Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“s.h.i.+fu, how is that little girl?” Gui Wu hung onto Gui Yi Zi who just came out of the room and asked urgently.

Although the other senior brothers were not as obvious as Gui Wu, the worry in their eyes was real.  This girl’s experience made people feel sorry for her.  She looked like a little fairy-child, one look was enough to make people want to love her.  You couldn’t blame the brothers for liking her so much.

“Her life is saved, but every month she will have to suffer heart-wrenching pain.” Gui Yi Zi said with emotion.  He didn’t know whether saving the girl was right or wrong.  After all, this kind of heart-wrenching pain was something almost no one can endure, let alone a child of a few years old?

“Ah, how could it be like this?” Gui Wu said sadly.  The little sister in the room was really too pitiful.

Gui Yi Zi looked at his own disciples.  Gui Yi, 18 years old this year, had very white skin.  At first glance, he seemed like a weak scholar with very gentle and elegant looks.

Gui Er, 15 this year, looked very robust and his personality was also the most impulsive and violent.

Gui San, about the same age as Gui Er, had an exquisite appearance and distinct facial features. Amongst the brothers, he was the shrewdest.

Gui Si, this year 13, looked handsome but had a poker face and a benchmark lean figure and skin a healthy wheat color.  He had a certain hidden in the city cold air about him.

Gui Wu, 10 this year, was also the youngest amongst the brothers.  A round face, delicate and rounded eyes like a cute little animal, and personality was the liveliest.

“Weis.h.i.+ plans to accept this little girl as a disciple.  Afterwards you will be senior brothers, you must take care of junior sister!” Gui Yi Zi stroking his white beard instructed these stinky brats.  Since he didn’t dislike this little girl and was also prepared to continue treatment, then he’ll accept her under his tutelage.

“Really?  We have a little junior sister? I’m not the youngest one anymore!” Gui Wu rejoiced.  Usually, because of his youngest age, he was always bullied by his senior brothers, although it was all just playing around.

“Understood, s.h.i.+fu!” The other four brothers all followed Gui Yi Zi’s instructions.  This was their Medical Valley’s first girl.

In the next few days, all five brothers worked diligently to care for the unconscious little girl.  Gui Wu often came to the little girl’s room to look after the unconscious little junior sister, the love towards the little junior sister was incredibly rare to see.

Gui Wu stayed in the room watching little junior sister who slept like a little fairy-child, staring distractedly.  He felt that his little junior sister was really good looking, prettier than anyone.

Suddenly, on the bed, the little girl’s long, curled eyelashes trembled slightly.  Every little tremor was soft like a feather.

“s.h.i.+fu, senior brothers, little junior sister seems to be waking up!” Gui Wu shouted towards the outside of the door, like a little child shouting excitedly.

In a blink of an eye, Gui Yi Zi and the several senior brothers used qinggong to come to the room, carefully watching the little girl whose eyelashes s.h.i.+vered slightly.  It seems after struggling for a long time, the little girl finally opened her eyes.

Her eyes are transparent and bright like a clear spring and like watery grapes that people would never be tired of.  The sparkling eyes were like stars reflected in a stream.  These eyes were too pure, but there seemed to be nothing in them.  Looking closely, you’d feel it was filled with grief.

Gui Wu gingerly asks the little girl who just opened her eyes, “Little junior sister, how are you?”, but inside was thinking, little junior sister was really beautiful.  When unconscious she was already beautiful like G.o.ddess, and now with open eyes looked even more beautiful.

Lan You Nian looked at the unfamiliar surroundings, the unfamiliar crowd.  Everything was unfamiliar.  But that unforgettable betrayal she still remembered clearly.

Lan You Nian did not speak, or perhaps she didn’t even want to speak.  Whether it was that world or this world, it was meaningless to her.

“Little girl, does your body still hurt?” Gui Yi Zi seeing that the little girl did not speak, nor did she have a surprised expression promptly asked.

Still having not answered, Lan You Nian closed her eyes.  She was so tired, so so tired.  Her heart was tired.

Gui Yi Zi checked Lan You Nian’s body again.  Except for the poisonous body, there was not much problem, but in the future would not be able to bear the cold.  He asked Lan You Nian some questions, but Lan You Nian did not answer any, as if she could not hear.

“Could little junior sister be a mute!” Gui Er seeing Lan You Nian did not have any words, expression or action asked.

“I have taken her pulse, there is no problem with her throat, so she can’t be a mute” Gui San explained.

“Then what is going on, how come little junior sister won’t speak?” Gui Wu said urgently.  He really wanted to hear little junior sister’s voice.

They all walked out of the room.  Gui Yi Zi said to his five disciples, “This little girl probably doesn’t talk because of psychological reasons or has suffered a huge blow.  There is no way to cure it.  We can only wait and see.”

“Ah?  Little junior sister is really pitiful, I will definitely be good to little junior sister in the future.”  Gui Wu vowed.

Although the other brothers did not say anything, but towards that little girl, they truly regarded her as a little junior sister.  So, from today on will take good care of her.

At this time, Gui Yi Zi was thinking about letting that little girl learn martial arts and medical skills with him.  After all, this little girl was really to his liking.  The eyes were crystal clear showing she was not a sinister person.  After receiving such grave injuries, waking up she must be in a lot of pain yet does not utter a single word, indicating that the little girl’s tolerance was beyond that of a normal person.  The more Gui Yi Zi thought, the more he felt this little girl was very good.  He must be sure to teach diligently.

qinggong: martial ability of lightness of step, able to “fly” by manipulating inner energy

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