Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

The building overflowed with fragrance. A plaque made up of a cl.u.s.tering of flowers “Wu Qing Xiao Jin Pavilion” hung high. As soon as you entered the door, you will see the hall was paved with pure white carpet, extending all the way to every corner. In the very middle of the hall was a high platform. There were different colored cl.u.s.ters of flowers beside the high platform.

Because it was daytime, there was no one in this the capital city’s most prominent brothel. The procuress saw Lan You Nian – disguised in men’s clothing, the face covered with a mask – come in and hurriedly came up to him.

“Master!” the procuress’s previously frivolous expression was immediately put away, that face painted with makeup became respectful.

“En, is the third young master here?” Lan You Nian scanned around the entire brothel and could see that third brother took good care of the brothel.

“Third young master is resting on the third floor. Do you need subordinate to wake up third young master?” the procuress ordered the door of the brothel to be closed. After all, master’s matters were very mysterious, to avoid unnecessary people from knowing the whereabouts of the master, several of the young masters already pa.s.sed down orders to hide the whereabouts of master.

“No need, you can go do yours,” Lan You Nian went straight to the third floor. The procuress was full of respect as she gazed at master’s figure. Their Wu Qing Pavilion had many properties. Their master was this very young man. There were five young masters under master who take care of all businesses. This very young master possessed the intelligence and power that others didn’t have.

Lan You Nian slowly walked on the stairs leading to the third floor. This brothel was founded three years ago. It was not as extravagant as other brothels but had a bit of elegance. This kind of arrangement will make those who think with their lower bodies like it, and in her brothel, the guests can choose which prost.i.tute to serve them, but the prost.i.tute also had the right to refuse.  Such a rule not only did not scare off those men, but instead, it was more attractive to people. Women who meekly submit to oppression, people were already bored of.

The biggest use of this brothel was to inquire about various information and collect various news. The girls in the brothel were not all Wu Qing Pavilion’s people. Only a mixture of truth and falsehood, seemingly false and real at the same time, can make people unable to feel out Wu Qing Xiao Jin Pavilion’s real intention.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the door of the third-floor room, Lan You Nian realized Gui San was still asleep. The folding fan that didn’t leave the body was placed on the bedside. Every time Lan You Nian will roll her eyes, this attention-seeking fox’s blanket was actually pink colored! Pink colored ah! It tested her acceptance a little too much!

“Enough, don’t pretend to sleep,” Lan You Nian picked up a teacup and poured a cup of tea for herself. After sipping a while, only then did she notice that Gui San who was sleeping on the bed was still pretending to sleep and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then you continue to sleep, I am leaving,” Lan You Nian put down the teacup, stood up and was ready to leave.

“Little junior sister is now busier, where is there time to see third brother ah!” Gui San picked up the folding fan beside the bed and began to shake it, that strange style of painting contained an incomprehensible joy.

Lan You Nian suddenly understood. Third brother’s news was the most informed. He probably already knew she has returned to the capital but having waited a long time yet still didn’t see her come to see him, so he was angry. Originally, when she returned to the capital, she was really prepared to come to Wu Qing Xiao Jin Pavilion to see third brother and give third brother a surprise, but having been delayed, she could only go directly to the palace.

“How come third brother has become more childish, more and more like s.h.i.+fu?” Lan You Nian wasn’t annoyed. Concerning Gui San’s conduct of venting hot air from time to time, she was already used to it.

“Heng, you don’t save us from worrying. This capital city’s water is too deep. You didn’t even arrange anything and came directly. Even didn’t tell s.h.i.+fu,” Gui San put on his outer robe and scolded at that little junior sister who didn’t have any awareness of danger.

“I always needed to come back. Since I have this opportunity, of course, I have to come back,” said Lan You Nian, meaningfully.

“Very well, we can’t stop you from doing what you want. Be careful with everything,” Gui San sighed. His little junior sister, don’t just look at her peerless beauty, seemingly weak and pitiful, but in her bones, she was more stubborn than anyone else, even with unforeseen overbearingness.

“Help me investigate this man – Ming w.a.n.g Feng Yi Xuan,” Lan You Nian said the main purpose of coming here today.

“What? He messed with little junior sister?” Gui San hurriedly asked.

“No, it’s just that this person gives me a very dangerous feeling. Since he’s dangerous, of course I have to understand,” Lan You Nian thought of that Feng Yi Xuan and couldn’t help but feel helpless. This kind of person, martial arts couldn’t compare to him, ident.i.ty couldn’t overwhelm him, it is indeed a problem.

“There isn’t much information about Ming w.a.n.g. Besides those so-called rumors, there is very little information about him,” Gui San frowned, thinking back to all the things about Ming w.a.n.g.

“Very well, this matter does not need to be rushed, I will go to Wu Qing Zhen Wei Pavilion later, will third brother go?” Lan You Nian asked.

“Will you go play the zither and sing?” Gui San asked with bright eyes.

Lan You Nian nodded.

“Zhen Wei Pavilion will definitely turn over with profit. You don’t know how just one of your songs is so stunning, how many prominent officials and eminent personages come to Zhen Wei Pavilion, just to listen to your song. But you, sometimes don’t even appear even once for half a year,” Gui San stared at Lan You Nian and seemed to see that real gold and silver enter their own pockets.

“Third brother, you really are an unscrupulous merchant. Seeing you like this, you look like you want to sell Nian’er,” Lan You Nian teased.

“Ai, little junior sister, you wrong me. Your third brother, I, am indeed an unscrupulous merchant but how could I sell little junior sister? You are s.h.i.+fu and us senior brother’s treasure,” Gui San’s folding fan struck his own palm, looking seriously at Lan You Nian.

“How is your body? After using the fragrant lotus, has it suppressed the poison?” Gui San changed the topic too fast, but the real worry was clear.

“En, very good, it isn’t life-threatening for the time being,” Lan You Nian, although tried her best to save her body, she wouldn’t worry all day because of this toxic poison.

Gui San suddenly didn’t know what to say to comfort the little junior sister in front of him. Can he say that they can definitely cure the poison in your body? So many years have pa.s.sed, the poison is still afflicting little junior sister. From the time when little junior sister was little to the present, they were clear on how painful it was when the poison activated, but their little junior sister never voiced anything, never even cried. Did she know, how such a little junior sister made people’s heart ache?

“I heard that recently Bai Lian is very popular?” Lan You Nian thought of the most favored woman in the brothel called Bai Lian.

“Of course, the women trained according to little junior sister’s methods, how can she not be loved? How many people have squandered their family fortune in order to see Bai Lian just once? But….” Gui San kept the listener in suspense.


“This Bai Lian’s has a person in her heart. Guess who it is?” Gui San asked.

“Is it you? Don’t you touch the women in the brothel, isn’t this is all your money tree?” Lan You Nian warned. It really is that Gui San loved beauty too much.

“This time you really wronged me. The one she fancies is you, little junior sister.”


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