Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

“Third brother, are you for real?” Lan You Nian posture was one of being struck by lightning. Although she didn’t discriminate against same-s.e.x love, she never thought about hooking up with a woman ah!

“Little junior sister, you have become more and more mesmerizing, even beauties are obsessed with you.” Gui San took out a handkerchief to wipe off his face of tea leaves and tea water, gloating over the other’s misfortune, “You also know Bai Lian is a qingguan, never takes any guests except for getting on stage and performing. Of course, there was nothing strange about this, but what is strange is that she always intentionally or unintentionally asks if you will come to Xiao Jin Pavilion. That looks of a young girl in love is very moving ah!

Lan You Nian felt her whole body was not good. Knowing Bai Lian was a very beautiful accident. Just like all the storyline that were beyond absurdity, but the difference is that she is not the male lead but a female in disguise ah!

Two years ago, when she was out of the valley and on the way to the capital city, she found a team of martial arts guards on the road escorting a not-ordinary woman fleeing on the road. Lan You Nian watched this with interest, and so hid with Lan Ren to watch this free martial arts drama. Till the last one of the guards fell down, even the servant girls with the woman because of protecting their master were slashed to death with one blow of the blade by the pursuers in black.

flying immortal hairstyle:飞仙髻

Lan You Nian stood on a lush tree branch and observed the woman who came out of the carriage. The long hair was done into a flying immortal hairstyle, a few strands of hair hung down at the ear. Under the whispering breeze, like a fairy, pure and elegant. A purple one-piece dress was tightly wrapped around the curvaceous figure. With just one glance, Lan You Nian was sure that this was a great beauty.

But what was more interesting to Lan You Nian is that although the woman’s expression was fl.u.s.tered, there were tears in her eyes when she saw the servant girls and guards’ death, but she did not ask for mercy nor did she wail. She still stood n.o.bly within the encirclement of the men in black, her expression was n.o.ble and didn’t tolerate disrespect. This temperament could only belong to the royal family.

So, when the woman stood straight up to meet death, Lan You Nian was like an elegant young man blocking in front of the woman. The brutal moves with a posture like floating clouds and flowing water finished off all the people in black, and also saved that lotus-like woman.

Since then, that woman has followed Lan You Nian. Lan You Nian had no choice but to put her in Xiao Jin Pavilion. At that time, Lan You Nian did not allow her to pull business and intelligence for Xiao Jin Pavilion. However, Bai Lian voluntarily went on stage to perform and solicited a lot of business for Xiao Jin Pavilion. But Lan You Nian didn’t know that Bai Lian actually had such thoughts about her.

“Ai, I am destined to forsake her,” Lan You Nian thought of Bai Lian’s radiant countenance when she saw her come to Xiao Jin Pavilion and knew what Gui San said wasn’t false.

“This Bai Lian’s ident.i.ty isn’t simple. Little junior sister cannot offend her. You must know, a woman in love is the most terrifying,” Gui San said worriedly. This Bai Lian’s words and actions were that of royalty, only just slightly poorer when compared to little junior sister. Although Bai Lian is now working for Wu Qing Pavilion, who knows what will happen in the future?

“If Bai Lian was such a woman, Nian’er would not save her in the first place. She is a woman who is as transparent as a lotus flower. Even if she loses her love, she will still live beautifully,” When Lan You Nian thought of that resilient Bai Lian, she was also very appreciative.

“Little junior sister, you have not revealed your real face in the general’s manor have you!?” Gui San meticulously studied Lan You Nian’s heavenly fairy’s appearance and asked.

“Yes, what of it?” Lan You Nian didn’t understand.

“Hu——that’s good, otherwise won’t the whole the capital city explode with flowers? Little junior sister, it’s not that third brother is saying you, it’s best if you don’t show your beauty. Otherwise, it will make people admire, envy, and hateful,” Gui San said gravely. If little junior sister didn’t grow up together with them and had the fondness of family, how many of them – senior and junior brothers – will be able to escape the charm of little junior sister?

Lan You Nian laughed. Her face was indeed too delicate and beautiful. Compared to the charms of her previous life, this face was purer, saying it was a heavenly fairy would not be overemphasizing. This was exactly the appearance of the beauty that brought calamity to the country.

“Master, third young master,” The procuress’s voice came from outside the door.

“What is it?” asked Gui San.

“Miss Bai Lian wants to play a song for the master, don’t know if master has need of it?” the procuress’ heart trembled with fear as she asked. Miss Bai Lian’s intentions were clear to many people, but the master was quite mysterious, even his face wasn’t clear. This Miss Bai Lian will probably be disappointed.

Gui San shot a look at Lan You Nian, obviously letting Lan You Nian decide herself whether to see or not see. Speaking of which, this Bai Lian was pitiful, she not only fell in love with someone, but this person also doesn’t even come several times a year, so she can only wait. Even worse, she fell in love with a woman, who was still just a little girl.

“Let her come in!” Lan You Nian soft voice with low tones sounded.

Bai Lian stood behind the procuress. When she heard master’s voice, the entire person was beaming like a blooming flower. The procuress observed her and couldn’t help feeling, Miss Bai Lian, why must you be so? “Miss Bai Lian, master said you can go in.”

When Bai Lian opened the door of the room, she saw that man who was sitting on the soft couch and sipping tea. Clearly, his height wasn’t very high, but in Bai Lian’s eyes, he was higher than anyone. That surrounding aura like the devil and like a demon, was even more bewitching to Bai Lian, causing that beautiful face to blush with pink.

“Master, third young master,” Bai Lian, after a ceremonious curtsy, raised her head and peered at Lan You Nian who she had not seen for many months.

“En, have you been living well here?” Lan You Nian told Bai Lian to sit down and personally poured Bai Lian a cup of tea and asked with concern. After all, such a proud woman committed herself to a brothel, more or less would still have some regrets.

“Thank master for your concern, Bai Lian has been very good,” Bai Lian said down with a graceful demeanor. She was deeply moved by Lan You Nian’s concern.

“Bai Lian, you are a good woman. If you don’t like this kind of environment, I can arrange it,” Lan You was still a bit more tolerant to Bai Lian. For this bloom of white lotus, Lan You Nian did not want to blacken her.

“Master, has Bai Lian not been doing well?” Bai Lian asked sadly. She liked this kind of life, unbridled and natural, it wasn’t as straight and narrow as her life from before.

“You are doing very well, but I don’t want to wrong you, can you understand?” Lan You Nian was really not good at this kind of emotional matters. Gui San was watching on the side and wanted to laugh. Isn’t this a romantic debt?

“Master, Bai Lian really likes this kind of life. Despite being in a brothel, but am free, and everyone in Xiao Jin Pavilion is very good to Bai Lian,” Bai Lian said sincerely.

“En, that’s good,” Lan You Nian nodded, “Didn’t you say you wanted to play the zither?”

Bai Lian sat beside the zither in the room, strummed out a sophisticated tune. This song was handed over to Bai Lian by Lan You Nian. At that time, Bai Lian admired Lan You Nian even more.  Master really is endowed with both literature and martial virtues. Bai Lian, before, came many times to play this song by herself. Now she can finally play this song for the master.

qingguan-a woman in the brothel who does not sell her body but rather her talents; she is still a virgin

posture like floating clouds and flowing water-very natural and swift movement

explode with flowers-have a lot of admirers

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