Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The corner of Lan You Nian’s tightly shut eyes spilled out crystal teardrops, like the dew on flower petals on a summer morning that will fall with a soft touch.

Lan You Nian knew these weren’t her own tears; they were the tears of the lonely little girl. Reaching out a slim white hand to wipe away the tears at the corner of her eye, Lan You Nian’s memory hadn’t stopped and continued to show Lan You Nian her pain.

Although little Lan You Nian’s poor reputation had long been circulated in the capital, how could An yiniang leave this thorn in her eye alone? An yiniang found a lot of deadly poisons for Lan You Nian to eat. Watching Lan You Nian in pain made her happier. Despite Lan You Nian being under the continuous torture, An yiniang was finally dissatisfied with the daily beatings and insulting Lan You Nian; An yiniang thought of a better method.

An yiniang spread rumors that Lan You Nian did not respect the elderly, had no regards for precedence, so she wanted to send Lan You Nian to a remote manor. This matter was sent to the Lan Jian Jun through the housekeeper, and sure enough, Lan Jian Jun accepted An yiniang’s advice.

While Lan Jian Jun did not like Lan You Nian, but remembering the flesh and blood kins.h.i.+p, he still sent several competent subordinates to look after Lan You Nian. But how could a few people be An yiniang‘s opponent? An yiniang killed the loyal people and concealed the news.

Could An yiniang really send Lan You Nian to the manor to self-cultivate? Of course not. An yiniang sold Lan You Nian to a brothel. Little Lan You Nian actually ended up in a brothel. Upon entering the brothel, the brothel owner listened to An yiniang‘s instructions and let Lan You Nian do a lot of rough work becoming no better than a rough maid.

Although she was afraid, Lan You Nian still obediently worked hard. But with her fairy-child looks in a brothel, how could she have a good life? Sure enough, many people took a fancy to young Lan You Nian and wanted her to accompany guests. When An yiniang was aware of it later, she actually allowed the only 8-year-old Lan You Nian to accompany guests. She gave her to those men with child-molesting fetishes to play with.

Although Lan You Nian was young, she knew that if she accompanied those guests, it would not be a good ending. So she snuck out while the guard was loose. However, it was not long before she was discovered and then forced to the cliff. In front was the evil brothel thugs, behind was the bottomless cliff, thus little Lan You Nian jumped down from the cliff.

Lan You Nian could even feel the original body’s resentment and unwillingness when she fell from the cliff, the deep despair and sorrow towards life, the world, and people. That deep sorrow was similar to her own as if they were from the same person.

Fortunately, there were a lot of trees on the base of the cliff. Although there were no broken bones, after the impact of the cliff and many poisonous shocks to the body, the original body quietly died, and then ushered in her own soul.

Lan You Nian digested all the memories of her predecessor in her mind. For the sad little girl, Lan You Nian felt sorry for her. Since she took possession of her body, then she would let those who hurt her, one by one taste her own suffering.

The corner of her mouth rose slightly, but the desolation in the smile could not be hidden. Although Lan You Nian was reborn, how could the wounds from before be truly forgotten? No, cannot, at least she Lan You Nian cannot. She couldn’t accept the betrayal of her loved ones. Her memory still existed in her heart; it hurt like a twisting knife. How could she forget it?

Just like this, alone was good, this way no one will betray her, no one will hurt her, no one will use her.  Perhaps then she might be a little happier in this life? Perhaps then the road ahead might be a little easier to walk?

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