Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 498 - Spider Overlord

Chapter 498: Spider Overlord

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“Hurry and attack!” urged Lin Jie.

The difficulty of lifting the Spider Prophet was much higher than lifting the Spider Warrior. The physical capabilities of the Boss were much stronger than the Spider Warrior, and it was much more intelligent.

 For example, now, after the Spider Prophet was knocked into the air by Lin Jie, it immediately spat out spider thread and entangled Lin Jie’s neck. It then pulled vigorously, its body descended to the ground quickly, and it charged towards Lin Jie.

 [Spider Prophet] (Gold Boss)

 Level: 60

 Health Points: 220,000

 Attack: 1,029-1,245

 Defense: 500

 Superimpose: Thread Entanglement, Fear of Fire, Parasitic Buff (Current enhancement 0 Health Points, 0 Attack, 0 Defense)

 If, in the beginning, Breeze Wind was only surprised by Lin Jie’s ability, it had now changed to astonishment. She had entered the Spider Den multiple times, so she had encountered the Hidden Boss before. Although this Spider Prophet was the weakest amongst the three Hidden Bosses, it was also the most disgusting one.

 It was mainly because of the skill [Parasitic], the Boss would be able to parasitize any monster in the map such as a while ago, it had parasitized the Spider Warrior and attacked Lin Jie.

 Meanwhile, when the Boss was attached onto a monster, it would be able to snatch the players’ attribute points, it would be able to steal 100 Health Points, 10 Attack Points, and 10 Defense Points to be enhanced onto itself. If the player had no effective method to counteract, then they would often allow the Spider Prophet to grow into a super-powerful massive Boss with abnormally strong attributes.

 Before the Boss even had the chance to unleash such a special feature, it was already directly grabbed out by Lin Jie! That huge right hand and radiant Broken Blade had already exposed his identity—Codename Lone Wolf, the City of Light’s City Leader!

 After learning the truth, Breeze Wind could only feel excitement. Her steady hands could not help but slightly tremble, planting Life Seeds onto Lin Jie’s head.

 “Healer Druid, stop healing and use Spot Fire to attack. Shield Specialist change to a single-handed sword and use Armor Penetration to attack. You there, Small Flower, yes, that’s right you, just keep on healing me.” Lin Jie directly took over the commander role.

 To that, Breeze Wind had no objections at all. She immediately used Spot Fire obediently and was like a DPS. The others saw that even the leader listened to Lin Jie, so they also obeyed Lin Jie’s orders and did what they were told.

 A certain Priest named “Small Flower” felt like crying with such a nickname, but he spared no time and healed Lin Jie vigorously. These Healing Spells were not of much use to Lin Jie, who had almost full health, but the aggro towards the Priest started to rise rapidly.

 “Thunder Explosion!” roared Lin Jie.

 The instant the Spider Prophet jumped up, he stomped his right foot, and a Thunder Rune appeared on the ground. The sound of something erupting could be heard from within, and one could only see a bright white light, which soared into the air, pushing the Spider Prophet higher into the air! It was the skill obtained after he had killed the Thunder Werebear King at the Werebear Crossroad—Thunder Explosion. It dealt damage to enemies around the user and knocked them into the air.

 At that moment, the Spider Prophet spat out 20+ balls of Spider Energy and tied them together with spider threat. It was planning to fling those towards Lin Jie.

 “Small Flower, a powerful healing spell!”

 Don’t Sweep Fallen Flowers heard that and immediately used an ultimate healing spell, the aggro OT! The interlinked Spider Energy of the Spider Prophet instantly changed its target and was thrown towards Don’t Sweep Fallen Flowers. Only the sounds of explosions could be heard, and Don’t Sweep Fallen Flowers had become as black as charcoal from the explosion. The high Damage Dealt had directly instakilled him! It was the strongest explosive high-damage dealing skill that the Spider Prophet had—Energy Explosion. It gathered numerous balls of Spider Energy to deal damage to the target, the first energy ball would deal 50% damage, and each energy ball next would deal an additional 10% damage.

 It was possible for Lin Jie to avoid that skill, he just had to use Vanishing Step. However, Lin Jie had other considerations as he was working with players from Never Setting Sun. It was like asking a tiger for its hide, they were untrustworthy, so he had to hide his strength.

 After the danger from the skill was resolved, Lin Jie pulled back the aggro and continued using Float Combo. The Spider Prophet’s health points decreased continuously, and when it dropped to 50%, its body shook, and it disappeared.

 “Hurry and find it! When the Spider Prophet’s health points drop below 50%, it will enter a Forced Invisibility state. We only need to force it out using AOE magic spells,” shouted Breeze Wind.

 “There’s no need, no one move!” shouted Lin Jie.

 The team members were very awkward, one was the leader, while the other was an awesome expert—it seemed wrong to follow only either one’s orders to attack or not attack, so exactly whose order should they listen to?

 Who would have expected Breeze Wind to instantly change her mind and say, “No one to move!”

 This time team members’ expressions were not awkward but astonishment. Breeze Wind was a beauty ranked in the top ten in Never Setting Sun. In addition, she was the Healer Druid of the core team, so naturally, her prestige usually needed not to be mentioned. Her commanding style was famous for her being a maverick, and even on the stubborn side where she would not go back on her words.

 The most spread rumor was that once, Scorching Sun had followed Breeze Wind to clear a dungeon. Scorching Sun had wanted to show off his ability, so he had arbitrarily taken over command in the middle of the battle, but he had been scolded by Breeze Wind harshly. Then, Breeze Wind cleared the dungeon using her commanding method.

 Meanwhile now, she actually… The team members all sized up Lin Jie with a weird look.

 “Rest here, wait for around 10 minutes, and the Spider Overlord will be spawned.” Lin Jie explained, “After the Spider Prophet enters Forced Invisibility, there will be a 100% chance of summoning the Spider Overlord to fight for it after 10 minutes.”

 Breeze Wind was shocked. “You mean the Hidden Boss Spider Overlord will not spawn by itself, but it is summoned?” According to the habitual mindset of normal people in the game, of course, they would think of using AOE bombardment to reveal the Boss when they saw that it had entered Forced Invisibility. Who would have thought to not bother about the Boss? Therefore, Breeze Wind asked such a question.

 “No, there are chances for the Spider Overlord to spawn by itself, but it can be summoned through this method, or I should say,” Lin Jie corrected, “The three Hidden Bosses are linked, but I’m not clear of the spawning condition for Spider Lurker.”

 Breeze Wind nodded. “I see.”

 Don’t Sweep Fallen Flowers, who had just been revived, exclaimed, “F*ck, leader, you are really too abnormal today! Is it possible that the obedient side of yours has finally shown itself after being suppressed for tens of years? Why are you so docile today?”

 In the next instant, a cold glare with killing intent was shot towards Don’t Sweep Fallen Flowers.

 “Cough, cough…” Realizing that the focus of that glare was on him, Don’t Sweep Fallen Flowers hurriedly shrunk his neck and changed the topic. “Hey, that, didn’t everyone hear our leader’s orders? Hurry and rest, what are you waiting for?”

 Therefore, everyone rested.

 After 10 minutes, the Spider Overlord would appear, and there would be hope that Lin Jie might obtain the [Mutated Spider Thread] that he longed for.

 The other team members were also extremely excited, the Hidden Bosses of Spider Den had not been killed by players before, so they had hopes of obtaining the first clear! The Bosses in the wild were the same as the Bosses in dungeons, both had first clear rewards. It was just that the difficulty of the dungeon Bosses was harder, so the rewards were richer. Meanwhile, the Bosses in the wild simply rewarded them with experience points and main city reputation.

 No matter what, being able to appear on the System Announcement allowed them to gain a lot of prestige!

 Screech… Screech…

 Once the 10 minutes had passed, a sharp screech resonated throughout the den. Pairs of compound eyes appeared from the void. The dark yellow pupils emitted an appalling light. The Spider Overlord had been spawned!

 The mountain-peak-sized 100-eyed spider was born from the void, and it let out roars like a wild beast.

 —’You have encountered the Spider Overlord, the Adventurer’s Association in Sunshine City will provide you with the Adventurer’s Blessings, Night View +20 within 20 minutes.’


 With the system’s prompt message, the view in front of everyone instantly became clearer. However, when they saw the Spider Overlord, which was as big as a buffalo, they simultaneously retreated one step. Suddenly placing a disgusting spider, which was magnified hundreds or thousands of times in front of someone, it was natural for anyone to step back.

 The Spider Overlord was a Gold Boss with 550,000 health points!

 The grade of the Hidden Boss in the Spider Den was not high, but its attributes and battling styles were truly powerful.

Lin Jie swung his longsword and shouted, “I’m going” before directly charging towards the Spider Overlord. Such an act instantly shocked everyone.

‘This guy, what did he think a Spider Overlord was? Did he believe it was just a Normal Elite?’

 The weight of the Spider Overlord was tens of times heavier than normal spiders, so wanting to use Floating Combo was impossible. Also, it was different from the Spider Prophet as the Spider Overlord’s battling method was close-range combat, but in terms of Strength Judgement, how could humans be compared to the Boss?

 While Lin Jie was charging forward, the Spider Overlord attacked Lin Jie vigorously without mercy. It used two of its legs to support its body and used the remaining six to pierce Lin Jie in turn. The tip of the spider leg was dripping with green liquid, which was obviously highly toxic. At the same time, two of the huge fangs in the Spider Overlord’s mouth suddenly dropped and charged towards Lin Jie like spinning flying daggers, emitting “swooshing” sounds as the daggers flew through the air.

 Clink! Clank!

 The Spider Overlord attacked with all its might, but only two sounds were produced, and what popped up afterward were the two words “Attack Immuned”. The six spider legs only pierced Lin Jie’s afterimages. Currently, what Lin Jie used was not Vanishing Step, but the Streamline Step, which Lin Jie was still figuring out and experimenting on. The principle of the Streamline Step was similar to Shadow Clone, by leaving afterimage on the original spot, one could teleport somewhere else.

 However, the Bandits’ Shadow Clone was a Level 70 skill—they could teleport 20 yards while Lin Jie could at most move a distance of half a body.

The remaining two sounds were the huge fangs colliding with the longsword! The Spider Overlord’s fangs were extremely disgusting, once they hit the target, it would randomly inflict one to four Debuffs from the five types, which were Binding, Poison, Speed Decrease, Weakening, Silenced. However, the fangs were easily knocked away by Lin Jie with two swings of his sword.

 “Fire Mage, did you learn the Ring of Fire?” shouted Lin Jie. The method of dealing with the Spider Overlord was still Floating Combo, but he was unable to do it with his strength only—he needed someone to support him!

 The Ring of Fire was a rare Level 25 skill for Fire Mages, they could only learn it through a Skill Book. The effect was to deal damage to enemies within a radius once and cause them to float in the air for 1 second.

 Fire Mage replied, “I’ve learned it.”

 “Use it!”

 Just as Lin Jie ordered, the Ring of Fire appeared underneath the Spider Overlord’s legs. After a short delay, it exploded, and although the Damage Dealt was negligible, the Spider Overlord’s body was knocked up into the air violently by the air current the skill generated.

 “Very good!” Lin Jie praised. With a slide, he arrived beneath the Spider Overlord and activated Sea King Scaly Armor! He instantly lost 50% of his health points. From the others’ point of view, it looked as if Lin Jie had charged underneath the Spider Overlord’s body but was attacked and thus lost half of his health.

 “Blood Power! Heart of Enrage!”

 Lin Jie roared as he pierced his longsword into the Spider Overlord’s lower abdomen, wanting to lift it up! However, at that moment, the Spider Overlord’s lower abdomen suddenly opened up by itself, and a spider with white fur crawled out. It opened its mouth, and Spider Energy could be seen within.

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