Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Two years later…

A quaint and exquisite cabin was located in the depths of the mountain peaks. The wood cabin after the pa.s.sing of time had become full of vicissitudes of life. The annual rings of the trees were highlighted, which gave them a certain charm. The big tree next to it had been around for hundreds of years. Many small twittering birds had built their nests on the trees, and the flowers in the surrounding gardens were blooming.

“Xiao Nian Nian, you really want to leave the mountain?” Gui Yi Zi held onto Lan You Nian’s luggage and said with unwillingness to let go.

“Right, little junior sister, you’re only ten years old, you’re too young.  We were all fifteen when we left the mountain to gain experience,” Gui Er pulled his hair, disapproving of Lan You Nian’s actions.

“Little junior sister, you can leave the valley after a few years.  If you want to go out and play, let s.h.i.+fu take you out.  It’s too dangerous by yourself” Gui Wu had grown a lot taller, but that baby-face had not changed.

Lan You Nian looked at the people in front of her who were looking at her with disapproving eyes. She was also very helpless. After two years together, Lan You Nian discovered that Gui Yi Zi was not as frightening as the people of the pugilistic world made him out to be.  It was normal for him to act spoiled and cute, like an old man-child. And the five brothers, don’t look at their normal serious appearances, like immortals who are untouched by this world, but in front her were all man-childs.

“s.h.i.+fu, brothers, it is not like you do not know my abilities” Lan You Nian explained.

They did not speak. Indeed, Lan You Nian was very clever.  It could be said that she was a rare genius seen once in a hundred years.  Whether it was studying medicine or studying martial arts, she was a quick learner.  Now, Lan You Nian’s martial arts was very good, even slightly higher than Gui Wu’s abilities. Moreover, many of Lan You Nian’s actions were not like a child, too cold.  But no matter how powerful Lan You Nian was, in front of these people, she was simply a smart child.

“Xiao Nian Nian, would you like some of these stinky brats leave the valley with you?” Gui Yi Zi tried to negotiate.

“Yeah, little junior sister, let Xiao Wu gege accompany you!” Gui Wu upon hearing Gui Yi Zi’s suggestion, very much agreed.

“Xiao Wu, you have never left the valley, so how can you protect little junior sister?” Gui San opened the fan that he carried everywhere with him and struck a blow. “Little junior sister, how about let third brother accompany you?  Third brother knows where is the most fun so can take you to play!”

“If you take little junior sister out of the valley, you will definitely lead little junior sister astray.  I feel it is best if I take little junior sister out of the valley” Gui Si refuted with a cold face. After all, Gui San has pa.s.sed through a million flower cl.u.s.ters yet not a leaf stained his clothes.  Every time he left the valley, he would seduce some young ladies’ soul.

Gui San coughed uncomfortably.  Even s.h.i.+fu glared at Gui San, fearing that Gui San will lead his precious apprentice stray, especially as this apprentice was a girl.  If she was led down the wrong path, who would he cry to!?

“It should be me who accompanies little junior sister out of the valley.  After all, I am little junior sister’s big brother” Gui Yi said gently.

“I think it should be me.  I know how to take care of people the most” Gui Er said without missing a beat.  The others looked at the Gui Er contemptuously.  It would be great if your hot temper did not add to the chaos.

“s.h.i.+fu, I am You Nian.  More than that, I am Lan You Nian, Feng nation’s General manor’s eldest young miss!” Lan You Nian looked earnest and serious.

The five apprentices and s.h.i.+fu were stunned. Although they were in the Medical Valley, they were still aware about the outside world. They often went out and knew Lan family had an unloved Lan family legitimate daughter, but they did not expect that girl to be the little junior sister who had lived with them for so long.

“Little junior sister, you….” Gui Yi wanted to speak but couldn’t say anything.  Little junior sister originally had a distinguished ident.i.ty, but she ended up covered with injuries. He could imagine how upset little junior sister was in her heart.

“s.h.i.+fu, brothers, You Nian has her own things to do, has her own revenge to enact.  More so has to take back what belongs to her.  These things You Nian wishes to be able to do herself with her own power.  If I cannot even protect myself, what else can You Nian do in the future?” Lan You Nian interrupted Gui Yi’s words.

The several people did not say anything for a long time.  Although they were not willing to let a 10-year-old girl go out to face the intrigues, but everyone needed to grow up.

“Alright, you go!  Take care of yourself.  You’re not allowed take too long!  Otherwise weis.h.i.+ will drag you back” Gui Yi Zi waved his hand and returned to the cabin to study medicine.

“Little junior sister, take care!” The five brothers were reluctant to part.

“En, I will return quickly!” Lan You Nian, without looking back, headed towards the bottom of the mountain peak.  Her posture was beautiful and graceful.

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