Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

12 Super Delicious Food

The cellphone vibrated after a few minutes.


[Yanwang approved your friend request]

Chen had his eyes frozen on the cellphone’s screen. His face was a petrified mask. There was a saying; if the King of Hell fixes the time of your death, no one would dare to mess with the time. It would be a bad idea for Chen to ignore the King of Hell.

Chen: Good day, Yanwang.

Yanwang: What’s up?

Chen: So, I was told by Zhu Bajie that I can borrow some “true strength” from you to increase the true potential of mortal beings.

Yanwang: If Zhu Bajie told you about this, you should know the rules. Right? (Three smirking emojis)

Chen thought, “I don’t believe that The King of Hell will use emojis. That’s too damn adorable!”

Chen: Yes, I know about the rules. I’m willing to offer some really good food in return. So, the question is, what would you like to eat?

Yanwang: I don’t really care about the taste. The most important thing is that I want something new. I’m sick of all the ordinary food. (Three arrogant emojis)

Yanwang: Alright. Please allow me to think for a while.

Yanwang: I’m going to attend a meeting at the eighteenth level of hell. You have five minutes to think about it. (Three clock emojis)


Chen froze, he was getting more and more nervous.

It was eleven at night. He was sitting in the cab and tried to look for food stalls while the driver was driving around. Unfortunately, all the food stalls were closed. There was no way to look for any unique food for Yanwang in five minutes.


Just when Chen felt like an ant in a hotpot, he noticed a packet of half eaten spicy sticks inside the cab driver’s pocket. He couldn’t care less due to time restriction. That would have to do.

Chen did not want to miss this opportunity. So, he asked the cab driver, “Sir, do you mind selling your half eaten spicy sticks?”


The driver was shocked. He smiled and replied him casually, “Uh, it’s already half-eaten. Well, if you don’t mind, you can have it for free.”

He handed his half-eaten spicy sticks over to Chen.

“Thank you so much!”

After Chen received the spicy sticks, he started to figure out a way to deliver the food to Yanwang.

He clicked on “Send Red Envelops” and he saw an “Accept” button. A beam of light shot out from the front camera when he clicked on it.


The packet half-eaten spicy stick was wrapped inside a Red Envelope and was sent off to who knows where.


[You just sent a Red Envelope to Yanwang.]

“What the hell! It’s so easy sending a solid object! It’s like magic!”

Chen was really impressed by it. He felt instant regret after realizing that he had just sent out a Red Envelope because it contained a packet of half-eaten spicy sticks. And it was headed to the King of Hell. It was a mockery. And insult. If Chen angers him and he decides to draws a red circle on his Book of Life, Chen will definitely die at a young age. The clock was ticking.

Chen started to get really nervous, “Pusha, please bless me! I pray that Yawang will not get angry at me even if it doesn’t suit his tastes! I will be a piece of dead meat if he gets angry at me.”


The cellphone rang. Chen jumped. Dread feeling his body, he tentatively checked the message. Chen was stunned.

Yanwang: THIS IS TOO DAMN DELICIOUS! (Three drooling emojis)

Yanwang: My friend! Do you still have more? Can I have more please? I’m not satisfied!

Yangwang: My friend… My friend… Are you there? Please reply me as soon as possible when you see my message.

Looking at the message that popped up on his cellphone’s screen, Chen started to question how the way the world worked. The King of Hell was getting crazy over some simple spicy sticks. This totally turned Chen’s traditional viewpoint towards the King of Hell upside down. Was this even real?

Chen calmed himself down.

Chen: The delicacy that you just ate is called spicy sticks. They are extremely rare! I don’t have more with me right now. If I acquire more in the future, I will definitely send them over.

Chen was not dumb. The King of Hell appreciated spicy sticks so much. He was going to make them appear as rare just as they were as precious to him. Yanwang will definitely be more appreciative. He would view this as a huge favor. It would be easier to ask for more favors from him in the future. This was known as the “starve-you-to-make-wish-come-true” strategy.

Yanwang: Too bad. Rare delicacies always come in small amounts… (Three disappointed emoji)

Yanwang: From this moment onward, you are my good friend now!


[You have received a Red Envelope from Yanwang. It contains a High-Grade Netherspirit Battlescouter. It had been deposited inside your treasure chest.]

Chen was delighted at having received an item from The King of Hell. The name of the item was so cool. The point was, Chen acquired it by giving a packet of half-eaten spicy sticks to the King of Hell. This was too good to be true.

Yanwang: I’m going to attend another meeting right now. We will talk more, next time. Please remember to think of me first when you acquire more spicy sticks! (Three faces with drooling emojis)

Chen couldn’t wait to open the treasure chest.

[High-Grade Netherspirit Battlescouter; handmade by Yanwang. It has more features as compared to the low-grade version! Do you wish to use it?]

“I can’t believe there are different grades for this item. It seemed like Yanwang really sees me as a good friend.” Chen smiled.

“Use it!”

Chen clicked on the item. A ray of ghastly blue light shot out from the treasure chest into Chen’s left eye. Everything around him turned supernaturally blue. There were countless of ancient words from hell circling inside Chen’s eye. It was like a million-year-old flowing river that contained a mysterious and unknown force. Eventually, all the ancient words formed a circle. It looked like an ancient magic circle. It buried itself deep inside Chen’s left eye.

Ten plus minutes had passed when Chen regained his consciousness.

“Boy, you have arrived at the Green Vine University. Why do you look so stoned? Boy…” The cab driver was calling him numerous times.

“Erm… How much?”

Chen rubbed on his stoned face. He felt like he had just experienced astral projection for the past ten minutes. Finally, he responded to his surroundings.

“It will be a total of eighteen Yuan.” The cab driver said.

“Alright. You can keep the change… Eh?” Chen took out twenty Yuan and handed it to him He was stunned when he lifted up his head and looked at the cab driver.


Cultivation: N/A

Health: 5

Combat power: 5

A line of blue words, along with a blue arrow was pointing at the cab driver in the view of Chen’s left eye.

“This must be one of the features of the High-Grade Netherspirit Battlescouter! So, this cab driver is just a useless piece of crap with five combat power. Hahaha!” Chen was getting really excited.

“How about my combat power?”


Cultivation: N/A

Health: 1

Combat power: 4

“What the f*ck! That really sucks! I’m weaker than a cab driver…” Chen’s face turned red. He was so ashamed of himself. He was more determined than before. It was a priority for him to improve his true strength!

After Chen paid, he walked towards the school gate. He noticed a gang of mean looking guys surrounding a lady at the corner. Chen might not have cared if it was some Jane Doe. However, the situation changed when Chen recognized the lady. She was Chen’s class counselor. The fourth most gorgeous lady in Green Vine University; Lin Xiang.

Translator’s footnote

Pusha: She is commonly known as the “Goddess of Mercy” in English.

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