew Lan You Nian’s preference, so they only arranged the most common hairstyle. There wasn’t even one piece of jewelry on her head. But even so, Lan You Nian’s beauty was dazzling to the eyes.

Standing on the top floor of the pavilion, Lan You Nian studied the courtyard that looked completely new again in just one night. The appearance of a wasteland overgrown with weeds could no longer be seen. The garden was newly loaded with many expensive flowers, which looked delicate and beautiful under the moisture of the dew. The once pale walls were carved with vivid spider lilies. Lan You Nian was a bit surprised, after all, no one in this world knew about spider lilies.

Not far away, a clear spring gushed out, transformed into a green belt that trickled in the courtyard. The spring water, flooded with the gleam of glittering stars, made people feel stunned and beautiful. In such a short time, one was able to draw out the spring water of the rear mountain, this Ming w.a.n.g really couldn’t be underestimated.

The already faded plaque has been changed, the gilded plaque was engraved with three words as hearty as a dragon’s form”You Nian Pavilion”. The people who Lan Feng said came last night to arrange and clean up the courtyard have already left. You Nian Pavilion, as of this moment, was serene and beautiful.

“Good heavens! Young miss, was this done by those people who Lan Feng said came?” Lan Wu gaped at the beautiful courtyard and was shocked. Though the residence they lived in were all luxurious and beautiful, but to be able to decorate everything in such a short time, it was simply too amazing!

“En,” Lan You Nian was also very satisfied with this courtyard’s layout. The environment was tranquil and low key, giving people the illusion of being in the mountains.

“Young miss, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for those people to do this. After all, we have nothing to do with those people,” Although Lan Qu was also surprised by the changes in the courtyard, she was more concerned about their young miss’s interests.

“No worries, the things that are gifted to us, it would be a waste if we don’t accept it,” Lan You Nian rea.s.sured. She had a clear understanding of that Ming w.a.n.g’s temper. Even if she wanted to return, it would be impossible. Since it’s like this, it was better to be at ease and justified in accepting.

“Nian’er,” Lan You Nian stood on the top of the pavilion and noticed Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian entering the courtyard, their face full of surprise.

“General Lan, older brother,” Lan You Nian descended down the top floor of the pavilion and gently curtsied.

“Nian’er meimei, what is going on here? How did it change so much in one night? Father and I even brought a lot of servants to clean up the courtyard,” Lan Mo Xian was surprised to see the new courtyard. He honestly couldn’t imagine that such a big transformation could happen in just one night.

Lan You Nian looked out of the courtyard and saw, that there was, in fact, a lot of family servants standing outside, tools in hand, were all for repairing the courtyard. Even some of Lan Jian Jun’s subordinates carried pieces of very fine ornaments. It was very telling that these were all specially chosen by Lan Jian Jun.

“What has older brother came so early for?” Lan You Nian asked.

Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian could sense Lan You Nian’s concealment, but they also knew to not ask any more questions, “Nian’er, these are my subordinates. From now on, you can dispatch at your will. Your courtyard is too deserted,” Lan Jian Jun pointed to the men behind him. In regard to the other family servants and servant girls, he will not arrange them to his daughter’s courtyard. Those people, he was not at ease with. He will not let the past repeat itself.  He especially won’t let his daughter be wronged under his own eyes.

Lan You Nian glanced at Lan Jian Jun. She could see the anxiousness in Lan Jian Jun’s eyes, but Lan You Nian completely ignored it.

“Young miss!” Twenty guards outside the courtyard shouted in unison. Since their general whom they devoted themselves to have placed them beside young miss, then from now on, they were young miss’s guards.

Those guards, though their skill wasn’t at the top, the subordinates under Lan Jian Jun were not incompetent. Right now, on the surface, Lan You Nian seemed to be fighting alone in Lan manor.  All she had were two delicate servant girls by her side. These people not only could run errands for her, but they could also hide her own capabilities.

“You should know, once you have entered this You Nian courtyard, I am your master. What I want is obedience to orders, can you do it?” Lan You Nian looked at each one of those guards who has experienced the battlefield, the tone carried the pressure of a superior’s and asked.

Everyone was amazed by Lan You Nian’s pressure, then it was deep admiration, and responded in unison, “Only follow young miss’s lead!”

“Very good. Lan Qu, bring them in and put things down and then come to see me.” Lan You Nian nodded with satisfaction, her eyes flashed with brilliance.

When everyone put their things down and returned to the courtyard, Lan You Nian’s pair of bright eyes swept over those 20 people, cherry red lips spit out, “Now, I need you to do something for me.”

“As the young miss commands,” One of the twenty men stepped out and said.

“Kill him!” Lan You Nian’s finger, slender as white scallions, pointed towards Lan Jian Jun with no change of expression in her eyes.

The entire courtyard became silent. Lan Jian Jun looked at his own daughter and didn’t know what to say. Lan Mo Xian opened his mouth ready to mediate. Lan Wu and Lan Qu were expressionless, only believing in their family’s young miss. The twenty guards raised their heads, shocked, as they looked at the girl who stood there, so beautiful that is was out of this world. They wanted to find any trace of joking from her face, but there wasn’t any.

However, in mere moments, that guard who just responded suddenly took out the sword that he carried with him and charged at Lan Jian Jun. Meanwhile, the other guards also charged, leaving only five guards who refused to hurt the Lan General in their hearts.

Fifteen guards attacked Lan Jian Jun without any holding back. But Lan Jian Jun has fought on the battlefield for so many years, it wasn’t merely superficial. He took up the blue-black sword and wrestled together with the guards. Lan Mo Xian unsheathed his sword, ready to help his father, but Lan You Nian stepped forward and prevented Lan Mo Xian’s actions.

“Nian’er meimei,” Lan Mo Xian didn’t understand.

Lan You Nian looked at the figure that became more and more disheveled. Lan Jian Jun was worthy of being a general of a country. The sword in his hand was like the power of thunder. Several guards were already starting to receive injuries, but it was clear that Lan Jian Jun did not deal killing blows, instead because of hesitations, he was apparently haggard himself.

“Alright, return!” Lan You Nian’s soft voice sounded. Fifteen guards released a huge sigh of relief. Although they were already young miss’s subordinates, swinging their swords towards their respected general, they did not feel very good in their heart.

Fifteen guards returned to their original positions. Lan Jian Jun was also relieved. He was really afraid that his daughter wanted to kill him, then how agonized would he, this father, be?

“You guys stay, while you five can leave,” Lan You Nian said.

“Young miss,” Those five guards knelt. It wasn’t that they didn’t obey young miss’s orders, but that Lan Jian Jun was their past master and was someone they respected.

“What I want is absolute obedience, and you,” Lan You Nian glanced at the five kneeling on the ground, “are not the guards I need!”

“Since these five are not qualified, this father will take them away,” Lan Jian Jun could see his daughter’s resolution and decisiveness, knew it was not appropriate to say more and left with the five guards.

“Nian’er meimei, you really scared me!” Lan Mo Xian patted his chest. The situation from mere moments ago was really bad. Both sides were his loved ones, neither one he wanted to be hurt, he really didn’t know what to do.

“Hehe, older brother’s guts are so small, that’s not good,” Lan You Nian teased. She didn’t like to play the cards according to common sense. She hoped this older brother will have bigger guts in the future.

meimei-younger sister

w.a.n.g-prince of first rank

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