Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 305 - Special Killing Technique

Chapter 305: Special Killing Technique

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Floating City!

The powerful Blood Wizard laughed creepily when he summoned 5 Scout Radner. He seemed very satisfied with his skill! Then, he used another skill!


[Blood Sacrifice]!

Each time Blood Wizard used Revive, he would use this skill and sacrifice 10% of his health points in exchange for the summoned Undead to enter Enraged mode.

After Enraged mode, Radner could activate a special skill! Any attack that hit him would produce a blood seed! There was not a lot of space in Floating City, if it was filled with the seeds, the two of them were as good as dead!

“Chill!” Lin Jie yelled. He was not just telling Wantless, but also himself. “It’s the Scouts, he summoned the Scouts. Wantless, this is our chance. Use your Arcane Bullets on them now!”

Wantless was shocked. “Are you insane? Arcane Bullet is a spell with multiple attacks! One attack can produce 5 seeds!”

“Just use it! Or else we die!” Lin Jie yelled. As the leader of Brotherhood, his commands were very firm. Wantless was shocked by Lin Jie’s manner and started to use the skill.

“Arcane Bullet!”

The skill was used! The bullets hit the Scout, and multiple seeds appeared in the air. Lin Jie was busy at the same time too.

Wind Rider Blade Aura Executioner!

The frequency of the seeds appearing was doubled! In just a few seconds, there were 85 blood seeds in the floating city!

“You leave first!” Lin Jie shouted to Wantless while drinking a bottle of potion. He used his Bone Membrane Armor and charged into the seeds! The armor had absorbed Scout Radner’s Blood Essence before and thus was immune to the damage from the seeds! The only thing that could damage Lin Jie now was the Blood Explosion!

Blood Explosion damaged the players by triggering the toxins in them. However, it was useless against Lin Jie as he was immune to the toxin! In order to damage him with the explosion, Lin Jie must be infected first.

This was why, when killing Scout Radner, the Boss had killed Orcc specifically. But he used the skills on Lin Jie. He needed Lin Jie to touch the seeds before he could do the same.

This meant that Blood Seed was the detonator of Blood Explosion!

Since Scout could do it, with his Blood Essence, Lin Jie could do the same!


Rushing through the sea of seeds, Lin Jie did not bother about the Boss’ passive skills and focused on the damage. Countless of the blood seeds jumped out! The wizard had stacked many layers of buffs too!

Wantless stood at a distance and was stunned. “Lunatic! This is suicide! Is he… trying to save me? F*ck! Am I that weak? Let me help you!”

With all kinds of weird ideas in his mind, Ophadi ran back to the battlefield and stood 40 yards away before casting a long arcane spell.

10 seconds!

The enchanting took 10 seconds!

“Arcane Cage!” shouted Wantless. It was then that Lin Jie realized Wantless had come back. A huge glass cage fell from the sky and trapped both Lin Jie and the Boss!

“Come on! RUN!” cried Wantless.

[Arcane Cage]: Level 60 Arcane Mage Skill. It allows Arcane Element to create a cage that traps 40×20 yards of monsters while teammates can move around freely. The cage’s health points are equivalent to the caster’s Magic Attack x 100. The cage loses its effect when it is broken.

Lin Jie was pleased about this. The cage had trapped a 100 yards of seeds into 40 yards!

Whirlwind! Whirlwind!

Lin Jie was spamming his skills and creating the seeds crazily! Although Whirlwind was not a high-damage attack, it had a low CD, which was what Lin Jie needed now. There were thousands of seeds around this small area now. He could easily swallow one if he opened his mouth slightly!

“Slaves! Kill him!” said the Blood Wizard angrily and raised his bony hand! The five Scouts raised their hands too. Blood Explosion was on its way! In the little area within the cage, the seeds were vibrating violently like a gas cylinder!

“Blood Explosion!”

“Blood Explosion!”

Radner chanted. Lin Jie revealed a creepy smile and said slowly, “B-l-o-o-d E-x-p-l-o-s-i-o-n!”

There was huge turbulence in the air!


Inside Floating City, thousands of Undead sensed the danger and tried to escape! Those trying to escape to the Guild of Light’s camp were killed by the paladins instantly!

Blood Swamp!

Windy Hum and Orcc were leading a 200-man team towards Potioneer Eugene!

“The crazy Flesh Beasts were killed by the NPCs. That saved us a lot of trouble!” said Orcc happily. “As long as we kill the Potioneer, we can get the keys to Floating City and kill Blood Wizard Larek. By then, Slaying Heavens will be in control of Blood Swamp! We will be known as part of the Guild of Light, but we’ll be controlling this place! We will be invincible!”

Windy Hum said coldly, “Don’t be so short-sighted! We fight so hard here, not just to control the swamp! After killing the Blood Wizard, we’ll control Blood Swamp on our own. We’ll then mislead the alliance and publish a large number of missions. Then, we will send the Undead to all the players that come to complete the missions. We will get their equipment and gold! When the war breaks out, we can make good use of the swamp to make a profit. If the Dark Shrine pays us well, we will obey them. If the Guild of Light pays us better, we will help the alliance. We will get all the rewards in the Arena!”

“Well thought indeed!” said Orcc.

At that moment!


The blood clouds and mist in the sky dispersed completely. The whole sky in Blood Swamp was as bright as a fairyland.

“What’s happening?” Windy Hum stared in confusion.


A roaring and ear-piercing sound came from thousands of miles away. With naked eyes, one could see the entire ground being lifted up and smashed down again! Flesh and blood were flying everywhere!


When the wave hit, Windy Hum’s body exploded.

The same scene was happening everywhere in Blood Swamp! The entire swamp was wrecked!

—’You are dead now, and your level dropped to 31.’

When the system announcement sounded, Lin Jie used the Holy Light Grace and revived himself.

He picked up his Broken Blade and other items that he had dropped immediately! It did not bother him that his level had dropped as—the entire map, together with the Boss and Scouts, was cleared by him!

Thousands of Blood Seeds had exploded at the same time, and the impact was inconceivable! The power was enough to destroy the entire Floating City! As a matter of fact, the entire Blood Swamp was destroyed.

Lin Jie’s mission was to destroy Blood Swamp! Of course, it was not possible to plant a mine in the swamp! There was a hidden rune in the floating city that could destroy the entire Blood Swamp. It could only be found when all the three commanders were dead.

Lin Jie’s mission was straightforward: Kill, Obtain, Destroy!

Lin Jie’s original plan was a simple one. Although it might take a long time to kill the wizard manually, he and Wantless could accomplish it. However, the appearance of the Scouts was a surprise.

The impromptu plan was a great success!

Blood Wizard Larek was dead!

Blood Swamp was destroyed!

The only sad thing was that the explosion had destroyed almost everything. Thus, there was no loot… However, the Scouts had left the Blood Essence behind. It was floating in the air like a ruby.

Bone Membrane Armor was clanging in excitement!

“No!” ordered Lin Jie.

If the armor was to consume the essence now, it was highly possible to go berserk! Lin Jie used the Space Package given by Cade and kept the Blood Essence.

At the same time, the system prompt message came!

—’Your mission [Destroy Blood Swamp] was completed! Please head to Paladin Grey to receive your reward.’

—’Your damage to Blood Wizard Larek is 82,937. You gain EXP 350,000.’


—’Congratulations on destroying Blood Swamp. An announcement will be released shortly. Do you wish to reveal your name?”

Lin Jie smiled and said, “Yes.”

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