Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Gui Wu, the youngest, was the one who couldn’t bear the most.  Seeing little junior sister was laughing but it was even sadder than crying. He didn’t even get an umbrella and was prepared to run into the rain to comfort little junior sister.

Gui Si stopped the youngest junior brother and reprimanded “Gui Wu, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Do you not see little junior sister is upset? And it is raining so heavily, little junior sister’s body isn’t very good. I’m going to bring junior sister back” Gui Wu impatiently looked at Gui Si.

“Little junior sister is venting the emotions in her heart.  Possibly after this, little junior sister will finally speak. If you go now, you might do more harm than good” Gui San watched the little figure in the rain, his heart also breaking. This is the little girl who he treated like his own little sister.

Gui Wu still wanted to refute something but seeing the other senior brothers and s.h.i.+fu did not go out, he withdrew his step and intently stared at the pale little junior sister in the rain. Despite the sorrow, despite the helplessness, the straight back did not bend.

Gui Yi Zi watched Xiao Nian Nian’s heart-aching appearance and couldn’t help but sigh. What happened to this little girl that would make her become like this, not even be able to cry?  Although he once thought about investigating Xiao Nian Nian’s past, but felt if Xiao Nian Nian knew, based on her personality, she would not be happy. He felt like a good-for-nothing s.h.i.+fu.

The raindrops were like beads from a broken string. A drop, a strand, falling onto the puddles of rainwater. Raindrops landed on Lan You Nian’s head, on her body. Lan You Nian faced up, wide-eyed, watching the little raindrops in the air.

No one knew how long it rained, or how long Lan You Nian was drenched in the rain. After a long time, Lan You Nian turned around. Even if the hair was scattered, the clothes were dripping, Lan You Nian’s eyes still sparkled with light. In that instant, she raised a bright smile that touched people deeply.

“s.h.i.+fu” Because she hadn’t spoken for so long, Lan You Nian’s voice was very weak, even carried a little hoa.r.s.eness. But it could not cover up the beautiful spring water-like sound, penetrating deeply into the heart.

Gui Yi Zi suddenly hearing his youngest apprentice finally speak, excitedly widened his eyes, then nodded, but the loving expression on his face was un.o.bstructed.

“Little junior sister, you finally spoke!” Gui Wu immediately pulled Lan You Nian into the hallway, excitedly looked at Lan You Nian.

“Little junior sister, why only call s.h.i.+fu, not even calling senior brother ah!” Gui Yi was also very happy little junior sister finally spoke, but she only called s.h.i.+fu so was unsatisfied.

“Alright, Gui Er quickly hold Xiao Nian Nian and take her back. After being drenched with rain, she must have been affected by a cold. Gui San go simmer a hot bowl of cold dispelling soup” Gui Yi Zi saw Xiao Nian Nian’s pale face and trembling body, timely stopped the debate between the stinky brats.

After Gui Yi Zi’s reminder, they finally realized that they had neglected little junior sister’s fragile body. Gui Er quickly carried the child Lan You Nian into the room while the others boiled water, boiled medicine. Into the middle of the night, the medical peak where they lived was actually very lively, and the reason for all this was because of the youngest child, Lan You Nian.

Lan Nian was lying on the bed, her body covered with a thick quilt brought by oldest senior brother Gui Yi. Seeing the people who she’s been with together for half a year busy and caring for her, this feeling was really good.

In the past six months, although she didn’t talk, but towards everyone’s care for her she was not untouched. This kind of care that didn’t contain any impurities let Lan You Nian put these people under her own people’s zone. They are the ones who are very good to her since she came to this world.

“Big brother, second brother, third brother, fourth brother, little fifth brother” Lan You Nian’s crisp sound suddenly sounded and the several people who were busying about for Lan You Nian were stunned. Then they were pleasantly surprised. Their little junior sister finally spoke, even calling them, not senior brother, but older brother. This showed little junior sister saw them as family.

Lan You Nian did not act on a momentary impulse to call them older brothers, rather, she really felt they were her loved ones, even if in the previous life her loved ones wielded their swords at her. But in these five older brother’s eyes, Lan You Nian was still a child. Because they were good to her, so they were older brother, not senior brother. But whether it was older brother or senior brother, this little girl was the person they wanted to protect.

“Little junior sister, you are finally willing to call us! “Gui Wu blinked his big eyes at Lan You Nian.

“Okay, okay, Xiao Wu, why have you not gone to boil water?” Gui Yi was trying to prevent Gui Wu from twittering nonstop, hurriedly made him go boil water.

Lan You Nian did not know at this time, just because of this one call of older brother, from then on, in the years to come, the five brothers really loved her as a little sister, as a family to care for.

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